Friday, August 30, 2013

A Rare Treasure~A Virtuous Woman~

A Virtuous Woman, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

A rare treasure is found in a woman of
Godly character.
"Who can find a virtuous woman?"
Proverbs 31:10

We are all asking am I becoming this wonderful
and mysterious woman that is spoken of in
The Holy Scriptures.

May I ask you a question?
Do you;
Seek first the Kingdom of God
And His righteousness?
Then all of these things will be added to you.
Matthew 6:33
Do you desire to tap into all the grace of God's
Power and the Holy Spirits leading
and a resolve to be all that
God wants you to be?
As we look into the heights of His standards,
we can become overwhelmed.
Yet He tells us in His word.
precept upon precept,
line upon line.
Little by little.
We can do this because it's all in
His strength anyways!
Each day we are given, we have
His New Life flowing in us.
Let's not down play these virtues.
These are not old fashioned,
or impossible.
But rather attainable.
Always progressing
Always becoming stronger.
His character being formed in you.

Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Marriage Commitment...

Walking Through Life Together
What does a vow mean to this world anymore?
Do we even know what the word means?
Being committed is good, as long as it is working for me!
I just want to share my heart about something that has,
touched almost everyone of us,
Divorce in America is ramped.
Growing up as a child from the divorce factor.
I will know longer kid myself;
I was broken and grieved!
A child with no Daddy...
One of the greatest wounds for any human being
Is rejection!
One thing I have learned in this life is this;
Marriage is a gift from God,
I am just so sorry and sad so many
Women and Men
Have been wounded and hurt from the broken vows.
From either their parents, or their own broken marriage vows.
Everyone suffers when a vow is broken.
This post is not about placing blame, but rather to say;
I am sorry for all the pain and sorrow it has cost
each and everyone of us.
But we have hope;
He has come to heal the broken hearted!
This week we will be celebrating 31 years of our marriage vows!
May we have many more years together.
But I want to encourage each and everyone of you.
Take being married as one of the most important positions
in this life.
It is work, but well worth every kind word,
 And every walk you take while holding hands.
Every kiss before you sleep.
Every good memory you hold.
Be committed to YOUR marriage!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Love Lemons And Life...

Large Lemons, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

How wonderful and refreshing lemons are.
Many decades ago, lemons were sought after
 Almost by everyone, The affluent and well to do served
lemons as a status symbol.
Sailors knew of the health benefits to keep a sailor from sickness!
Country folks and families loved the taste and refreshment they gave.
Just a simple bowl full of lemons!
Is your life like a bowl full of lemons?
Bright and cheery
Tart and tangy


Are you bored?
Lemons And Limes, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
Then may I suggest limes?
You have heard many times, that if life gives you lemons
(Make lemonade)
But I think you might want to go a little deeper, and wider.
Add limes my friend!
Shake it up!
May your love of Him
And the love for others
But whoa the love for your man!
Never let it grow cold!
Love is:
Without LOVE, you will shrivel up!
Your lips will look like you have just sucked a lemon.
Pursed and puckered dry...
You will become a bitter woman,
Not a better woman!
Love like there is NO tomorrow.
Drink from the cup of the tangy fruit set before you.
What comes has passed from the Father's hand!
The Holy Spirit will add the sugar of His fruits,
Galatians 5: 22-23
Drink up my friends,
May we look for the blessings,
For I assure you they are there!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Other Side Of The Garden And Being A Biblical Woman...

The Book The Other Side Of The Garden, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

What are some of the Biblical thoughts that we as women,
carry in our hearts!
Have we taken the time to bring the sweet and cozy truths,
to heart!
All real women's issues are heart issues.
Our Real Lives
Our Husband, Our Children
Our Homes
We are not a Blog Status;
How many followers?
How many comments?

We are now living on the other other side of the

Biblical Womanhood, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
 I remember the first time I read this book!
I thought this is amazing;
Thy can not really think this is still going to happen
 In today's world!
Who really thinks we need to submit??
Wait a minute here...
Look, I am a intelligent woman.
But, I was searching, and asking "Who am I?
Why am I here?"
I wanted to know without a shadow of doubt,
Was I living my life for a worthwhile purpose?
I wanted to have and comprehend my true design and purpose!
I wanted to have fulfillment in my marriage.
I was a woman of the world till about 25yrs. old.
Our marriage had two heads...
This makes for an unnatural creature.
This was not God's design for marriage.
I started asking the Lord for His help in being a good wife.
So God brought this book into my life.
The first thing the Lord did was show me why a women was created.
I was just shocked at the fact He had a specific reason
 for each part of
His creation.

God took the essence of the woman directly out of His first
creation of mankind.

