Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Core Stregth

Strength For Our Days
This always seems to be the time of the year that I
Start to realize a bit of weakness in my
After long months in the house, and not much outside activity.
 Or many outdoor chores. And garden work to tend to.
I can feel the effects of lack of exercise.
After church on Sunday, my hubby and myself
Took a tour of our local health club in town.
After a wonderful tour of all the amazing
Equipment and tools available to us.
 We were so excited and inspired!
After praying about it, we went back on Monday
And committed ourselves to
1 year.
After one exercise session, I realized
I have very poor core muscle tone.
Much to my surprise!!!
OK the only place to go is UP.
Feeling a lot of intimidation,
Way out of my comfort zone.
I am not usually around body builders and
A woman who belongs to a gym.
So this is really new and different!
My hubby as he prayed, saying this is the
The year we start taking better care of ourselves
I now have a gym bag!
Work out clothing (modest)
My bag is so heavy I can barely carry it!
Now is that telling you something right there!!
After swimming my hair was a mess, I need to
Find something for trying to keep it dry.
Swimming caps do not look fashionable.
I know that I will stand out.
In a good way...
Cause, I am always looking for divine appointments.
It's really all about the core!
Keep yourself strong in the Lord.
Keep your body strong so you can finish your race.
Blessings, Roxy

Update: I could not feel comfortable going to this gym,
We ended up giving the membership to our Chiropractor!
But we were able to bless him :)

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  1. I like the line about always looking for divine appointments. God has given me several this week. I am becoming more aware of them.


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