Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Old Fashion Or Biblical...


Why do we need to be keepers of the Home...

No child will ever tell you how wonderful it was to come home,
after school or from a function and find the home empty!

A Home will only feel alive and special when someone is home...
We think staying at home was for another generation,
The word was not written with a certain time frame in mind.
The only time frame we are yet waiting for is the prophecy still to come.

So many women have left the home that when you drive
Through a neighborhood they seem desolate.

I still can remember when there was a time that Mothers
took their callings to heart.

Even as a Grandmother, I know being home brings great
Comfort to my grandchildren and a few women who are homemakers.

If I am old fashion, then so be it!!

I still think many women want more things and stuff!
And many women say their Husbands want them to work!
Many women love having their children in school
 so they can enjoy some free time for themselves.
Having a large home is more important, than all being in a smaller
home with a Mother Home to really train her children.

I believe it might take faith for a family to say we are going to
believe and trust God's word about keeping our homes.

When I have been gone all day for whatever reason, I come home
to a home with no dinner. And no laundry done.
The home seems empty and seems to ask;
Where have you been all day?

Do we have children asking;
Where have you been all day?
Do we have a generation raising themselves?
Only we can answer that!
Maybe we have gone too far away from this example?
If only a few come HOME will it make a difference?
Is there a movement calling Mothers HOME?
Children just seem so sad and unsettled...
Or maybe it is the Mothers and Fathers who are
really sad and unsettled?
It all comes from the top...
Is Christ changing hearts to come HOME?
Our Fathers wanting the Mother of their children HOME?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Lord Shall Lift Up A Standard...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

At times life can be smooth and clear sailing...
You can feel the sunshine on your face and you can see clearly.

But I have learned even when the sea starts to churn and pulse;
We as Christians have a place we can feel His peace.

As the world turns and we can feel the shaking;
God is not shaken...
When the enemy comes in like a flood,
God raises the standard!

We must not look at the waves and whitecaps;
As the water will always cover the shoreline in its continual
lapping against the sand. We can KNOW that when the enemy
comes in like a flood, the spirit of the LORD shall lift up a 
STANDARD against him...

Read this scripture
Isiaha 59:19
 When you see the enemy attacking you or your loved ones!

So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Isaiah 59:19

A. "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the..."
1. Sometime before creation of man, He created angels of various ranks and orders.
2. One of the angels of the highest order rebelled against Him.
a. This angel was described as, "perfect in beauty..."
b. He drew a third part of the angels with him.
3. Originally, only one government in the universe. Light of life.
4. Now a second government.
a. Opposed to the first.
b. Government of death and darkness.
B. The purpose of the enemy.
1. To draw you away from God.
2. "The enemy has come to rob, steal and destroy."
C. The method of the enemy.
1. To appeal to the baser nature of man, to make him a slave to his own fleshly lusts.
a. The effect is always destructive.
b. More obvious forms alcoholism, drug addiction.
c. More subtle form is sex.
2. Thus, to follow the enemy is to follow the path to destruction.
3. To pervert the good, natural, God given drives by seeking unnatural fulfillment.
A. There are times when we seem to be singled out for special attacks.
1. The pressure is like a flood.
2. We are almost overwhelmed.
3. We recognize that those forces against us are more powerful than we.
a. I don't have the strength to resist the flood.
b. Am I doomed?
A. Though the forces that are against us are strong, that power that God has given to us is stronger.
1. "Greater is He that is in you than he that..."
2. "You shall receive power, after the Holy Spirit."
B. The standard that the Spirit lifts is the Word of God.
1. When the enemy came as a flood against Jesus.
a. He seems to know when to attack.
1. Jesus had been fasting 40 days and was hungry.
2. Use God's power to feed your own flesh.
b. Jesus used the Word, "It is written..."
2. "Thy Word have I hidden in my heart..."
a. The Word of God in my heart is one of my best defenses against the enemy.
A. "Resist the devil..." James.
1. Peter tells us the devil is going about like a roaring lion...whom resist steadfastly.
2. In Hebrews you have not resisted unto blood.
B. Call upon the Lord.
C. Get into the Word.

Here is an amazing tool to learn and study the Bible;

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Are You A Late Bloomer...

Living from Glory To Glory Blog

Totally Out Of Sync

I find it rather strange when a plant referred to as a Christmas cactus
blooms in July. Maybe it thinks it is actually a rose...
Roses bloom in June and July!