She shall be called Woman (Isha)
because she was taken out of Man (Ish)
For God stated that it was not good for man to be alone.
God designed the woman for the man's benefit.
1 Corinthians 11: 8,9
Now don't get yourself in a tizzy!
We are not the head, and we are not the tail!
But we are the heart!

So, Now it is time for us to appreciate are unique design,
and enjoy the fact that we are here for a grand and special treat.
We are Women!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Peacock Or Crocodile...

A Peacock Bird, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Some days I feel like an amazing Peacock
Spreading my feathers as to soar to the highest peaks.
The day is filled with all colors of the rainbow.
The atmosphere is filled with hope.
I can feel the tangible waves of my Father's Love.
Life seems simple and carefree.
Your day is going smoothly, like clockwork.
I rejoice and take great pleasure in these days.
It is something I have been learning for many years.
God will always give you times of rest.
You can be free from distractions and confusion, in these times.
I like to refer to these times as my girding up!
As He knows what lies ahead...
But, on the other hand, I have had days that felt like I was trying
to pry open the mouth of a crocodile.
As we all can imagine is not something any crocodile would
enjoy having done to him.

A Crocodile, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
When these days come upon you, be not surprised!
You should not be ill prepared to stand.
You will be challenged!
One thing I have learned is this;
That in the times of rest and peace I am being filled with
the very strength that will be required.
It is His strength.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

What Image Is Being Produced In Your Life...

Beautiful And Kind Lady, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

What image is being produced in your life?
We are all producing something.
Peace and calm...
Joy and rest in even our hectic days.
My Lord has been tempering me in all my ways.
Even a diamond starts out as a hunk of dark black coal.
For I am looking into a glass dimly.
Does it always seem harder when you make a decision
To be sweeter or kinder.
Or making a challenge to God or yourself to change.
Then a deep resistance to this; rises up and wants to battle.
It is like every time you want to do better your flesh says;
No way!
But Paul said it best of all,
The flesh has to die and the spirit will reign.
Call out to Him!
For His grace is more than enough,
So we will one day see Him face to face.
For even now if you belong to Him,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Using Lard In My Pie Crust...

Funny Old Crisco Ad. Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

  As I was doing some research on using Lard instead of butter or Crisco:
( For my pies)

Cherry Tart, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

 I was amazed at what I found.!
I have been really rethinking some of all the bad fat facts over my baking lifetime.
  I now will lean towards using lard for at least my pies.
   On some of the web sites I visited it is a bakers friend for certain rustic breads.
  I am sure that it is much healthier for you than Crisco!!
  I am a butter girl from way back,
I love the smell and taste of it.
 I never could stomach margarine.
  Everything in moderation is always the best way to cook and live.
I also have been looking for a recipe for biscuits that use lard.
   I can tell you for certain that every time something new comes out, I shiver knowing that the food industry has played with Mother Nature   (God's Creation).
   Another thought has been that in the days of hard times in our history,
 butter was hard to come by.
  Maybe we should not turn our nose up to something that could give us a flaky crust or biscuits!
Because no one can convince me that Crisco is better than lard.

   I found this blog, that of course is a foodie blog: 
 And I wanted to share her post on the Lard.

Earthy Delight Blog/ Lard Story

I was wondering if any of you wonderful ladies had a thought on this matter?
Have you tried natural Palm shortening?
Have you tried the shortening from the Health food store?
This has been my choice!

Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Golden Locks Going Natural Gray Hair...

Beautiful Gray Hair, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...

Lovely And Natural Beautiful Hair
Should we wear our hair long as we get older?
Shall we color our hair?
Again and again...
Is this gray hair?
Is it silver,
And Her crown of Glory?
Do men prefer their wives to have long hair?
Have you ever asked him?
Is long hair more feminine?
Would you feel more lady like if your hair was not as
Short as a man's?
If you wear your hair very short,
Do you find yourself acting Sassy and Perky?
Does hair play a role in how you act and respond?
Is our hair a non-issue?
Have you ever worn a head covering,
either just during worship.
Or all the time?
Why do so many women cut their hair (cropped)
so short as they get older?
Is there any link to the length of our hair??

This woman appears to be much younger in age.
Yet, her hair makes her look soft.

These lovely locks make her look so feminine!
Do we just not want to be bothered with a hair style,
that allow us to look like a lady?
Long beautiful hair, remember the song??
The revolution started;
Boys wearing long hair!
Girl's wearing pants all the time!
Hot Pants!
Can we at least look like we are ladies?
Do we even care anymore?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Seize The Day...

Summer Walk, Living from Glory to Glory Blog...

Needing a reprieve from the everyday?
We all so desire a little peace and quiet.
Sometimes we just have to make a little get away for ourselves.
Having a good book to read is great to refresh your mind.

