Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I want to take this time and reflect on what is important. I know there is a shift in the air and it's not just frost nipping at your nose. We are living in a season of the greatest revalation of God incarnate Jesus in full power and flow through the Holy Spirit. We are a people that will have the opportunity to see and move in great power. Signs and wonders will follow His name working through His people. Be watchful for all will come to pass, not in our power or strength but He is looking for a people that are completly sold out to Him and not just by our words. I want to encourage you all to make sure that you have oil in your lamps. It is time to read the word and pray like no other. And if you pray in tongues please use it.

This can be the very best Christmas you have ever had if you will press in and make your time with the Lord the most important time of your day. Get-up you sleepy head for arise and shine, for your redemption is at hand. Merry Christmas!!

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