Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A Woman's Place Is In...

White Teapot & A Rose Teacup... Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~A Woman's Place Is In~

Being in the right place at the right time...

Being in a quiet place with sweet fellowship with her Savior
"Jesus Christ"

Being a woman that desires to invest in her family.

Being loyal and showing respect to her husband.

Being happy and taking care of yourself.

Being fruitful in her spiritual growth
(Become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ)
Ephesians 4:13

Being aware of the needs that the Lord shows you.

Being able to turn small talk toward something deeper.
(God Talk)

Being able to protect those that she loves.

Being willing to learn and to be flexible.

Being kind is a character trait we need to aspire to!

Being able to STOP and assess a situation!

Being able to value what the Lord values.

Being able to rest and enjoy Gods Blessings...

The woman is an incredible gift to our families and homes;
We have so much to give and share...
We nurture and help others to grow and appreciate Life...

Learning And Loving each and every day...
Love. Roxy

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Why We Must Take The Right Path In the Right Boots...

Spiritual Boots, The Right Path, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I love a good pair of boots!

As the old saying goes until you have walked in their shoes;
Or may I rephrase in their boots.
We never really know the road some must travel on.

But when we see so much walking in the wrong direction;
Or walking upon a slippery slope, we only can hope they
Can perceive the Danger Zone just ahead!

Or maybe so many are just zoned out and not tuned in!

But I write this Blog to encourage those that have hearts that love Home...
We all know that in order to live the life that brings contentment;
Is going to take some work and endurance...

Everything does not have to be a chore, but more of this feels good!
Look at what you have done to keep things running smoothly!

One thing you can count on is an uphill battle.
But when we are prepared for the long haul in life.
You will be able to keep on trucking...

When you think about all the different kinds of material and styles for our feet!
I always can see the spiritual side of most everything.

Ballerina slippers are made for a specific job;
Pretty and light with a tough toe...
So they can twirl and go about as a ballerina.

Now, Combat boots are for rough terrain!
Stones, mud, cold, heat, but they are resilient.

Take a pair of slippers, comfy and cozy,
But no real support!

High heels look fashionable, but you could break your neck!

Sneakers can be used for sports, walking and everyday wear!

But boots, are required spiritually to get the next thing done!

Where you set your spiritual feet upon what path;
Will matter and can change the course of your life
Eternal and the now!

I always loved the saying;
~You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down~

Blessings, Roxy

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

How To Set Boundaries, And Why We Need Them...

How To Make Boundaries. Living From Glory To glory Blog...


Why are so many people powerless to set boundaries?

Most the time is because we do not want to hurt another person's feelings;
Knowing your own personal boundaries will keep you healthy!
Knowing what is my stuff gives me freedom!

There are things and people that will try to diminish you!

Learning to be able to tell others what "YOUR  BOUNDARIES ARE"
This is key...

Have you ever heard someone say, well they never told me that!

People cannot read your mind!
You also can not assume!

We must learn are own comfort and safe zones.
Being able to say I am not comfortable with this;

Knowing your boundaries helps you,
And in the long run, it helps others!

We are not responsible for other adults boundaries.
But if you do not take care of your own perimeters
You will open the gate to wolves!

No one can do certain things for us!

People will try to lay all their burdens upon you!
We are all called to carry our own burdens!

So many are just plain irresponsible, and then we are back in a corner,
Only if you will say enough and NO to certain things!

Look, it's your home and your life;
Believe that you have a right and an obligation to keep certain things out!

The reason a good fence has a gate you can open is so you can let the
And keep the

If you don't, you might as well put a revolving door on the front of your home.

God limits what He will allow in His Yard!
He guards His house and will not allow evil to live there.

I learned many years ago to set boundaries!
We do not have to be a door mat for everything that comes along.

Our Words will have to be our defense for setting boundaries!
That behavior is not acceptable
Smoking (cigarettes, pot)
Foul language
Uncomfortable Touch
We can say these things with a voice of ownership!
Mean what you say

Passivity will never set boundaries, but will keep you stuck and  you will become resentful!

I had a problem years ago with someone who always brought their dog
Huge dog and he always would pee on my floors!
I finally told them nicely that it was not going to work for me any more.
Guess what, they never came back;
They were mad at me forever!
Yes, it was sad, but that was the beginning of finding my voice and knowing
My limits and my boundaries...

Being honest or truthful will hurt someone!
But the truth will set you free.

Preserving our own soul from wolves that desire to kill us!
Being aggressive for the right to keep our homes safe and our hearts healthy!

Stress and saying yes to everything makes one weak and vulnerable!

Take heart, we are more than overcomers!

I am thankful that in this season of my life I have very few people who
Try to manipulate or diminish me.

I have really felt the stress of over the years during the holiday season;
But I think we can very nicely say and speak what is on our minds.
And what is acceptable in our lives and homes

Our boundaries can show grace and discipline and bring
Peace to our hearts and Glory to God!

So Please Learn about how to set boundaries,
Teach others how to set them!
There is no reason to be manipulated by others!
We also can see this done through peer pressure;

We can accomplish setting boundaries, while still being kind and gracious!