I had to take a picture of it and share it with you ladies.

Here we are working in our flowerbeds outside and to find this blossom.
Really surprised me, because it never did bloom this last December.
I realize over the many years it has bloomed maybe as late as February.

What are some things we can do to help us when we as
Women feel out of sync?
 As I told you this last month was
A rough one for me. But I have seen a pattern over the years,
And it looks like we have a growth in the Lord,
 then we get challenged and we feel like it is
  a bit of a setback.
Well, I now lean to this thought concerning this cycle.
I believe we are being tested to shore up our growth.
God, wants us to grow by and through the Holy Spirit.
NOT, by our own sheer will power!

A flower is still a flower, no matter if they bloom late or early!
Grace and honor to allow the working of the Word in each of
Our Lives...

As I have aged I notice a stronger drive to create and take pleasure.
Why is everyone and everything in such a hurry?

I pray each of you will allow yourself the space and time;
To bloom and to be beautiful and complete
In Him...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Lighthouse The Only Safe Harbor...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

The Light House

The Light House does not move...
It is steady even in a storm of epic portion;
It can withstand wind and rain and icebergs.

I heard the Lord say a few years back;
"There's a Storm In The Heavens"

If I were to look for a place to ride out a storm,
I think I would choose a Lighthouse!

When I was a child, I went past this Lighthouse so often!
I saw it in all its glory; The sun rising around it or the sun setting beside it!
Reflecting the Light of the greater light, The sun that marks each day!

I am at perfect peace because I have laid my foundation on solid ground!

Notice the narrow path to the Lighthouse?
When you are walking out to this Lighthouse;
You must keep your eyes open and do not lean over the edges.

I know this Lighthouse personally!
This Lighthouse has even looked like a cross when the shadows.
Would lie across at just the right angle.

As a child, I played on the sands of this lovely Lighthouse. My memories
Are filled with so many days and evenings of this site!
My eyes have seen the glory of so many beautiful things in this world.
And they can always point us to a truth in God's word!

I am not a religious zealot, but rather a daughter of the King!
I have been given the gift of sight to see how God is in all of these
sweet memories to be used as I matured and grew in wisdom.

There is a safe Harbor in the storm;
Always look for the Lighthouse!

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Overused And Under Rated...

Glory to Glory Blog

Swimming Pigs...

I have always heard the saying I will believe that...
 When pigs fly...

Well, how about when pigs swim??

I kid you not; this little piggy swims.

Faith is a word that is much like love;
Overused and under rated!
I must use my faith to even get out of bed some mornings!
I love so many different things,
But are there different levels we love at?
Of course!
I love my morning tea or coffee, but I don't plan on marrying them.
I use my faith in giving each new morning to the Lord!

Learning to love at walking in faith...
Faith is a true and vital living power!
Faith moves us into something
Faith moves us out of something!
Faith will step us up!
Faith will hold us steady...

Like this little piggy;
I must learn a new stroke of faith!
I am not much for change;
But I have learned a vital truth lately,

I want to switch from being a passive sitter to an
active participant in our adventure beyond the familiar.
Breaking out of an old, tired routine is one of the secrets
of staying young.

"So Don't just sit there!"

Swim Little Piggies Swim...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Royal Crown Of true Royalty...

Queen of the home

Are you wearing your crown today?

Some days you just feel like your hair will not fix right;
You just wake up on the wrong side of the bed...
The sun forgets to come out,
You can feel a large pit in your stomach...
You feel like crying for no reason?

Well, for your information so does half the women in your state!

Women have more days that we might feel a bit out of the loop;
Or just out of sorts...

But, we can know the very thing that makes us feel these feelings;
Is the very thing that allows us to have the womanly instinct that God gave us.

We have been given these raw emotions that once we allow God to
Temper them, we grow in insight and wisdom!

We are given so much influence and reign...
I can promise you this that when you have given a bit of advice;
To your children or other women; they may just one day use it!
To God be the Glory...

We are ruling whether we like it or not!
But,may I ask are you ruling in grace and love?
Do you hold and iron fist or a helping loving hand?

Do you wear your crown of authority with humility?
Or do you parade around like a Queen Bee;
Be careful you might get stung is what others may be thinking about you!

The crown of life;
Which is promised to those who love Him. James 1:12

Ruling your home is a great and noble calling!

