Monday, May 20, 2013

Staying On The Right Path

There are two main trips the enemy enjoys for the children of God: the guilt trip and the power trip. I call them trips because satan's plan is to take us away from the path we are on by leading us astray on detours. At times, it may be trips others are on and they try to pull us into theirs instead of us remaining on our own course. Boundaries are important when we are following the directions of the Lord.
Self-condemnation leads us into a guilt trip. We take responsibility for some situations where we have no control. We keep thinking on the what if and the if only. Regrets bring sorrow and grief. Self-glorification leads into a power trip; when we are too proud of what we have done and are prideful. It's legalistic, self-righteous and glorifies self instead of God. Whether it's the bad or the good things we look at, it's a stumbling block in the midst of our path.
The Lord knows how to bring us back onto the right path, His. With love and care He picks us up from the middle of the wrong road and removes us from our own ways. He leads us on a glory trip, guiding us from glory to glory!

Let us keep our eyes and heart focused, and stay on the path Christ has;
Prepared for us!  And He will guide us! With love and care.
 We can know that we are not  to live in regrets and live in someone elses shadow. We are to live in His light!


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  1. Dr. Joelle puts it just right doesn't she? I love the correlations. I continue to learn and yearn to always and only be on His path going to His destination. Glad you had a good "trip", (ha ha, yes, I see the correlation even in this). I look forward to hearing more about it, and maybe seeing some pictures.


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