Thursday, March 18, 2010

His Energizing Power...

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Refreshing Waters

I cry out to all who are weary, I want to encourage each of you to brush off the dust of endless task, that have left you weary and tired. For rejoice, He has given all things to us to accomplish each and every task.

 It may be your a new mommy or a home school Mom, or a grandma of three very active boys.
 Just being a woman, a wife or a mother, puts you in the place of caregiver of life. Now you have the choice each day to give of yourself till your dry and weary or give from the overflow the secret holding tank?

There is no loss when we serve from this place, it is the place of doing all things in His strength.
Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on the (pilgrimage). This is key, it is a journey. As they pass through the valley of Baca, (deep valley of tears). THEY make it a place of springs; the rain also covers it with pools. As they go from strength to strength, till each appear before God in Zion. Ps 84

So each of us will struggle and cry those tears, we get weary sisters lets not discount our pains and fears. But rather, Love one another through it all. And do not forget a word of encouragement to all who cross your path today.

Energizing power comes from the time you spend with Him, it comes from reading His Word, it comes from a timely word spoken into you.
 Let's not forget the practical things that will give you energy. Sleep and good food to fuel your body and a walk outside to clear the cobwebs. And my favorite a good laugh till I cry. Blessings to all you gals out there!! Remember, we can do all things in His strength!

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

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