Remember the hand that rocks the cradle, washes the dishes,
Cooks lovely meals, washes dirty sock, and rids her home of dust bunnies;
And sweeps the crumbs of Hansel and Gretel away;
Really does rule the world!

Just a friendly reminder that holding your hubby's arm when walking
makes your crown sit high upon your head!

Holding a kiss with your Husband  for 15 seconds.
Will ignite passion, and your crown will shine a bit brighter.

There is a crown we can wear that brings life to all that we encounter everyday!
We might not be able to see each others crowns,
Yet we can know those Queens that wear their crowns as the
 Royal Woman Of God...

Your crown one day will be placed at the Kings feet...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Visitation Or Habitation...


Visitation or Habitation

So many of us this time of year we take vacations;
We love getting away and seeing new sights
And hearing new sounds.

Visiting new things can spur us on and give us new insight.
What are some of the feelings you have while visiting?
I think they can range in many different feelings;
When we visit family, it can be emotional!
When it is a new city, we may feel free or maybe out of place.

Sometimes I think we need a good dose of different;
As we can get so same old, same old on everything.

One thing I have had the Lord speak to me about is this;
To be passionate about Him...

We are not called to just visit the Lord,
But rather clinging in a habitation with Him...

Everything is always moving;
Moving In
Moving Out
Moving About

Yet, when we desire more than a visitation, we need habitation!
Pray for more of His Presence...
Allow Him to fill every crack and crevice.

Have you allowed some other love to move in;
And God was pushed aside?

Take these days of rest and sunshine R&R
And draw close to the Lord!
Allow Him to open your eyes and heart to His leading...

See What the Lord has done...
See what He wants you to be...

Habitation is the only place to be!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Under Cover...

Black and White

God is so good!
He makes provision for His sheep...
He covers us with His Word and His Annointing
Anointing means smeared (covered)
I am going to a women's conference that will give me a fresh word!
Black or White
He covers us all when we make Him our great shepherd...
Sometimes we can change things up just a bit and get a whole new perspective.
Every year for many years I have gone to this women's conference.
I am so excited...
I just can't hide it...
He's got control and I think I like it!!

Praying for all of you ladies that stop by to be inspired and encouraged!
You Go Girl...

Here is a word that blessed my heart as I know it was for this season; Hope you are blessed!

During wars, people look for places of safety to hide under cover where they cannot be harmed by the weapons of their enemies. We are in Christ and children of God therefore we are under cover at all times. No weapons formed against us will prosper because we dwell under the shadow of the Almighty.

A way of receiving an anointing originated with the ancient shepherds. Lice and other insects would get into the wool of sheep. When they got near the sheep's head, they could burrow into the sheep's ears and kill the sheep. To prevent this from happening, shepherds poured oil on the sheep's head. This oil made the wool too slippery for insects to get near the sheep's ears and they would slide off. Of this, anointing with oil became symbolic of blessings, protection and empowerment.

We can trust the precious presence of the Spirit of Christ to make our enemies flee. The battle truly is the Lord's and His mantle is upon us to protect us from every opposition. Whenever we feel threatened let us dwell under cover with confidence and total rest in our Comforter, the Holy Spirit. We can wrap ourselves in Him and watch the enemy's attacks slip off, from glory to glory!
Dr. Joelle Suel
Senior Pastor

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hear His Voice In The Rushing Waters...

Rushing Waters...

His Voice Is Like Many Rushing Waters...

Feeling the breeze upon the land, times of cleansing and refreshment.

Being set apart can seem like a lonely place;
But He is the one who has called you to this place of solitary.
Lay back against Him and breath...

Rushing in those days of raising our children;
Days of hurry and scurry with little ones may be over;
But we still have a place that has been set apart for this very season.

We are the only ones who can fill these shoes and walk this way!
I can sense that my path in some ways seems more narrow...
Yet, I feel like my horizons has widened;

God can never be fitted into a one size fits all box dear ones;

He fills every droplet of water that flows into the ocean;
He cannot be contained!

Allow Him to fill your heart and hours and days,
We can with no guilt now enjoy a quiet spell of reading a good book.
We can eat a late supper and
 Listen to the frogs singing after a soaking rain.

We can stop and watch the sun set into another day into the other side
of  this wide and wonderful world.
 Where another women's day is just starting.

We can and will complete our journey and calling with great
Expectations and fulfillment, because He is the fountain that is never dry!

