Friday, July 26, 2013

Apron Blessings

Sewing Aprons And Tea Time
Two Of My Favorite Things!

Sewing To Bless Others
I really love to sew aprons! It is one of the sweet pleasure I just
Cannot resist making them.
I so enjoy looking at the fabric stores, and finding good deals on fabrics.
There are just so many to choose from.
I have a large stack of different materials,
just waiting to become an apron for someone!
I like to cut a few different ones out in one day,
Then I pick a day and sew a few of them up.
It is fun to give them away for bridal gifts to new young brides.
There is just something about having an apron for yourself to use in
the kitchen to work and serve others and cook and bake in.
 And  they make wonderful Christmas gifts also. 
There is just such a pleasure for me in putting on a clean
and fresh apron each day.
I do believe that an apron carries a sense of the love of home.
I do love being a homemaker!
I will be sewing some more aprons soon!
I would love to give them to a few sweet homemakers!
Are they any of you ladies that have never had their own apron?
Or am I just a little old fashion?


  1. I love to wear a nice apron too! I always have to put one on before I start any housework, not just work in the kitchen. I feel much more productive when wearing one!

    Maybe I'm just old fashioned too :)

  2. What a sweet and thoughtful gesture...sewing aprons for others! I don't use aprons, although I do think it would be a good idea to use them and save getting spots on clothing. Maybe I should try sewing one and try it out! I have lots of fabric I could use. I love the fabric in your first photo....gorgeous! Have fun sewing...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. Hi Roxie! How beautiful of you to share your passion to sew and gift. Giving a handmade gift is so personal, and really shows how much you care. I bet people love to get yours!

    I do use aprons... when I make Christmas cookies especially. The flour is flying then!

    Let me encourage you to keep on sewing, it's not something everyone can do!

    Happy Friday,

  4. I love aprons. It sounds like you may have a little business to be if you so choose.

    from Harvest Lane Cottage,


  5. Who can resist a good sturdy apron?! Not me... I love aprons in any color, but it has to be with pretty fabric, especially since I have all boys.. enough with the camo, this girl wants pink and maybe some ruffles!!
    (I could use a new one...hint-hint)
    Love Ya,

  6. I love aprons and have several, Roxy. I wear one all the time when I am working in the kitchen. xo Diana

  7. I think I am needing an new one.... hint, hint, hint... Christmas is only 5 months away... I guess I could wait....hope, hope, hope. Haha. I love your beautiful aprons, and I love all the fabrics you choose, and I love that you bless so many with them.

  8. I love wearing aprons. I have a faded one I wear to take care of my outside animals. I have nicer ones for cleaning and cooking.

    I love your blog!

  9. Roxy,

    I am sure you have blessed many by making them an apron...I just love the idea and sentiment! I love them as well and have been making them out of second hand linens that I got at towels, pillow cases, bed ruffles, curtains, tablecloths, etc. Maybe you have read other post about them. We had a mother/daughter event this spring and I made several for door prizes. My sweet mother always wore aprons.

    Have blessed weekend.

  10. You had me at aprons!! I love to make them too and really need to get busy and make more to restock my Etsy shop!! Oh, and you won my giveaway!!! Shoot me your mailing info and I'll get your prize in the mail soon! Thanks for being a follower!

  11. Roxy,

    I am just learning to sew and have not tackled sewing aprons. I so want to make one soon.

    I love the old-fashioned ness about aprons. They call out from a lost era



  12. LOVE reading about your aprons. I'm a HUGE apron fan as well. I'd love to highlight you at the soon - we gotta keep the apron love flowing!


  13. Not only do I love aprons, I LOVE YOUR APRONS! I have beautiful aprons still hanging up in my pantry that you made me. They are forever cherished in our home. I am loving the fabric in the picture! You always inspire me Roxy!!! I love you

  14. I wear an apron but not all the time and I pay the price by spilling something on my clothes - its usually the day I am wearing white!!! I have ever sewn on, perhaps I should one day then I can be very creative:))

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it was lovely to meet you:))


  15. I still enjoy the yellow and black apron you made for me!


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