Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why We Must Provide Our Homes With The Staples That Give Life...

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Staples Within Our Homes

So many homes are just so empty anymore!

Sometimes it is the absence of the people;

Other times it is an atmosphere;

I have been in homes where the television is on all the time
the noise just glares from the home.
Or a lonely dog barking in a back yard.

But that is not what we are to be hearing from a home.
But rather conversation and laughter!

The world seems empty now days!

I think we are missing the main things, the real staples of a home.

We now even have Doggie Day Care
Why? Because even those little dogs are missing having a person at home.

All the little children are in Day Care all year round!
Mothers work outside the home!
Some have to, but others by choice.
Fathers are working as they should, but some are gone from the family!
They just can't take the pressure at home, or will not take
Their God given role and responsibilities!

We have more spacious homes in size and expense then ever,
But no one is home...

What has happened to our homes?

Why is it that being anywhere else is better than being home?

Always on the run!!

I believe we have lost so much from the very fact no one stays home!

Truly, why is the bigger and better syndrome being allowed
To take all the sweet precious memories from our children and grandchildren?

Giving stability and a good home cooked meal is more valuable than
being a part of every sport team and function that the world gives!

Before another school year starts or this summer is but history,
Get the family together and talk about what is important!

The family nucleus is dissolving as I write;

Make your home a place where the heart can grow and blossom!

We all know we must have the basic staples to do most things;
Hugs And Prayer

Why then do we think the family can survive without what a home needs?

I will tell you this when I look back into my memories as a child,
Those that were about camping trips and swimming with my family are the ones that I remember.
And it is the daily activities that surrounded my home life,
Walking home for lunch, as my Mother was home.
Playing outside till Mother called us in!
Dinners of home cooked simple meals!
Prayer while Mother listened to us!
Being tucked in a cozy bed at a normal bedtime!

Our Fathers worked and was carrying the full weight of his family!

You had to ask his permission before you had the full okay to do most everything!
Someone was in charge!!

I have taken off my comments as I think we are all so busy to even leave comments.
I do hope you will continue to read my heart, thoughts about what a home keeper
might be interested in. Or even someone that desires the old path!
Many of you still have my Email!

Just think of all the amazing things you can do with the staples God has given you!

Always, And With HIS Love,

Sunday, June 26, 2016

What is Being Seen From Your Reflection...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Sometimes we see in a mirror dimly...
Other times we can see so clearly!

What do you want to be doing with your life and days and seasons?

I really enjoy just doing the simple things!

I find that they are not so complex and filled with the unknown,
Yeah, all you have to do is take just one wrong turn off;
And believe me, it can really show just how adventurous you are!
Following directions closely and reading them properly is so important!

~I prefer the way of right doing and thinking and being~

It seems that the road well traveled may seem safer, but then you have 
to contend with all sorts of thoughts and ideas and agendas.

May I suggest you look for the ancient path!

Look, if you have a husband
You must love him well!!
(If you do not, there is someone who will)

If you have children guide and protect them!
(Something is wanting to destroy them)

If you have a home, take great care of it!
(A home can be torn down with your very hands)

If you have food, make a feast every day!
(A bowl of soup can truly taste like a meal fit for a King)

If you have a tongue use it to give encouragement and truth!
(The world is bombarding our ears with filth)

If you have been given life, live it with joy and God's divine plan!
(So many have forfeited true biblical living)

I want to see a reflection of all that is good!
( Someone is always watching YOU)

What is your reflection and image of?

My audience is small
My arena is my home
My heart feels deeply
My days are numbered
My life belongs to Him...

You are not alone!
Try to be content with the portion He has allotted to you!
Ask the Lord to help you to not be deceived!
Even if it comes as an angel of light...

Monday, June 20, 2016

Not Showing Honor To Your Parents Or The Elderly...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Why Do We Allow Our Parents To Suffer Depression
And slowly dying Of A Lonely Broken Hearts?

I have seen and heard so many lovely ladies who have been just
Forgotten and left alone.
As our grown children have their own children and lives and jobs.
I do understand how busy and demanding life can be.

With no thoughts about their day after day of being alone...
No phone calls, or taking them out for a drive!
Or even going over for a short visit!

Some of these elderly people have lost their spouse of 40 to 60 years of marriage.

A lovely elderly lady called me and she told me how hard and difficult
 it was to even get out of bed just knowing that there was no one to even talk!