Drink from His water of truth and continue to drink;
You have heard the saying you can lead a horse to water,
But you can't make him drink.

Well, God is guiding you to the stream;
So drink dear ones, for His cup never runs dry...

These days and season is a part of your reward!
Do not allow the enemy to make you feel like you have no place,
Or that your job is finished;
Jesus never said anything about retirement...
We  can now have more calm and composure.
Slow and steady with assured steps in knowing that He is
Leading you...
You dear ones have been planted by a stream and your roots have grown deep!
You will continue to bear fruit even in your old age...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Strong Coffee Or Weak Tea...

Needing some really strong coffee...

Sometimes we just need a really strong word!
Wake up and smell the coffee is a saying that must mean something;

I was away for a long time and we had strong coffee every morning.
When I got back home, I made me my usual cup of hot tea;
It tasted like water!
So this morning I will have the real stuff;
Rich dark color and the scent is heavenly.
Coffee beans from Guatemala.

Just for the record, I feel that I do take time to smell the coffee!
But I have just entered a season that is unfamiliar to me;
Maybe it was the trip that we took that allowed me to see many things
In a new light; It was not bad just different.

The Lord has been reminding me of my calling;
And showing me that when I do not function in that I feel flat.
Like a weak cup of tea....

After leaving on a jet plane, seeing childhood places, I realized
A few things!
Everything changes...
Except my calling!

Pour me a cup of some strong Java;
And place a hearty meal before me;

I am no wimp and I will receive a strong word from the Lord!
It is time to change a few things up around here!!

Do you feel that you are in a season of change?

Seek the Lord while He is yet to be found...
He will sit and dine with you;
He says He will show you through the Holy Spirit.
What is yet to come...
The future is not an entire mystery!
Because God knows it all!
The end from the beginning...

Strong word in the Lord and coffee is what I will be serving today!
Care to join me?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How To Fill Love Tanks And Hourglasses By Loving Your Husband...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Loving Your Husband...

Love will cover a multitude of sins.
Love will prosper and fill a life full of grains of weight;
Love is the teeny tiny bits of sand that have come from the one;
True rock of ages.

Women have a special calling and a place to fill love tanks!

She is firstly called to fill her Husbands tank:
Now, I am asking you to check the love gauge that shows the love level.
Where is this gauge located?

It is in your words on how you respond to him;
Our they bitter and harsh?
Or are the kind and sweet?

It is in making yourself ready for his needs...
Your to tired and you do not feel well;
Your needs always come before his;
He worked all day, But so did you...
Worldly reasoning releases you from fulfilling your wifely privileges.
Did you know,
 By making love to your husband you will produce;
Feel good hormones?

Does your husband get fed?
Can he count on you always making an effort to feed him?

Can your Husband trust you to keep the chaos out of the home?
We are to watch what and who we open the door too!

Small grains of sand our falling through your hourglass today,
So may we learn to love those closes to us
as  that is our first call to ministry.

I have each day to love and encourage my Husband;
Will I rise to the task?
Will I be the one to fill his love tank?
Will I choose to love my husband or myself above all else?

Remember our husband get very tired and hot this time of year;
We need to make sure you have something cold to drink in the fridge.
Meals prepared that our good and refreshing!
Plan some alone time to love on him!
Try to have a little get away to rekindle your marriage!

Hourglasses and love tanks go hand in hand, my friend...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

May we walk alongside our Husbands!
We are not to lead them;
We are not tag behind like a child;
We are called to encourage their hearts!
Make every grain of sand count, build a legacy that will last!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Beauty in the details

It really is the small things that make all things beautiful.
A smile and the nod of the head.
A gesture that speaks;
I see..
Seeing is so powerful
The intricate work done in earnest;

Who have they all done it for?

We are called to notice;
Small is really big

 Small holds the details,
which is the key to all things beautiful.

There is a door that no man can shut!
It is the place where the details and truth live.
What is really important are the details that have taken residence
in your heart and memories.

Not one single tear drop has escaped the Fathers notice.
They glisten like crystal in the Fathers bottle.

He has carved my name in His hand...

We are all an artist weaving and creating,

Take time to notice the details
 Take one single rain drop;
Focus on the rose petal and not the whole flower.

I spend much more time seeing the whole panoramic picture,
When I stop and take in the details,
 I can see the little things that
Make up the whole!

Take notice when others make something really special;
When they put some effort into the details of a project or a celebration!

