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Introducing A Dusting Magic Wand... My Own Review Of The Swiffer Duster...

Dusting Wand, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Introducing A Dusting Magic Wand...

"Finding easy and affordable tricks for keeping your home clean"

I think this little home cleaning tool is the next best thing since,
Sliced Cheese, Now who said that?

These little dusting cloths are amazing!
They allow you to dust a whole room in a matter of minutes..

I place one of these little wipes on my magic wand;
You purchase the first box of dusting cloths that contain the handle!
But after that you just buy the refill box of cloths.

1. Just fluff out the cloth
2. Now attach it to the little handle
(Magic Wand)

These little cloths grab the dust and doesn't let go!
The fibers are coated and they magically attract the dust!

I first wipe over all my picture frames on the wall.
Then I wipe over all my lamps and the shades.

You use it on the screens of your electronics.

I use it over and around all my knick knack decors;
I run it over all the tops of my books in my bookcases.

Use it between all tight spots!
It does a great job on the in-between spindles of the kitchen or dining room chairs.
You can dust a desk off in a flash!

It works great on your mini blinds!

You can even buy the extender to do the tops of your fan blades.
Also to reach those pesky spider webs that appear in the corners.

You can purchase the Swiffer brand.
But I bought my first  box of their brand at the Dollar Tree
And another box at the Dollar General Store!

I believe these dusting cloths are the best find ever!
For being a Homemaker that enjoys a clean house,
But can find moving everything to dust exhausting.

I would recommend this to every one of you ladies;
Even the kids would get a kick out of cleaning with it!

Put this little home cleaning tool down on your shopping list!
It will be well worth your time and money ladies!

There is no longer any reason to have dust covering everything in your home!

You may say, well I can't afford it,
I would say this, What is your time worth?
What is the minimum wage now days!

Look these little dusting magic cloths are cheaper than a maid.

And a dusty house is so ugly...

You can now dust a whole room and the house in minutes!

Trust me...
They are amazing

This is my own review and I just wanted to share this product
With like minded home keepers...

~ Beware Dust Bunnies ~

Hugs, Living From Glory To Glory Blog


  1. I don't know why, but I hate to dust!! I shall try this and see if it helps my attitude toward dusting. I don't mind doing dishes, or sweeping, or laundry, etc. but the dusting....ugh!! Thank you for sharing this, Roxy!! Have a wonderful week, my friend. Debbie xo

  2. I looked at those last week-picked one up and then put it back and thought I should use the cloth and spray that I always use. lol I think I need to pick one up---great review! xo Diana

  3. I love using my Swiffer duster. I have he extender too and it's great for me because I'm short and I don't need to stand on the stepstool. I used to use the Swiffer dry sweeping pads but I use old fluffy socks instead. I still use the wet pads though.

  4. I haven't used a dusting cloth in years ~ only a Swiffer! It really does pick up the dust and hold onto it ~ makes my allergies much better !

  5. I have had my Swiffer (even the generic ones from the $ Stores) and I wouldn't be without one. I have the long handled one with the extender and the short handle one too. I also have the Swiffer floor dust mop as well...they are fabulous and I use them over and over!

  6. Yeah, I'm going to have to give these a try. I've seen them around, but I hadn't heard if they are any good. Nice post, thanks Rox. :)

  7. Wish I had thought of inventing this!
    I love mine.

  8. I've never tried one of these. I use a microfiber cloth myself. I totally agree that you need to use whatever works, and that the cost is worth it if it helps you get things done.

  9. I have not tried these yet, but I will look next time I go shopping...I have lots of dusting to catch up on

  10. I do use Swiffer to clean floors but had not thought of the dusting ones with the shorter handles. Thanks for the tip. Beware of dust bunnies for sure.


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