Saturday, June 15, 2013

Advice From The Ocean

Bringing Your Life Into Sync With His Flow
I must say that the ocean has its own way,
 It comes in and it goes out again.
It does what it was created to do!
It does not need anyone to remind it to come in or to go out.
Yet, It does it with such purpose and grace.
It can be so powerful and rough.
The magnificent colors of blues and greens.
 There are times it is black as night and with gray and white caps that explode.
It seems it is out of control!
But it knows its boundaries;
It must recede,
God is in control!

 Advice from the Ocean
Everything has a lesson in it...
My treasure by the ocean,
My daughter and me!

May we live a life filled with love and laughter,
But know we sow in tears.
Sow in love and may faith make it grow.
Experience it all for joy comes in the morning.


  1. I'll remember this as I set sail on my cruise out on the Atlantic today!I so enjoy your words of wisdom! Love the photo of your daughter and you....I have that same shirt she is wearing! :) Have a blessed weekend....Vicky

  2. Enjoyed this lovely post. I like the "advice from the ocean" plaque!

  3. Loved the picture of your daughter and you...and what a beautiful spot too!

    Looking out of control, yet knowing boundaries. Hmm..that is a good thing to contemplate.

    Peace in Christ,

  4. This is a great post too Rox.... I thought I had left a comment here, and realize, I must have just thought a comment haha. I love the advice from the ocean... very cute, funny, delightful and wise... like you haha. Hope you have a great day and week.
    Love ya,

  5. What precious faces! I LOVE YOU BOTH!! So glad you were able to enjoy your precious Ashley and grand-babies!


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