Monday, September 25, 2017

Listen To Your Husbands Warnings Concerning Others...

Flowers are always blooming somewhere!!
Our brothers and sisters in Christ can be anywhere in the process of blooming!
Growing and blooming and just looking pretty is what flowers do.

Flowers are oh so glorious!
God has made so many different varieties and have placed them together;
To make one glorious garden...

Yet these gardens have flowers that just plain stink!

Don't Be Deceived, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

This time of year we have this flower that is all over the place;
We call it stink weed and it is a real flower;
But yet it really stinks!!

Sometimes we just can perceive fall is in the air because of this very stink flower.
But I think of this flower not as a flower per say;
But rather a weed.

I have learned a few things about perception;
I always laugh when I read that little saying on my side mirrors of my car.
Objects may be closer than they appear...

After a few more evenings that dip in temperatures everything
will be turning brown and crunchy.

So the moral of this story is going to be about:
Let's not be deceived, by looks!!

We all have been taken back, when we either smelled something
That looked delicious and found it to be unpleasant.

We have all met someone or knew of someone that we thought was
So very special and desired to be friends with them.
To only find out later they were not at all as they appeared to be!

This is where I want to teach a little piece of wisdom that I have learned!
Remember back at the first time when you met someone that you
just thought they were really special, and your very own Husband
Said you know, I am not too sure about the girl;
There is just something about her that seems wrong!

But at first you didn't heed his advice;
Look back...
He was right all along!

I want to say this, that our husbands want us to be protected!
So if and when he gives you this check, tell him this;
You know, honey, I will be watchful and keep my guard up.

My Hubby has been right about every person that has come into my life;

 That they were not going to be who I had preconceived them to be!

But now I listen and I watch and wait!

As a keeper of the home we must guide it daily;
And that requires us to be wise in who you share your
Lives and personal information with!!

Better to be slow and cautious...

Building friendships will cost you something!
Be wise!!

Blessings To Y'all
Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Happy Fall Roxy, I love this post and you are so right that we always need to heed our husband's advice. I haven't had him warn me about someone I've held dear , but have suddenly been left wondering what in the world happened. It is then that I just trust that the Lord knew this persons wasn't a good friend for me.
    I also love seeing the wolf on your sidebar with the saying we must guard our husbands reputation. Thank you dear one for your wisdom and all you share here.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Oh what words of wisdom! I have been foolish at times and have not listened to my husbands warnings. Only to my own heartache. Oh how thankful I am for his protective wisdom! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I totally agree, Roxy. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  4. I'm much more cautious about friendships than I once was. I used to jump into friendships and then discover it wasn't good, and then how hard to get out of it! Much better to go slow at first. And we don't listen to our husbands because we think we know better. That's just pride. They often see things we don't.

    Good post Roxy. xo

  5. Having our special person watch out for us is such a comforting feeling. Sometimes we can be blind when we are trying hard to be friendly and kind. I've certainly fallen into this trap despite my husband's gentle warnings. It's an unpleasant lesson but always nice to know we have one true friend in our husbands. Sending hugs and blessings for your week xo Karen

  6. I so enjoyed your morning letter.

  7. I'm so glad my hubby and I are pretty much on the same wavelength when it comes to things like this! Enjoy the rest of your week, Roxy...Happy Fall!

  8. Excellent advice. I learned the hard way and let my guard down when I should not have. My husband tolerated a family for my sake that he had serious concerns about and it ended in a bad way. I'm much more cautious now and listen when my husband voices concerns or encourages me to go slow with new acquaintances.


  9. Hi Roxy, yes our husbands may see things that we don't in a person. I have had this very thing happen to me and have learned to be cautious with friendships. Thanks for this advice and post.
    I hope you enjoyed the scallops if you made them.
    Take care and enjoy the weekend.


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