Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Reaching Higher...

Reach Higher...

Looking at the bright side...

Hello, Do you know my intent in writing these blog posts?

By nature, we can be quick to judge or become critical;
But as we all know we should be slow to condemn others!

Life is not easy and sometimes we can say or write something
That can be taken wrong, because it was poorly written or stated wrongly.
My intent is always to make us reach higher!

This is to say;
I aim to encourage others!
I also warn others of possible danger!
To  train all women single, divorced, widowed, young and old!
I also desire to help and guide those that want to be helped!
Forgive me for any offense you may have taken!

Grace to you
Grace to me

Over the years I have been rebuked, corrected and received backlash;
To never write again is an option!

But, I choose to continue until I complete this ministry!

I have never intended to bash or hurt or to be unkind to any one!

Beauty, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...


  1. Roxy, I have read your posts for many years, and have never felt bashed or hurt or unkindly treated. Your posts are loving and encouraging and full of grace! I appreciate your firm stand on the truth of God’s Word and your willingness to help other women grow with it. I should have written years ago with some “atta-girl” encouragement and appreciation, and tried to return blessing for blessing. Stay the course, Woman of God, for your ministry is still active, important and appreciated!
    Lisa in CO


  2. Roxy, we all write about things we do not like, or uncomfortable at *putting it out there*, but sometimes it just needs to be said. The world out there is so uncomfortable at times so when we share some wisdom, someone pulls us down fussing we should not say that... be positive! Well, if you don't share, you might never know how it touched someone that might be feeling that way, or going through something which they don't think someone will understand. Sometimes I wonder if I sound to tough when I write on my little blog, wondering if I will touch off a nerve. I was never one that candy-coated my thoughts. I guess I always felt if you were going to be honest, you need to be truthful even if it hurts. I am been hurt as well, but thankful of those that shared the honest truth with me. I always want to remain grateful of those people God has blessed me in placing in my life. God bless you, Ms. Roxy.

  3. You have always been an encouragement. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  4. Good Morning Roxy. I for one have always been encouraged by your posts and sometimes thankfully there were times I had my toes stepped on. When those times happened I was forced to take a good look at my life and saw that there were things that were not pleasing to God. Please continue to write. I still think you should write a book. And you could call it Living From Glory to Glory. Thank you for encouraging us women and if there are those who don't like your writings they most likely are feeling convicted but don't want to own up changes they need to make in their own lives.

  5. Please keep writing and sharing the truth with us Mrs. Roxy. You are helping so many of us more than you know. The truth may be hard to swallow at times, but it's what we need. I've been blessed to come across your blog a few years ago. My God continue to use you in this ministry.

  6. Continue on, dear friend. God has created you to say things as they are. I have always been thankful for the truth you spoke into my life. I will pray for you wisdom and strength. I love you . Your friend always, Barb

  7. I appreciate the time you take to write your posts of teaching and encouragement. If my toes have been stepped on, maybe that was God's intention in having you write those words.
    Please continue on in your writing. We women of the Word need the blessing of your words in this crazy, mixed up world we're living in.

  8. I have always thought your posts are encouraging.
    Thank you for writing.

  9. I thank you that you take the time in your days to share with us what is on your heart. Your wisdom and experience is an abundant encouragement to me!

  10. I have enjoyed your post and been so encouraged by your writings. Thank you for all of the time you invest in this ministry God has given you. You're a blessing!


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