Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Looking Up...

So teach us to number our days, so that we might gain a heart of wisdom. Psalms90:12

I believe that there is a spirit of slumber upon us in these days. Yet at the same time the hours and days are just flying by. We must all stop hitting the snooze button!!

This last month has been very productive and sad and glad and funny and did I mention HOT.
Being Productive and Painting all our metal outside furniture, a very bright red color
 I went to a Women on Fire conference, 3 days filled with God's power and Love.
 Taking care of my husband and keeping the home fires burning.
 Loving my family and friends.

So Sad, Our sweet dog Heidi was bitten by a rattlesnake and she died. She was 11 years old
 I can't help but believe that she took the hit instead of one of us here. We cried like babies.
 And our other dog Bella is so lonely and sad without her,
 she just goes over to the grave and just sits down.

God is still on His throne and He speaks to the hearts of His children,
 and He has made a way in the wilderness
 Even through the hardships and sorrows and pain and all the work.

Funny=Seeing the Grand kids playing in the mud walking around with nothing on but cowboy boots and mud, should of gotten a picture of that one.

The moral of this story= God is a good God and our days our fleeting,
 so must learn to live in the now that God has given us so that there will not be regrets, but rather grateful for all the different emotions and seasons we go through.

No Matter;
Things Are Looking Up...



  1. Good Morning Roxy!!

    O how I have missed you :) Your words always refresh me and give me a perspective that I need. I am so sorry about the dog. :(

    You brought a huge smile to my face when you mentioned your grand kids playing in the mud naked! HA!

    I loved your conclusion and I know I needed to hear that this morning :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! My email is

    Loving you from far away :)

  2. Sweet post Rox, and I'm so glad to see you back on. Thanks for the great day of prayer yesterday. It was definitely powerful prayer. And yes, I would love to get together and sew.
    Love you lots,

  3. Welcome Back Roxy :)

    I am SO SORRY to hear about your pup and will be praying for comfort for you. I know it's hard.

    It has been hot hasn't it? I have been trying to get up very early in the morning and having my quiet time and Bile Study outdoors when it is cool. Makes for a wonderful day :)

    Time is so precious. We are told to be good stewards of everything and I believe this includes time. I try to best utilize my time to bring glory to Him.

    Thanks so much for encouraging us and I'm happy to see you back :)

    Have a blessed day in Jesus!

  4. Hi Roxy,
    I am so sorry to hear about Heidi,. You guys are so sweet and it breaks my heart that you and Bella are hurting for her. I understand about losing a dog, but I never lost one to a rattle snake bite. :(

    I just loved reading about the grand babies in their nakie LOL! SO CUTE Roxy!

    I have been missing you so much. I talked to mom the other day when she was on her way home from your house and I just loved hearing what fun she had with you. Drinking tea and sitting in your gorgeous red chairs in the shade outside. You have such a way of making such cozy memories for us girls.

    I just loved getting your email the other day Roxy but some how it got deleted and I don't have your email address anymore.
    Here is mine just in case you forgot. Thanks so much for your wonderful encouragement and blessings. I so love reading what the Lord has placed on your heart every post.
    Much LOVE dear Roxy,
    ~ Marie

  5. Roxy,
    I have to tell you, I literally squealed when I saw it was you on Marie's blog!!!!!!!
    Oh my sweet friend, I have been looking for you online, and ask Ashley about you and how you are doing!!!! I would LOVE to hear from you, if you e-mail mine is
    I have missed your sweet face!


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