Thursday, April 30, 2020

How To Make Your Own Beauty Facial Spray For Your Face...

Beauty Facial Spray, All Natural, Living From glory To Glory Blog...

How To Make Your Own Beauty Facial Spray For Your Face

Firstly, let me say that you will love this product!!
It is natural and so refreshing for your skin.

Using a spray spritzer bottle you will add these ingredients; 
Start with some essential oils that are good for your skin 
Examples (Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary) 

Add a few drops of each of these essential oils to your spritzer bottle;
   (Use About 10 drops total or less) 

Add now 3-4 drops of an emollient oil, Examples:
  (Olive Oil, Almond Oil Coconut Oil) 

Add 5 drops of Glycerin for an emulsifier 

Now fill the rest of the bottle with Witch Hazel 

Shake and spritz it lightly on your face for a refreshing and healing balm 

Can be used each Morning and Evening! 

I use mine after I apply my Foundation makeup, 

And even on a hot summer day, or on a cold day where my skin feels parched! 

Tip: Make it light on the oils, But enough for emollient benefit and healing!

Tip: Close your eyes when applying!

Ingredients Needed 

Spray Bottle 

 Use a small bottle to assure it stays fresh 
Essential Oils 
Emollient oil 
Witch Hazel 

Glycerin And Rose Water, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Witch Hazel Toner, Coconut Oil, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I hope you will try making your own Beauty Facial Spray
You could even have a party;
Ask a few friends to come over and gather some supplies;
You could ask them to bring some of their favorite oils!
You can purchase these spray bottles online and order some oils;
(I prefer Young Living Essential Oils)

Young Living Essential Oils, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I also make my own perfume blends with my oils and with a carrier oil;

I may do a post on that also!

As Always, Loving and Living For His Glory...


Friday, April 24, 2020

Preparing A Pantry With Food Staples...

A Well Stocked Pantry, Livng From Glory To Glory Blog...

We Can Always Have A Full Pantry...
Even if it takes you 3-6 months, 
By buying 2 extra items each time you go to the store!
Always buy them when on sale!!!!

Watch for the sales and go to one of those stores that have
 Off brand canned items.

But, I will say this I only buy what I like and will eat!

(Because if you don't like it, You will not eat or use it)

Pantry Shelf, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Some items have a longer shelf life;
Start with the staples first;
Then start adding some items that add flavor!
Have items to make quick breads!
Pastas that you can make meals with and to add to soups!

I think when a tough time or a crisis hits;
We can have enough foods in a pantry to buffer a blow.
Having a full pantry year round can help you or someone else!
Having extra to share is a blessing!

When you always keep your pantry full, you will not 
Feel the need to start the hoarding mentality out of fear.

I also try to date foods and rotate them!
Then you shop from your pantry and replenish them as you use them!

What Are Food Staples...

Dry Beans
Canned Beans and Vegetables
Canned Fruit
Vegetable Oil
Baking powder
Baking Soda
Peanut Butter
Canned Chicken
Chicken and Beef Boullion
Gravy Packets
Sugar, Brown and powder sugar
Carton Milk
Canned Milk

Also keep your freezer stocked the same way!
Buy on sale double wrap the meats in smaller portions!
Rotate all items and keep a list of what is in the freezer!

Also, you must shop and cook from your freezer;
So items do not get freezer burned!

So may I encourage everyone that having a pantry well stocked;
Is like having money in the bank!

Even in a difficult time you can start slowly and get it going!

As Always, Living From Glory To Glory
Hugs, Roxy

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Why Do Some People Refuse To Wear A Face Mask ?...

Wearing A Face Mask, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This Is My Question?

Why are some people refusing to not wear a mask?

I am confused about this topic!

I truly don't get it...

Everything has to have some underlying meaning.

Is this just because I think I look unattractive?  
Or they are too uncomfortable to wear!

I surely think its a small price to pay for another person's sense of well-being.
And for your own if someone just happens to sneeze or cough.

I think it's all part of a deep seated rebellion
No One Is Going To Tell Me What To Do

The protesters held signs saying
Don't wear a mask and be gagged;
Oh, really I can still speak and say anything I may need to!

There has been times in history that by wearing a mask,
Just may have saved lives!

First, we were told not to wear them;
(That NEVER made sense to me)

We just need another LAW
To tell us what to do;
As we see others screaming, I won't put up with this!

It just seems to be getting weirder by the day!

If by wearing a mask I can go into stores and business;
And they can open!!!
Why NOT?

If you want to leave your 2 cents;
"Leave a Comment"

Give Us Wisdom
Give Us Freedom to do what is right...

Always, Living From Glory To Glory

Saturday, April 18, 2020

We Are All Ready For This Stay At Home Order To Be Lifted...

I'm a little teapot,
Short and stout,
Here is my handle
Here is my spout
When I get all steamed up,
Hear me shout,
Tip me over and pour me out!