She said she has no purpose any longer;
She feels she does not fit anywhere anymore.

Oh dear ones do not think that this could never happen to you!

Our son works for an assisted living facility and he has told me many times;

"Mother, so many of these elderly folks have hardly any family to come and visit them"

It is a shame we are so busy we no longer have or make time for the aged!

Women work outside the home so much now days;
So we have complete strangers raising our children.
We no longer have an older generation to inspire and teach the older ones!

We are all so absorbed with our own stuff;
I can promise you this, we will all find ourselves old and wrinkled
And not able to drive or take great care of ourselves.

(Just think about this little reminder, is it getting harder to get up off the floor)

Well, that's where it starts...

Oh, and the next time you tell your aged parent or relative or friend this;
(Well, you already told us that)
Beware; we are told to be a quick listener, they may add a new tidbit you missed last time!
Oh, and rolling your eyes and talking behind their backs is not showing respect!

We show no respect for the elderly and we treat the aged like old fashion styles.
We are really telling them YOU now no longer have any use!
They're not stupid!
(This what they are hearing)

They don't even call you that often anymore because they have
learned the lesson that you are just sooooo busy!

Geesh, we all should be ashamed of ourselves!

I am so saddened to think we think doing all this other stuff is our ministry!

When you do not show honor to those who have done the best they could;
And now are unable to do much at all.

God, Help me to be aware of those around me to notice them,
And to write a note to them. To stop over and say hello!
Offer to help with something.
(Just give them a phone call)
Many of them are not technically savvy, and they have some hearing loss!

Yup, there old fashion and may repeat themselves;
But mark my words you will too!

This alone is a sure sign we have grown cold
(The hearts of many will grow cold)

Make an effort it can make a difference!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Continental Divide Of Theology

The Continental Divide Of Theology

By Steven Lawson, Ligonier

Through the western regions of North America, there runs an imaginary geographic line that determines the flow of streams into oceans. It is known as the Continental Divide. Ultimately, precipitation falling on the east side of this great divide will flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Likewise, water falling on the western slopes of this line will surge in the opposite direction until it finally empties into the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say, a vast continent separates these immense bodies of water. It is seemingly far-fetched to ponder that a raindrop falling atop a mountain in Colorado will flow to the Pacific, while another drop, falling but a short distance away, will flow into the Atlantic. Nevertheless, once the water pours down on a particular side of this great divide, its path is determined and its direction is unchangeable.

Geography is not the only place we find a great divide. There is a high ground that runs through church history as well—a Continental Divide of theology. This great divide of doctrine separates two distinctly different streams of thought that flow in opposite directions. To be specific, this determinative high ground is one’s theology of God, man, and salvation. This is the highest of all thought, and it divides all doctrine into two schools. Historically, these two ways of thinking about God and His saving grace have been called by various names. Some have identified them as Augustinianism and Pelagianism. Others have named them Calvinism and Arminianism. Still others have defined them as Reformed and Catholic, while others have used the terms predestination and free will. But by whatever name, these streams are determined by the Continental Divide of theology.

This metaphorical divide differs from the geographical Continental Divide in one key respect. Whereas streams flowing west and east of the Rocky Mountains descend gradually to the plains and lowlands where they meet the oceans, the terrain on the two sides of the doctrinal divide is quite different. On one side we find solid highlands of truth. On the other side there are precipitous slopes of half-truths and full error.

Over the centuries, seasons of reformation and revival in the church have come when the sovereign grace of God has been openly proclaimed and clearly taught. When a high view of God has been infused into the hearts and minds of God’s people, the church has sat on the elevated plateaus of transcendent truth. This lofty ground is Calvinism—the high ground for the church. The lofty truths of divine sovereignty provide the greatest and grandest view of God. The doctrines of grace serve to elevate the entire life of the church. The great Princeton theologian Benjamin Breckenridge Warfield, writing more than a century ago, perceptively noted, “The world should realize with increased clearness that Evangelicalism stands or falls with Calvinism.” At first glance, this stunning statement may appear to be an exaggeration, even hyperbole. But the more it is weighed, the more one discerns that evangelicalism—that part of the body of Christ that rightly adheres to the inerrancy of Scripture, the total depravity of man, and the sovereignty of God in all aspects of life—always needs the doctrines of sovereign grace to anchor it to the high ground. For without the theological teachings of Reformed truth concerning God’s sovereignty in man’s salvation, the church is weakened and made vulnerable, soon to begin an inevitable decline into baser beliefs, whether she realizes it or not.

