Thursday, December 29, 2016

Looking Back...

Looking back on this last year...

Ever heard the saying sometimes we are not able to see what is
right in front of our eyes...

I prefer my small little world, I do not have to be up front and in 
center stage and have the notion that the world revolves around me.
Simple and quiet...

Learning to be content and happy is a fine art!
But the more you practice it, the easier it comes.

We have all had a few trials and we can see that our faith was tested.
 But we take joy in the opportunity to have a fresh start in a new year!

As we all know:
It truly is hard to keep all the balls in the air that life throws at you!
But we can give it are all, and do the best we can!

But when I looked back over this last year I smile and bow my head;
I give thanks for another year of grace and prosperity in love.
The ability to encourage and give support.

"Sometimes it is just a smile or a kind word that has helped me to keep going"

I am not sure if we will ever fully get over the feeling that we just
don't fit into the peg hole. But being unique and sincere goes a long way!

Sometimes it is a bit of a transition to start a new year!
But it is a great time to clean out and organize
It all really takes hard work!

Gimmicks don't work.
Money has wings
Politics is like playing with fire
Health truly is your wealth!

Stay in the Word!
Let not your heart be troubled!
Everything in moderation...

If you have extra; share
If you feel sad; have a good cry
If you have read a good book; pass it on.

If you're afraid to die, then start living well; so you can die well...
May this New Year not leave you with regrets,
But live to give God Glory...

Happy New Year

Monday, December 26, 2016

Slow Cooker French Onion Soup...

Soup, Living From Glory To Gloty Blog

Slow Cooker French Onion Soup

¼ cup butter
4 medium sweet onions, halved and thinly sliced
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons brown sugar
½ teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons flour
1 cup beer (You do not need to add this)
2 quarts low-sodium beef stock or Use Your own fresh made beef stock if you have some
½ teaspoon pepper
1 baguette, sliced (You can also use croutons)
Gruyere cheese, sliced or grated (Parmesan is also good)

Turn on your slow cooker and set to high. Add butter and let melt. Add onions, garlic, vinegar, brown sugar, and salt. Mix well. Cover and let cook for 1-1.5 hours, stirring every 15 minutes, until onions begin to caramelize and turn brown. Stir in flour, allow to cook for a couple minutes, then stir in beer and beef stock a bit at a time, stirring well between each addition to avoid lumps. Stir in thyme and pepper. Cover and cook for 6-8 hours on low. Taste and season with additional salt, if desired.
To serve: Top baguette slices with cheese and broil until cheese is bubbly and golden. Serve on top of soup.

After weeks of sweets and heavy foods, it is nice to have a lighter fare such as a warm bowl of soup!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Celebrate And Give Thanks For His Gift (Emanuel, God With Us)...

Christmas Past
Christmas Future

Everything has a consequence!

When I look at my life or the life of others;
I see a pattern of what I might call a Pendulum.

In our own human nature we all have a tendency.
We swing to this side or that side.

We can just chalk it up to each his own...

But I now can look back and see that life is a journey and we are
All learning through trials and testing of our faith!

Is it really about what you eat or wear?
(I am NOT attacking anyone here)
Yet all these things can make a huge impact...

What I am thinking for me is a greater measure of
Allowing the person the grace to walk out his own sanctification process.

Taking my own agenda or belief system and belittling another.
Is not going to gain anything!

I know of many that do not celebrate Christmas at all!
I have heard this is a pagan holiday and they use the
Scriptures in Nehemiah to say how we should not have a tree.

Look, I have grown up with celebrating Christmas, I have done 
My own research and I am willing to continue to
Celebrate Christmas...

This post is written not to anyone I know!!!!

It is just something that I have wrestled with from way back...

I am a Baptist
I am a Wife
I am a Mother
I am a Grandmother

I am doing the best job I know how to do!

I have never intended to offend anyone!

We all have the luxury to do as we understand to be acceptable
To God, but not always are fellow man.

Some things are just not my job to police
other people and how and what they celebrate.
We can give our opinion and you can even listen to
 Why they do or don't do something!

I have come to see that there are so many different ways
of doing things and ways to interpret scripture.
Take time to ask the Lord to continue to learn and grow!

I will no longer participate in these battles of what is
the truth or the way!

I am a grown woman and I will do
the best that I can with what He is doing in my life.

Merry Christmas...

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Video Games Have Caused An Avalanche...

The dangers of playing video games, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Men don't want to work!

