Thursday, December 19, 2013

Two Turtle Doves

 Two Turtle Doves
Today is the day the Lord has made!

We are all so busy and checking our list twice.
I made a very purposeful decision in the last few days.
I will take in every wonderful joyous Christmas song.
I will relish every festive sight of Christmas lights.
I will listen for the anticipation of the Children's excitement!

I will thoughtfully bake something special for my Hubby.
(He has asked for a Pumpkin Pie)
NOT kidding!
No Figgy Pudding I ask?
He said honey, I didn't get one on Thanksgiving,
 Because we were with our very special friends (Remember?)

So, I have not baked anything yet; I am waiting till
the right day, so I can take pleasure in it and not
Have to hurry and be stressed.
Besides a Pumpkin pie needs to be fresh...
And do not forget the real Whipped Cream!

We celebrate Christmas Eve with our children who live close by.
(Next Door)
Really, I told you we were close....
Then that way they have Christmas morning at home.
And the other Grandma Neta gets her Grandchildren!

Did I mention that my sweet Hubby
 and I have been told we need to 
watch our sugar?
(Sweet Hubby; Pun intended!)

Really!! Just before Christmas?
I tell you it's a conspiracy....

Okay, Here is the point of this POST!
I really think I had one..
Sorry it's gone!
Hey... Where's that list I had?

Oh I remember!
I wanted to show you my Hutch, decorated for Christmas!
My sweet friend from Country Pleasures, Sue
Always decorates hers for every holiday!
I love how all my dear Blogging friends inspire me!
I am thankful for your friendship!
I am happy to have you in my life!
I also, love to be challenged by your ideas and insights!

I call you my friends, who take the time to read my post!
I am blessed by those who will leave me a comment...

Will what I say here go up in the pile
of wood, hay and stubble?

I will give my Lord and Saviour all the Glory!
For this is His Blog!



  1. What an enjoyable post! From singing to baking, Christmas plans and decorating, very warm.

  2. Yes, take it all in and delight in it. Any news about Kalea?

  3. How lovely to have your children next door - I would love having my son next door as he bakes the most wonderful bread and I wouldn't have to walk far to have a taste!! He has spent today making some spicy German Christmas biscuits for his wife, how special is that!

    Do you have to do more than just "watch the sugar"!!! I bought some coconut sugar the other day and I just loved sniffing it, it smells like cameral lollies.

  4. Just lovely, I love the hutch! So happy to call you friend! Merry Christmas!!

  5. This post made me smile. I recently reconnected with Sue through Facebook. I can give you the link to her page if you'd like.
    Be blessed my friend!


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