Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Parade

Eddie and Olga first time to the Wet Parade there thinking I'm not gonna get wet(SMILE)

Noah, quick draw, fast shooting water machine! Clayton, worried out of water(Help)

Pam and Steve taking refuge under My water shield. Dez standing on top of the truck in case of flood.

Coolest and Funnest Parade Yet Water and more Water! What a great idea!

Barry and Amy refueling water tank (Amy still dry) standing at the very back smart girl, still chance of good hair day.

Clayton and Olga armed and dangerous, still dry but not for long!!

Clayton is having the time of his life, really 4Th of July must be every boys dream come true.
Fire by night (fire works) and water by day(water parade).

Now mine you no matter how hard you tried to stay dry by the end of the parade even those you thought you could trust became wild in the fun of it all . Nothing separated you, young or very old if you were there you YOU WERE Fair Game.

Come drink from the Living Waters! Happy Summer to all my friends in the world of Bloggers!

Roses and Faith

                                                           The sweetness of the Lord

                           A rose is a rose but yet they have many names and colors and sizes.
               I always love the name The Rose Of Sharon which is not even really a rose at all.

The steps of a good man or a women are ordered of the Lord!
 Every step we take is really a step of faith. How can anyone walk in faith?
 Because our God is a good God!! He is always going before us.
 We are not blazing the trail of our own lives but rather walking in faith as our steps are ordered by Him. I love how the Word cries out, Deep calls to Deep.
 Now don't get me wrong any body can walk off  a cliff, and it would be a long way down.
 But, rather take a sure step on solid ground even if its covered by water (FAITH).
"To you it has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; Mark4:11

Blessings, Roxy

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