It might just be a walk by yourself in the early morning,
Or taking an evening walk with your hubby.

Or maybe a little ride on your bike!

I always have thought if I lived by the beach I would
Take a stroll upon it every day.
Foot Prints In The Sand, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
But I am sure that many women who live very close to the ocean,
 Can barely find time for it themselves.
And it is right at their feet.

 It is not where you live, but rather how you make use of where you live.

We must learn to command our days!
We can learn to train ourselves to orchestrate our days.
We are called to manage our homes.

Learning to manage our time so we can have a little moment of peace daily.
 To be running around half frantic is so unbecoming.

I have found myself saying,
Okay, now let's just all take a deep breath.
Just Breath Every One!

I think many are about to get really busy.
We will be canning and putting back our harvest.
Teachers are going back to school.
Many homeshoolers are putting together their
School agendas, for the year.

But alas, summer is not over yet.
Seize the day!


Take pleasure today!
Do not let the enemy of your soul.
Steal your God appointed time and day!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Lonely Feelings Find Everyone...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Separation from anything or anybody, can cause an unrest within ourselves.
Self can become the only beating heart!

All will experience this feeling;

We call it LONELY
There are clubs for it.

Books have been written about it

Many songs have been sung about it

Yet, lonely has not escaped anyone!

We will always find ourselves in a lonely place:
Either in our hearts or minds...

Because we are separated by color by education
By statue Que
By Male or Female

But those are not the real reason’s!
But it is because we live in a sinful world.

Only our connection with Christ and Him crucified will
Give us the wholeness we desire.
We will always feel the lonely feeling
For until we come into His fullness
It will invade;
Our busy
Our noise
Our space
Our hearts

For we cannot silence this lonely!
~It must be filled~

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For Every Season Is A Blessing...

The Movie Grease, Living From Glory To Glory To Glory...

I remember watching this scene of this particular movie.
It was many years ago.
It had just come out in the movie theaters.
I went by myself and I was nine months pregnant.
It was hotter then blue blazes out! :)
It was the only place I could find refuge from the heat.
I was about to give birth to my first child.
I was a wee bit scared!
I was challenged with all the thoughts of becoming a mommy.
And a bit afraid of giving birth also.
So I remember this movie well,
But it is this scene that I loved best!
Sometimes when we are with all the people we are used to
being around we can act a certain way.
But, it is when we are away from all expectations and duties,
is when matters of the heart can be brought forth.
We as woman desire love and commitment.
Because that is the way God made us!
May we take the time to reminisce of our hearts to love.
Our marriage.
The giving birth to our children.
Summer memories.
The milestones you have passed.
What the future still holds.
August is a special month for me, it holds sweet memories!
But, I can say every month has special meanings,
For to every season is the blessings, He has planned for you there.

 May your love never grow cold!
Love is the one thing that will give life!

Blessings Always,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Heavens Will Open One Day...

God's Amazing Creation, Living From Glory To Glory Blog
A Dream
In my dream my hubby says to me Roxy you gotta
Come and see this!
So I go outside with him and we are standing out by our pool.
I look up and the sky just opens up and there is an
Amazing glorious Fire.
These flames are so majestic!
I am in awe...
I fall down and I worship God!
Praise pours forth from my lips!
When I awake from this dream I know it was a God dream!
I called my friend Pam that morning, and told her about my dream.
 And she said to me, we will see the Fire Of God!
Later that same day, but now it was evening time.
She was returning back home towards the mountains.
They looked out into the Eastern plains and this is what she saw!
There was an opening into the sky and a huge mass of fire looking
colors were in the sky (right over our land).
I am a dreamer!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Slip Sliding Away In The Summer Time...

Slip And Slide, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

As a child I remember this time of the Summer being called
The dog days of Summer!
The summer days just went as slow as molasses;
It was so hot the dog would not even move.
We played on our slip and slip
 and we filled
our water tubs to sit in to keep cool.
We made our homemade Popsicles out of Kool-aid!
We went to the lake!
We went to the pool sometimes.
Summer lasted for a whole year it seemed like!
It was so hot outside my Momma had coined the phrase,
"It is Hotter then Blue Blaze's out here!"
Now, that just kinda stuck in my head,
As a grown woman today when it's really hot,
I can hear myself saying!!
"It's Hotter then Blue Blaze's out here today!!"
Every night we would play outside till dark, playing
all are favorite games.
Kick the can!
But now it seems like summer just slips and slides away!

May we make the time and enjoy the rest of these
Summer days!
Let us not  allow any of our days slip away!
Dance in His showers of refreshment,
Sing and play while the sun warms your skin.
For summer has a way of slipping away.
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