I think we can get so overwhelmed with the very large portion,
we miss the little things!

The word tells us everything will pass away except;
His word...
Not even one jot or tittle!

Friday, July 4, 2014

America Pure Country...

Living from glory to glory

These Boots are made for walking...

Walking and talking are two different things, So  many
people can talk the talk, it is the walking it out part that
is the hard part!

We all have to keep our heart and feet moving in the right direction!
This country and our freedom come from wisdom and brawn,
And our Constitution of America!

May our stars and stripes wave over this land always!

Walk in strength and stand for truth!
Do not take your freedom for granted!

God Bless America...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Watermelon and A 100 Year Old Barn...

Mouth-watering, cool and refreshing!
Seeds or seedless!
( I just read an article that seeds in the watermelon were better tasting)
But I also remember the saying that if I swallowed a seed;
That a watermelon would grow in my stomach...
Scare the daylights out of a kid!

Juicy and sweet...
Ice cold and yummy, at it says;

Getting your summertime picnic foods in abundance now!
What are the things that you love to eat and have for your Summerime
picnic's and get togethers?

I am so enjoying fresh watermelon and strawberries!
Eating light and fresh!

Recharging my batteries and looking for a fresh spark!
Feeling a bit stuck in a rut?

 sometimes it may requires a change of scenery
 and some fresh fruits and vegtables.
Is your sweet corn in your area knee high yet?

Here ia a 100 Year old Barn!

Longevity is a blessing from the Lord!
May you live and stand  in the foundations of truths that do not change!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Guest Blogger...

Just wanted to share my dear friend Stephanie with
You wonderful ladies!
I am so thankful to have a dear friend who will share a great post!
This is a sweet post and I know you will enjoy it!

Thank YOU...

Hello lovelies!
My name is Stephanie and I blog over at
The Enchanting Rose
My little place consists of crafts, sewing, recipes, hymns, tea cups, 
and sweet encouragement from the Bible.
It is such an honor to be posting on Roxy's blog today.
Roxy has been an instrument of wisdom to me 
and her blog posts have always taught and encouraged me .
Whether it's a lesson from God's Word or a delicious recipe I am always blessed.

Today I wanted to share with you a few family treasures
that belonged to my husband's side of the family.

My dear mother-in-law first gave me the cookbook and tea cup
for a house-warming gift when my darling hubby and I 
moved into our new home back in January.
She wrote me a letter with a little history about the items - 
they belonged to my husband's Gammie.

The heart hath its own memory, like the mind,
and in it are enshrined the precious keepsakes.
~ Unknown ~

Gammie had a Canadian friend, Alice, 
that would come to North Carolina to work at Piedmont Baptist College.
Alice was the dietitian, menu maker, and cook.
She would return to Canada in the Summer and return to Piedmont in the Fall.
Alice gave Gammie the tea cup and cookbook which was later passed down to my mother-in-law
and now my husband and I have it.
My dad's side of the family is Canadian and I lived there for several years
so I find it fascinating that I would inherit something from my husband's side of the family
that came from a dear Canadian woman.
Don't you love the way God works?

Now onto the lovely hand-stitched quilt. . .
Once again, my sweet mother-in-law gave me a special gift and it was this quilt. 
She gave it to my family on Mother's Day.

The Story. . . 

Gammie and her husband were married in 1948
and her mother which would be the grandmother of my mother-in-law 
asked a lady to make this quilt for Gammie as a wedding gift.
The quilt was never given to Gammie for her wedding. . .
You see, while this lady was working on the quilt top she had a stroke and was unable to finish.
The top remained in plastic wrapping in Gammie's dresser drawer for years
so in the mid-1980's my mother-in-law took the quilt top home to see if someone could finish it.
There was a lady in the church who took the quilt and finished it.
My mother-in-law sent the finished quilt to Gammie for Christmas - 
she was finally able to enjoy it after almost 40 years of keeping it tucked away in a dresser drawer.
Gammie, a lady I did not have the privilege of knowing, passed away in 1999.
I now have pieces of the past from this precious woman 
whom my husband lovingly calls 'Gammie.' 
Family is beautiful - may we never forget the stories of the past 
and may they forever be close to our hearts.

The past is just the beginning of a beginning.
~ H.G. Wells ~

Thank you, Roxy, for allowing me to be apart of your wonderful blog.
It was truly a pleasure being here today.
Hugs and blessings to all of you!

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