Whenever the church becomes increasingly man-centered, she begins the downhill slide, often without recovery, and always to her detriment. Once yielding the high ground of Calvinism, a self-absorbed church puts its full weight onto the slippery slope of Arminianism, resulting in a loss of its foundational stability. Tragically, however, the descent rarely stops there. Historically, man-centered doctrine has served only as a catalyst for an even greater fall.

Rappelling down the slippery slopes of Arminianism, one is soon to find the church sinking deeper and deeper into a murky quagmire of heretical ideas. Such a descent inevitably gives way to liberalism, the utter rejection of the absolute authority of Scripture. From liberalism—given enough time— the church always plunges yet lower into ecumenism, that deadly philosophy that embraces all religions as having some part of the truth. Continuing this downward spiral, the church plummets into universalism, the damning belief that all men eventually will be saved. Yet worse, universalism gives way to agnosticism, a degenerate view that one cannot even know whether there is a God. Finally, the church falls into the deepest abyss—the hellish flames of atheism, the belief that there is no God.

Never has the need been greater for the truths of sovereign grace to be firmly established in the church. Her thinking about God desperately needs to be flowing in the right direction. As the church thinks, so she worships; and, as the church worships, so she lives, serves, and evangelizes. The church’s right view of God and the outworking of His grace gives shape to everything that is vital and important. The church must recapture her lofty vision of God and, thereby, be anchored to the solid rock of His absolute supremacy in all things. Only then will the church have a God-centered orientation in all matters of ministry. This, I believe, is the desperate need of the hour.

This excerpt is adapted from Foundations Of Graceby Steven J. Lawson.

Resource The Continental Divide of Theology (, Copyright 2016 by Steven J. Lawson, Ligonier Ministries (

I remember when I was a young Christian I always felt the tension of these
two opposites of theology!

But it has taken much thought and reading of the scriptures,
And a good scriptural Bible teacher;
I have learned that expository preaching is the only way to
understand sound doctrine.

I enjoyed this article on this subject and thought I would share it!
I have realized many people do not even realize that there are these
two different camps!

Here is another link explaining the difference of the two theologies
Click The Link Below

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

God Speaks Through His Word Only...


Ordinary Days

Some days just seem ordinary...

But I can assure you every day is far from ordinary!

I have been hearing so many people speak this phrase;
I am waiting to hear God speak!
I am listening to, hear God's voice!

Be very careful in this matter of communing with God!

He has spoken through HIS Word...

There are a lot of voices out there and many of these voices are not God!
The self is always talking and having a dialog in one's head.
Many false prophets are speaking heresies!
They say they are the voice of God!

I know the Holy Spirit can prompt us and lead us in our lives!
But waiting to hear God's voice can and will lead you away!
The Word says;
The Lord orders the steps of a good man!
He directs us,

But the WORD is the way God communicates with us!

Even when there was only the Old testament God did not speak in an audible
voice  to His hand picked prophets often!
Abraham went between 12 to 14 years between hearing from God!

Why are we always looking to hear a new word or message?

This is where you can really get off from the truth!

And another thing when God did speak it was always about,
Correction and Warnings!

If you would read the Word and then examine your own heart
You will see how God speaks...
The Holy Spirit will illuminate the truths of His Word!

Please do a study and be watchful of this abuse of expecting God
To speak in ways He has stopped doing!

We all hear about others hearing God and then we begin to think
why are we not hearing God speak? 

Then we start to look at these others thinking they are more spiritual than me!

We are diverting from the very source that was given us to know
what God wants us to know about every matter!

Believe me anyone can hear voices;
But there is a great danger there!

It is the Holy Spirit that will guide and comfort and correct us!
But even the Holy Spirit is here to convict us of our sin!
There is even another disturbing thing going on saying that,
We no longer have to repent of our sin!
Because Jesus died for all our sins.
But if we do not repent, we lose fellowship.
(See what I mean)

Too many are reading way too many bad books on,
what God has said, or is doing!
What has happened to expository preaching?
These people are going around telling us about what they think or hear!
And these guys make a ton of money and it is for their own profit!

The Word Is Perfect...
The Word is Complete...

Why do so many want more and are willing to believe all these crazy
stories and to think they want the same experiences.

