Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feeling The Shift

What everything changes! 

Only the Lord changes not!

Greetings and Hello to anyone who stops by!

My hubby and I had a very interesting experience with our adoption process.
We no longer have the girls in our home.

Our hearts have been stretched and refined.
Only God truly knows what happened.
We trust Him and we know He does not make mistakes.
We were obedient to what we knew He was asking of us.
The outcome is His!

Time heals all things.

The word says:
I am the Father to the fatherless.

Blessings Roxy

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  1. God Bless and heal your hearts! You would have made great parents again, but even in the short time you had the girls, I know God used you. You are in my prayers today. Sarah has a real heart to adopt, should God give her a husband and the means. I am hoping and praying for her too.


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