Wednesday, June 26, 2024

The Wise Woman Builds Her House...

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What kind of flower makes you happy or makes you think of Home?

There is something about this red flower that makes me think of country living.

Not everyone lives in the country, but I think we all long for our own space!
Whether it is a patio in an apartment or forty acres of land.
We long for a place to plant a flower or a tree or a small herb garden.

Everything we eat, fruits and vegetables all come from a living thing.
 Things that have life give off a sense of well being!
Green grass, rolling hills, meadows of flowers;
Or a single flowering plant can make us feel happy!

I have found that just being outside in nature can change
Your outlook on your day!

It has become so easy to be overwhelmed with all that
Needs to be done in a day.

But when we look back upon each day when the sun begins to set;
I promise you this, you have done something to make your
home life better!
It can be just a small moment of gratitude and thankfulness
Of all God has given you!!

Trust me, you do not want to be the kind of woman
Described in the opposite of the Wise Woman in Proverbs!
Because this Woman is called foolish!

The statement that says she pulls it down with her hands!

But God wants you to build your house!!

Every day you are building your House!
Or pulling it down...

But in most cases we are maintaining them.
Taking care of what we already have.

This culture tries its very best to groom us to want more.

And we all know stuff and things will not fill your empty tank!
We must fill our tanks with the simple, pure things in this life!

There is a battle for the mind!
The reason for this strategy is that the mind is where the enemy
does his work to make the child of God sad or confused or ineffective.

You can pull your home down with your actions or your words.

Start this very moment to do one thing to make your home a haven!
Build your home up daily.

The Wise Woman builds her house...
But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.
Proverbs 14:1

Hugs, Roxy
Living From Glory To Glory


  1. You're right. Even in our little trailer. We're traveling right now and it's even fun in this space to tidy up,wash walls and windws to stay neat and tidy. Sometimes I can't keep up with a house but a trailer is small and fun to clean.
    Don't let the world take you away from our God given places and bloom where ever you are.

  2. This is such a good reminder Roxy, thank you. Yes, we're constantly being told to get more stuff. Especially online!
    God bless💐

  3. Amen Roxy. Thank you so much for your wise words.


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