Monday, June 13, 2016

How To Be A Good Cook...

Home Cooking

How to be a good cook...
Enjoy preparing your meals,
Enjoy eating them,
Enjoy the company...

I am not obsessed with purity and strictness in my cooking or eating.

I enjoy flavor and texture and simple!
I enjoy the spices and fragrance!

Everything is not organic!
Everything is not sugar free!

I love my kitchen!
I love feeding my Husband and family!

I did learn to cook from my Mother as a young girl;
She was a good cook and took joy in preparing food for us.

So many times we can get stuck in the same foods and dinners,
But for myself that is where I find the comfort for me.

I will try a new dish every once in a while!
I will watch a cooking show and get inspired.
Or a may get a cookbook from the library.

Usually when I am shopping I will see what just looks appetizing,
or what might be on sale!

Preparing meals with food that are in season is always the best!

We eat a lot of asparagus in the spring months when it is fresh and cheap.
And sweet corn in the few weeks it is at its peak.
When you find that when fruits or vegetables are in season they are the best!

Enjoy what you prepare and experiment when the mood hits you!

I just cleaned out my cookbook shelf and I did get rid of many of them.
I always keep a few out and when I am sitting in the kitchen I can look at one
and get inspired, and see the notes I have written next to some of the recipes.

Summer we tend to eat lighter and simpler!
In the fall and winter we need more to feel full.

I try to bake something special once a week.
We try to eat some fish weekly.
I do try to watch the intake of carbohydrates!

Hummus is a good snack food!
Eating crackers and cheese is better than a cookie!
A homemade cookie is healthier than store bought ones!

Everything in moderation...

Friday, June 10, 2016

Mountains Demand Respect...

These mountains demand respect...

Yes, they are majestic!

But they rule and they do not consider your needs.
They can be brutal and yet have a way to bring you to your knees!

The weather and climate can change in just a few short minutes.
Sunshine to snow in 30 seconds.

Dressing in layers and having survival backpacks is a must!
No hiking away from camp without all possible necessary gear!

A camera is a luxury.
Good hiking boots are a must!

High Altitude can make you really sick,
You have to drink plenty of water and often.

You can get lost very easily,
And walking in a dense forest can be a challenge.
Trees down and underbrush that is super thick.
Roots that live on top of the terrain.
Wild animals live in the forest...
You're in their territory!

I always like to camp in an open meadow and just close to the trees!

We do enjoy getting away from the prairie lands,
Which are very flat and wide.

But God has given us all kinds of beautiful places to enjoy!

Get out there and enjoy some nature!

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Do Whatever It Takes To Protect Your Children...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~What Would You Do If Someone Grabbed Your Child~

Would you react any different if it was a newborn to your teenager?

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Look, we have a built in system to love and protect;
Well, at least those women do that are not in the category
That have lost the natural maternal instinct God gave them.
Where they love drugs and alcohol or men more than their own offspring.

When I heard about that man that tries to drag away a 13 year old girl away
 while the mother and daughter were standing right next to each other.

Now, that is just brazen and unreal in my mind!
She was grabbed and was being pulled out of the store;
But with her Mother right there she was able to throw herself
over her daughter and hold on to her with all her strength!

This happened in Florida at a Dollar General Store.

Yes, that Mother put up a fight and the man ran out of the store!
Yes the perpetrator was caught in the store's parking lot.

But really, is that what we can now encounter when out and about??

Parenting has reached a whole new dimension, when our children
can be grabbed right out from right next to us!

We had all better be a bit more cautious when out an about with
our children or grandchildren!

Remember when it was safe to allow your children to play outside
or to walk the mall while you were close by?
Well, not anymore dear ones...

I am so thankful that news story had a good ending!
But, once again when a news story gets attention, I think
others try to copycat it and to be noticed.

Be vigilant Ladies
Keep the eyes in the back of your head watching!
Keep your children educated to this danger in the day we live in!

That Mother kicked into the FIGHT mode to save her child!

Beware of public places
Shopping Centers
Walking and Riding Bikes

Seriously, this is what we are hearing and seeing way too often!

Protect what God has entrusted you with!
Keep your kids pictures off the internet
Keep your children close

The weirdos are following you they are looking to whom they may harm!

Always, Living From Glory To Glory

Monday, June 6, 2016

How Can We Have A Strong Emotional Constitution...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

You All Should Be Busy Enjoying The Days We Are In...