I'm a very special teapot,
Yes, it's true,
Here's an example of what I can do,
I can turn my handle into a spout,
Tip me over and pour me out!

~A Video Clip For You~

Hello, I think we are all getting antsy
 And wanting this stay at home order to end!

We need to get our workers back on the job!

Let's get America back to work!

I do hope we have all learned some valuable things;
Washing our hands!
Being mindful of spreading germs!
Wear a mask when you are sick or traveling in a plane!

These may become our new normal...

Can't wait to visit my craft store, and visit my friends!
"What's The First Thing You Are Going To Do?"

Blessings, Roxy

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

This Is Your Chance Ladies...

Woman Are Told To Come Home, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This Is Your Chance Ladies

Do You Want To Come Home

This thought just hit me this morning;
So many women for the first time are told to stay home...
Because of this COVID

Just maybe this is your chance to make a difference;
I think if you really step up and engage in your womanly ways.
Such as being the light and the heart of your home!
Cooking meals or breakfast where everyone can just sit and eat and relax!

Changing the different rooms around, deep cleaning
And making the rooms clean and fresh and very cozy!
Having a clean bedroom for a child will help them feel safe and special!

Clean out your pantry and really make some yummy easy meals!

Read together as a family
Pray together!
Go outside and throw a ball around to each other!
Bake some cookies together!
Work on a puzzle together.
Rub each others backs!
Throw a tickle in there while your at it!

So many families really do not even know what it would be like;
To have a Momma home full time!!!

Trust me, if most kids, or Husbands were asked,  is it a benefit???
For the Mother or Wife being at HOME...
Many could not even answer that one.

Don't let a crisis of being told to stay HOME go to waste!
Step-up and be the light of the HOME...
Be the one to comfort and assure all that God has this!

Hopefully we have all learned a little something here!

Show yourself and everyone else all you do for the household and family!

Do not make everyone think that having Mom HOME all the time is a drag!

In times of trial and struggle or just everyday stress;
Having someone HOME is a wonderful blessing.

Also, even a single Mom can really stabilize the home working full time.

The point is to show the value and our worth!
Everyone needs HOME...

Blessings, Yours Truly, Roxy

Monday, April 13, 2020

Sheltering In Place...

A Teapot, Flowers, Livng From Glory To Glory Blog...

Sheltering In Place

Or you can call it the Stay At Home Order

But I choose to look at it this way, Sheltering in Place!

I feel that staying home is the best place in a world that is fighting
A very scary virus, that can change a life and a family.
They call it the ghost, they can't see it and many are infected with it.
But, they don't even know it!

If you have seen all the hype, and all the lies and the rebellion;
You know this has been a fire of the battles of my rights to just fake news!

But one thing I know for sure this is real and has hit the heart ,
Of our country...

I do not enjoy the political rally cry
My Rights and anti-government!

But, I will once again sit this one out and do as I am asked to do!
But wait---- I did all they are asking us to do before they ever said anything!

If you don't like this country then move
It's your right!

I am so glad our Church willingly chose to close the doors!
To comply with our government's request, but to protect us all!

Well, I have not missed running into town or spending the day away!

Being home can be a great way to get things into perspective!

But, now if social media crashes then we're really in trouble.
Because YouTube is just having comments within comments
 Fighting one another, what will they do with their time!

Look, this is America and everyone, including me, has an opinion!
But now days it may be wiser to keep it to yourself!

This is a time to learn what is important!

The Great Depression was something we still can remember;
But most of us did not live through it.

But we all just may need to change our behavior and our
Critical thinking skills.

In my opinion, we should not have to be told what to do!

Just do it, and do it with an attitude that is Christlike.

He even said give to Caesar what is Caesars!

Your actions could cause great harm to others!

I know there is many  lessons in all of this and I hope we are all
I hope we come out of this
With a renewed awakening and an appreciation for what we have!
In our Lives
In our Homes
In our Churches
In our Country

We continue to take these privileges for granted!
But I do not see that they have taken my rights away;
The force comes because some people do unsafe things!
Your not suppose to drive drunk, but people still do!

When I was in class many years ago for my hunting License;
I remember they told us this
Hunting is not a right, but a privilege.

You may not agree!

In these days I am so enjoying my Home!
And what I can still do...

As Always Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, April 10, 2020

Have you Ever Had A Mentor In Your Life ToHelp You And New Blog Design...

Baby Chicks, Living From glory To Glory Blog...

Happy Spring...
Time for New Beginnings

I am very happy and blessed to have been able to have my Blog
Living from Glory To glory
Revamped and updated!

My old blog was starting to malfunction and things were not working;
Weird images just popping up!

So I had this beautiful photo that I just loved;
So with a very talented Designer, she made me a Header from the photo.

