Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tools Of Yesterday

I was just thinking how blessed we are to have all modern tools to work the land.
This is a perfect example, really this thing weighs a ton. It is just used now as a yard
decoration. One day long ago it was used to help and make their work load easier.

Our job is to continue to plant seed for the harvest is near. He will give you ALL the
tools you will need.

Spring Time

These little yellow crocus flowers, they have done just what they were
created to do. They gave me hope, and put a smile on my face. After
many months of no color or flowers in my little flower bed. They have
burst forth from their little bulb to say.
 Spring is coming!
It is easy to lose hope if we don't keep our eyes on what is really important.
For the word tells us to everything there is a season. Now is the time to rekindle
all the promises of the plans He has for us. These little guys did not fail even if for only a few days did they stay.
I want to encourage all of my sisters, don't become weary in the tail end of this
winter season. Complete the rest and start stretching each day to awake to
the Spring work that we be required of us.
 Begin with your spring cleaning,

Start with maybe your kitchen.
  Clean your silverwear drawer,
 Fill your sink with bleach water and put all your coffee mugs
and your tea cups in the water for a good soak.
  They can get really stained,
 with all the warm cups of tea and coffee that were required in the cold months.
I love spring and I encourage each of you to make a list of fun things to do.
Of course there is the list of all the flower beds that need cleaning.
 And all the garden area to be tilled and the grass raked out.
I like to try and get at least one thing done each day for my spring cleaning.
  It helps me to get my house in order.
 Because as soon as it gets warm out I will be outside!
Ice tea and iced coffee (here I come)!


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