As Always...
Living From Glory To glory

Hugs, Roxy

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

How Homemakers Can Bring Glory To God...

Mississippi Mud Cake...Living From glory To Glory Blog...

Did you know that if you enjoy being a homemaker it brings;
Glory to God?

When we are in our homes using the fruits of the Spirit;
In our attitudes and in our service towards others.
We bring glory to God...

He has established the Home,
It is where we grow and find comfort and love.
We also learn endurance and discipline!
It is where we can learn correction and direction!

Take each day as an opportunity to use the gifts;
We can make each day an offering to the Lord Jesus.

Any act of service done in Love!
Taking care of our Husband's needs!
The children's need for attention and training!

Making a meal and enjoying it is a powerful testimony!
Breaking bread and fellowshipping with those we love! 

Cooking in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Living From glory To Glory Blog...

Galatians 5:22-23 (NKJV)

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering,
 Kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law

We need to ask the Lord to show us how to love others!
We need to know our Joy comes from the Lord;
And learning to be content...
Peace is what our families need, not someone always worrying.
But rather experiencing the peace that comes from trusting the Lord!
(In Everything)

We all know a little bit or a lot about long-suffering;
(This world has much of this going on!)

Kindness is a powerful weapon to keep the enemy away'
It's so easy to be kind, do you want to help your family overcome?
Then teach them kindness;

Goodness is something you can count on!
We love the statement He is a good man or a good woman!

Faithfulness; will you be able to be counted on?
Or are you fickle and not faithful in what tasks that need to be met daily!

Gentleness, will bring better results in everything
Or do you think being mean will bring a better result?
(It is like pouring gasoline on a fire)

Being self-controlled is a great gift to all those in your life!!!!

These are all accomplished by God's grace!
But we must exercise these very things in our own homes.
Then we can walk in them while in this world!

Through these we can and will bring Glory To God...

Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Benefits Of Cooking in Cast Iron Pans And Skillets...

Cast Iron Frying Skillet, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Cast Iron Pans, and Skillets

Personally, I think cooking fried potatoes and hamburgers in cast iron
Is possible the best way ever!
Crunchy outside and moist and tender inside!

When we were little when someone seemed low in iron,
We would get a meal cooked completely in a cast iron skillet!
Yes, Using cast iron cooking pans and skillets will add
Significant amounts of iron into your food and to your body!

They are better then nonstick pans that have that coating on them!
They will last for your lifetime if taken care of!
You can use them on the stovetop and in the oven!
Super easy to clean,
" I do not use soap, but a sponge and hot water"
I always put a coating of oil on mine after each use!

They also just look so wonderful sitting up on your stove!
They say to me Home Cooking...
And a bit of Country Style!

Cast Iron Skillet, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The food just tastes better to me!
And remember, every time you use it to cook your foods
You are getting a dose of iron!
Once you cook something in it if you need to keep it warm;
Just pop it in the oven on low to keep the foods warm till supper time!

How To Season Your Pans and Skillets

You can season your cast iron cooking ware by washing them off.
Then rub them with a solid or melted vegetable oil.
Rub it on the inside and exterior.
Bake in the oven for one hour on 350 degrees.
I would place a piece of aluminum foil under the lower rack,
To catch any drippings!

 You can also season your pan by heat it up on the stove top until it's smoking hot,
 Then rub a little oil into it and let it cool.
I just use a little bit of paper towel to rub the oil onto the skillet
 Repeat this process a few times and you're good to go.
It is a good habit to clean it after each use...

You can use cast iron for frying, roasting, sauteing, and grilling.
There are so many shapes, skillets, Dutch oven style, a griddle for pancakes.

Cast iron cookware is very affordable and will last a lifetime!

If you see any rust forming, just scrub it off and reseason the pan!

Start your own heirloom set of cast iron cooking ware.

You can purchase one piece at a time or a whole set!
You can even find some of these pans at garage sales or while thrift shopping.
Keep your eyes peeled for them!

If you have never used cast iron for your cooking I hope you will
Give it a try and see if it's not really an asset to your cooking.

As always learning and growing and sharing!
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How To Train Yourself To Become Self Motivated...

Be Motivated, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

How To Become Self Motivated?

I have heard so many people say, I can hardly get myself motivated!

I truly feel bad for these individuals'
Because generally speaking, we all could feel this way!

I asked a young lady the other day what she does all day long,

It just shocked me that her response was;
I just sit around all day, 
"She said some people think that is boring, but, I don't"
But her response was this is what she has been doing all along since she has gotten married!
She has been married for at least a year and has a newborn,

She told me she was bottle feeding so her husband can get up through the night to help feed,
"She said so she can sleep!"
 Now I don't have a problem with formula feeding,
And I think its great for any help the Father wants to help with!
So do not take this out of context,

I tried a comeback to her, do you like to read?
 She said I have some books, but I just look at them!
This not the Baby Blues!

I was told she does nothing;
She waits for her husband to get home, he works a lot of hours!
So then he has to make dinner and clean!

So is this just an isolated incident?

Are we all becoming unmotivated?

Or is it just a few lazy people...

How can you help yourself?

How can you help others?