May I take this moment and enjoy the lovely green fields and all the warmth upon my head.

We have been given the chance to be outdoors and enjoy God's creation.

I have had the thoughts of how fleeting our days truly are!
So in that mode it is so very important to take each day and enjoy it!

Many of us could all say life has not gone according to our plan,
But God is sovereign and He alone knows what is best for us!

I remembered years ago watching a movie about this woman
 that was about to give birth
And mind you this was a very difficult situation, and she said these words;
I am but surely a woman of a strong constitution!

I found that one line very comforting...

Look, we ladies have endured childbirth and times of difficulty;
It may have been hardships of health or of our finances!

But we must not allow ourselves a continual pity part of crying over our struggles.

Life carries on...

I for one refuse to be the dud, I will be like that woman that said she was of a strong

There really is no silver bullet, but there is a silver lining!

I will look to the hills which my help comes from!

I do not want to be like those women who would swoon over a bit of distressing news,
Or a bit of trouble that comes in a difficult season!

Ask the Lord for courage!
Learn to be an overcomer!

Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures!

Do something today to bring you joy and strength!

 Refuse to be a victim of circumstance!

Being emotionally strong means refusing to make excuses.
 Leave the past behind you and focus on getting a little better every day.

Happiness is a choice...

We must make choices that include simplicity, productivity, and passion.

These are not always easy, but we are called to gird up our minds!

Having yourself a good cry can be good for us, but we must not get stuck there!

Blessings, Living For His Glory

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Iris Flowers Strong And Hardy And Some History And A Bit Of Wisdom...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The Iris's are flowering in so many yards and gardens this time of year!

I love that they are so strong and sturdy!
There flowers has such a unique pattern and shape.

I think we sometimes are so drawn to certain flowers, and the Iris is
Probably not in the top ten picks.

But I love that they are very strong and thrive in even very bad soil,
And can take a beating of high winds.
Also, they seem to double in size every year, so you can dig up a clump
and replant them in another area or give some away.

We need more good things that will repopulate these dry and empty places.
Instead, we are seeing the doubling of the ugly and weird.
We are told to overcome evil with good...

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how involved I am to be
In things outside my home life!

When I stay focused on the main thing God gave me;
I seem to thrive and feel a deep peace.
When I run to and fro, I become scattered!

I do not want to be tossed by the wind that is blowing!

May my roots go deep and to be sturdy and dependable,
To be at home, keeping the home fires burning!

Do you try to impress others?
Do you do things outside the home that make you feel important?

I have found that as I have lived longer is this one thing,
 Is that minding my own business of my
Home And Life And Marriage Is Wise...

Allowing the gate to be opened by busybodies,
Or becoming a busybody in another life is not wise!

I heard a homeless person speaking;
And this is what they said, I love being homeless!
I have no responsibility and not accountable to no one!

The point of this post is this;
Keep busy doing what God has called YOU to do,
Not meddling in another life!

It is not your job to save the world!!
Christ came to accomplish this very thing!
We now have a social Gospel being taught, that tries
to make us feel responsible for others that do not want to work!
Or to be responsible for their own marriage and family and home!

And I am not talking about being kind or sharing your bounty;
I am saying we need to be wise and use the resources and strength,
For our God given tasks!

Yet, I am so ever grateful for those in my life that helped me!
How did I pay them back?
By doing right and obeying God and receiving what they taught me!
A hand up is different then being an enabler...

If you think this is an unkind post;
Think back over what was profitable and what was meddling!

Here is a bit of History...

The iris’s history is rich, dating back to Greece, 
Ancient Egyptian kings marveled in the iris’s exotic nature,
 And drawings have been found on the flower in a number of Egyptian palaces. 
During the Middle Ages, the meaning of irises became linked to the French monarchy, 
and the Fleur-de-lis eventually became the recognized national symbol of France.
 From their earliest years, irises were used to make perfume and as a medicinal remedy.
 Today, they are primarily seen in gardens, in bouquets, and in the wild all over the world.

The English translation of "fleur-de-lis" (sometimes spelled "fleur-de-lys") is "flower of the lily." 
This symbol, depicting a stylized lily or lotus flower, has many meanings. 
Traditionally, it has been used to represent French royalty,
 and in that sense it is said to signify perfection, light, and life. 

The Fleur-de-lis

I have a set of these on my living room wall
They are a black metal that looks lovely on my wall.

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

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