Sunday, September 1, 2013

Eyes Of The Soul

Do you remember these eyes?
They were looking right through the pages of
The National Geographic Magazine
At me!
They captivated my heart;
Who was she?
Was she safe, did she have a home like me?
Did she go to bed at night fearful and afraid?
This picture of this little girl changed my world.
War, what is it good for!
Wars and rumors of war...
Will there ever be peace...
May we see this world through a child's eyes.
If only a glimpse!
It may be all we can take.
If we saw the whole picture and all our days before us,
we would not be able to bear it.
What happened to this little girl?
Did she get to grow up and see peace in her land?
Did she marry and have children of her own?
But here is the same little girl as a grown woman.

What does your soul reveal?
(Your mind and will and emotions)
All of our lives will be revealed in His timing:
Be very thankful for our America the beautiful!
Pray for her dear ones!


Vicky Hunt said...

What a thought provoking post Roxy. I remembered this girl with the haunting, piercing eyes. I had to go read her story after I read this and what a story it was. Thanks for sharing this.

Blessings, Vicky

Pam said...

I remember this girl too, and seeing her in National Geographic. It is interesting to see a life time go by in two pictures. Love you Rox. We had a great day in the Lord didn't we?

Ceil said...

Hi Roxy! I remember this picture too. Those eyes were just amazing.

All the problems and atrocity in Syria, does make me thankful that I was born an American. But I have to pray so hard for the people who are subjected to terror every day. Unimaginable. And I pray that our president will know what to do.

And war is not good for much, is it? Just as you quoted.
Powerful post today...

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

I don't believe I ever saw that picture before, but goodness, our faces tell the story, don't they? We were just talking last night about how a trip to Wal-mart can be the saddest thing ever. So many people with "dead" eyes.

Joluise said...

The thing that strikes me most about the older face is her age - war has aged her well beyond her years and those eyes are full of sadness and aren't quite as bright anymore. This is when we need to praise the Lord for not living in a country suffering from war and dictatorship and pray for those that are. Those who are trapped in terrible situations with no way of escaping such as in Syria. Those 1million plus children without parents is just so so sad.

Some people (even in first world nations) live in conditions and situations that are tragic - I thank the Lord for everything I have been blessed with.

Thankyou for sharing.

Amy said...

Such a good post! And those eyes do tell a story don't they? Wow!

I love what you have done to your blog. It's looking good girl!

Love ya,

Marie said...

Wow what a thought you have made for me to think about. I do also remember seeing this picture and now so interesting to see her all grown up.

Many blessings on your beautiful thoughts dear friend!

~ Marie

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