I believe we are all suppose to carry our own load!
We are all responsible to work and make our lives and homes profitable;
With being clean and cozy and welcoming!

Some things to help you become trained in becoming Self Motivated

Making a list daily
"Write down what needs to be done"
Have a list of things that need to be done this month.
And things that need to be done daily!

Tell yourself that you must be productive!
Tell yourself you will not be lazy!
Be proud that you are setting your hand for a job that needs to be done!
Be intentional about your life habits!
Be focused!

Motivation for being a doer, is not any different than training for the Olympics!
"It takes every single day to work to stay ahead and to gain ground"

Learn how to do tasks in the most efficient way
Keep track of your progress
"I also like to write down what I have done that was not on my list!

Being a motivated person, requires a plan!

Even doing something small will start you flowing to complete a job!

I will ask myself this "Do you want to be like a sloth?"

My heart goes out to that young woman,
She will one day pay a high price for not wanting to work or to learn and grow!

We must never stop moving in the direction of accomplishing tasks!

If you will but ask for help, take advice, seek wisdom.
You will grow into a stronger motivated person!

Maybe we all need a life coach!

If you see someone that might except some help, give it!
If this young new Mom would allow me to help her I would;
But as we all know some people are not willing to allow someone to help!

That's another post for another situation...

But I will be calling her to ask if I might call her or text her to encourage her!

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Why everything Takes Work And Diligence...

Apple Orchard, Working to bring in the harvest, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Apples Galore...

Are you willing to do the hard work of putting up your harvest?

Whether we plant apple trees or peach trees;
Whether we grow a garden filled with all kinds of different seeds.
We must consider the cost!

Everything takes work and diligence...

If we cannot be trusted to take care of what God blesses us with now!
How can you hope for an increase?

We were promised toil and snare after the first sin;
We no longer have the milk and honey land or life.

But we are still being held accountable to take care of our garden;
And this garden I am referring to is everything you have,
Been intrusted with!!

God will test each of us with how we manage His blessings!

We are but stewards of everything we have!
Even your education and all your relationships, Homes!

I guess I am not really a fun Blog, but I assume,
You come here to be encouraged, with a portion of lets get er done attitude.

When you enter a trial of hardship;
Or with every morning you awake,
Can you be counted on to roll up your sleeves and work?

If God gives you seed to plant you better plant them;
Cultivate them, watch over them!
And you must bring in the harvest!

We can take time to rest every night, and even a short nap.
But we must work while it is yet day!

We were created for fellowship with our heavenly Father;
But we have been entrusted to take care of His vineyard.

Everything will require attention;
That is why I think all our technology is a bit of a curse.
Everyone is distracted and not working with their hands!
Do what makes a home run for God's glory...

Work is a blessing...

Hope and Pray each of you become inspired and will set your hands,
To the task at Hand!
(Pun intended)

May we encourage one another to work as onto the Lord...

It's really not all about you...

Ask God for strength to do what is required of you!!

Love, Roxy
~Living From Glory To glory Blog~

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How To Have A Better Home And Garden...

Be Transformed, Living From glory To glory blog...

Laziness ...

If you don’t think laziness is a problem in America,
Consider the fact that we have a chair, the “Laz-e-boy,”
 Tailored for and marketed to the American home.
And it sells! 

Laziness, much like selfishness, is bent toward the self,
But it gets its marching orders from the comfort committee.
We desire the comfort and refuse to do anything difficult because it could be uncomfortable.

Laziness is chiefly about preserving and promoting the perception of personal comfort.
And laziness becomes a lie to yourself and others!

What has been something you have had a few nudges to accomplish?,
But still have not moved in that direction.

We should know when there is a problem in our marriages and our homes,

And we should also know that it requires a change, perhaps even a painful change.
So what happens? 
Laziness say's,
 “Oh, I’ll get to this another time.”
Or laziness says convincingly, “It’s not that bad. 

Waiting for later can result in a broken marriage!
Your home turning into a broken down shack!

Laziness is a terrible crisis in our culture!
Years ago, there were so many that kept their homes clean!
Planted flowers and trees in their yards!
Painted and reused their furniture!
Made curtains from flour sacks for the windows.
They would even sweep their front porches.
We have so much more to use as resources,
But, So many homes are looking more unloved and not cared for!
If you do not think this is true, take a drive through your town.

Time and energy is a gift from the Lord!

Get busy and deep clean your homes!
Even if you start with one room at a time...

Get busy and give some attention to your marriage!
Marriage is always in need of attention
Making time for one another,
Laughing together,
Good food and making time to sup together!

Laziness can be so easily taken care of by just doing something every day!

Get busy and clean up your homes and yards!

Do not be like the slugger, or sloth!

Work and use your time wisely...

Your marriage and homes are worth all the effort you can put into them daily!

Working is what is required of each of us;
Carry your own load!

Trust me, I can get tired easily as I have aged, and as we have all experienced health issues,
Also, having young children at home, financial troubles.
But we must push through and get a handle on these things!

Learn to manage your time...
Look good. Smell good, work hard, pray hard
That is how we become more valuable than rubies.

As Always, Living From glory To Glory
Love, Roxy


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