If you are needing a little help or a complete makeover!
~She is very professional and talented~
Here is her Link

Have you Ever Had A Mentor In Your Life To Help You Become A Loving Homemaker...

Hope for All Homemakers... 

When I was a young woman, and newly married
 I remember feeling like I was finally
Going to be able to do what was in my heart to do! 
Making a Home filled with things that I loved!
And people who called our house a HOME

I didn’t really know at the time,
 How long all this might actually take! 
But it was in my heart and it was a seed,
 That had to grow and mature. 

I feel a special kinship with others that want the same things. 

But we all know life does not come with MapQuest! 
Everything is a journey and sometimes it’s a bumpy ride. 
Over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go! 

When I was a young girl still in school, we had classes that taught us; 
So many skills to run and manage a home one day!

Home Economics is no longer thought to be important. 
And some of us had a Mother or Grandmother to help
Teach us practical homemaking skills. 
And tips to do things efficiently and cost effective. 

But there is the Biblical sense that we are told in scripture for the older, 
Woman to mentor the younger woman! 
To love their Husbands and their children... 
We all need love and support and guidance to be keepers of our Homes! 

Good homemakers do not come with a booklet with the
Directions and steps of 1-10 ...
But rather live and learn, and with many detours!

But homemaking is rather a recipe that can be changed
Or modified,
To fit your location and budget size!

Because we are all so different, but some things are universal!

Maybe we can all look for opportunities to help,
 Love and encourage each others as being home makes.

We have had this stay at home order for weeks now;
I was just hoping many women would have had a real change of heart,
And the desire to make their homes the best place.
And we would all want to stay close to home,
If even just in our hearts...

May being a homemaker never stop being in style or the most important role!

Pray about being a mentor or even looking for an example to learn from!

 And may you have a new beginning in something good...

Much Love And Blessings


Saturday, April 4, 2020

Being Teachable And To Learn to Love, Take What You Are Given And Do Not Be Stiff Necked...

Jesus, The Lion And The Lamb, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Not Alone

Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit.
Looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God,
And Jesus  is standing at the right hand of God.
Acts 5:55

Dear Ones, God loves a heart fully dedicated to Him,
Even when dedication results in deep wounds.
God loves a faithful heart!
I look at Stephen and I think he was a super hero of faith!
Being a martyr for truth;
Not backing down!
How can my life be a daily offering?
I will need extravagant grace and brutal honesty in my life.
Interactions with the spiritual opposition will happen to every saved person!
Remember the Word tells us they hated Him first.

What and who are we willing to die for?
This shakes me to the core...
The world is shaking their fists at God.

All I have been called to be is a keeper of this Home!
He has asked older women to teach the younger women
But when others want to cleave to their own ways,
And are really angry at God and the world!
We loose a teachable heart.
We become stiff necked!
Hardened in our ways and words!
Sometimes the truth hurts...
But the word tells us this also,
"The truth will make you free"
We are going to be held accountable to what and how we lived!

I remember thinking as a very young woman;
I am never going to let someone tell me what to do........
Or how to dress!!
What to read or not read...
Where I can go!
I will NOT submit...
I grew mean and bitter I trusted no one really.

"But it happened in a blink for me,"
 I was presented with a truth and love,
I could no longer push away!
"He loved Me"
I submitted to the greatest Authority!
My heart melted and I truly became
His Child

And this is where the Scripture of the title of my Blog becomes
Life and my walk through this world...

Always, Living from Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How To Make Home Your Haven...

Home Life, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...


The Days Are just Flying By...
The month's are also,
As we all know this year is looking much different than anything,
We have ever seen in my lifetime.

But, once again we must rise to the challenges life bring are way.
Make this a positive experience as much as you can!
This country has seen so many things that attempting to knock us down,
Or to destroy us!
But we keep plodding on, and pray and to place one foot in front of the other!

You all know you can only deal with what comes next!
One day at a time for everyone!

Just do something...
Keep your heart calm and keep your hands busy!

Started my Spring cleaning!

Working on some hand sewing, making some more felt birds;
I will be hanging these on my indoor woodland tree!
I think it will make a nice spring\summer look for my tree.

"Here are a few of my felt birds I am sewing"
Felt Birds, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I have been making the very use of my time with being at Home!

Just maybe we will have an awakening of the love of home...

We have become such transient people, no one enjoys their homes!

But, if you are a person who enjoys the comforts
 That only home can provide.
It is a blessing.
I never wanted to wander far from my home or loved ones!

We must learn how to make our Homes A Haven...
As we are all in need of a safe harbor.

Maybe this will become a turn in the event,
 That we will realize that good, hard work is a gift!
Maybe we will not be so ungrateful for the abundance we have access to.

Start working in your yard, make your area pretty!
We can all do something productive!

Remind yourself and those we love;
We will overcome!

Blessings, Roxy

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