I have watched and have seen this trend for many years now!
And I have now seen the results of what it breeds.

These video games that especially the boys play have
Turned them into grown men that are Angry
Lazy and have no interest in working.
~Most of them have no interest in being married and interacting with their families~
(If they have any)

Video games will kill real life
Video games dissolve real emotion or feelings!
Video games make them aggressive!
(The reason for this is because there is no real release for the adrenaline
To be released after being in a battle or combat or being in a high speed chase!

If you want to save our young men from a life of no real living skills or emotions;
Then get rid of your equipment that is used for them!!
Games and all the electronic junk needed to play them!

Yes, they will hate you and be very angry!
Because they are addicted to these games, and they need the fix!

Men that play these games have less interest in all relationships!

(Yes, there are a few that might have a firm balance of this game stuff)

If you really think that allowing this stuff to be done in your home and
For your kids to do as entertainment, then you will be sorry!

I have seen good christian families now say that they wished they had never allowed this
An awful form of mind control to take over their children's lives.
They will have no interest in anything else...

We are made to have everything we do connect with us, our
Minds, bodies and emotions...

So many kids are troubled with no way to release their energy!
Most kids can't even feel tired enough to go to sleep;
As they just want to play another game;
(Just one more time)

These boys are a bit scary if you ask me!
They look and act a bit comatose, and void of real eye contact!

But wait, every phone has games!
Every home has a play station 2 Thousand (Exaggeration)
Wait, some games are beneficial.

Every child has their own little screen to play on!

We have all heard the phrase from the song girls want to have fun?
Well, now, boys just want to play video games!
Forget about growing up and taking care and providing for one's family.
They use to be interested in sports and cars and trucks and girls!
But now they just want to play video games...
Have we seen the problem here yet??

Just saying...

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friendships And No Reciprocation...

Chocolate Cake, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

All Of Our Days Can Be The Good Old Days...

Once again I sit here in the early morning and think of what
would be best for me to do this lovely day!

Cold days can be expected in the month of December!
I love that it gets dark early so we must come in and relax and
Enjoy those long winter nights!

Our generation is a GO generation...
Always busy, always looking at their phone.

Do you ever just stop and ask yourself this question
"Why do you do what you do?"

I do not mind being busy for a season!

I just wanted to encourage each of you today with a few thoughts!
This first one may sound harsh, but I believe it merits at least
To be mentioned!

If you have a friendship that is completely one sided
(You do all the calling, You put all the effort into it)
Emotional, and supporting of them, and there is
NO reciprocation!
Then may I suggest letting it start to fade;
Ask God is this one you should continue to invest in?
(Because there are some people we all have in our lives that it is going to be this way)
But there are some relationships that just need to go by the wayside.

~You should be investing in your Husband and Family~

But God Knows we all need a good friend!

Being wise and spending your time in investing in healthy relationships!

And we can be kind to all, but realistically we only have so much energy
and time for those that God has given us!

But when God gives you and a kindred spirit friend; love her and honor her!

The reason we need to evaluate friendships;
Because a true friend is a treasure!
Impart into those friendships that will produce fruit!

Take some time and send a card or call those that are near and dear
To Your Heart...

Be open to new ones God may bring to you!!
Be willing to let go of the ones that are fading!!
God will always remove those that are not good for you;
(But you must ask Him to do that for you)
Allow God to manage who He wants in your life!
Try to make a few hours each month to fellowship with a friend!
A few good friends is better than being friends with everyone...

Writing a letter will always be worth your time;
(I have saved every written note sent to me in my adult life)

Remember, having an older woman in your life is very biblical!

Okay, bake a chocolate cake and serve your husband and family,
But save a piece for a dear friend and enjoy each others company.
Because a good friend is like chocolate
It is meant to be shared and enjoyed!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

How To Live In Comfort And Joy All The Time...

Comfort And Joy, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

When life tends to get a bit busy and filled with so many
things on our calendars, we tend to go into survival mode.

But I have learned a few things in these last few years.
 It is something I want to share with you all!

Firstly, feeling tired and stress is a fact in this fast pace world!

So if we can't change the world and the way it runs its course;
Then I must change my response...

Learning the art of staying calm is a health benefit that outweighs many
Things that you may be doing on any given day!

Look, we need to take back our peace...

Living in comfort and joy all the time!

We must not allow all the junk to take us out!

Ask yourself this often, Is my reaction appropriate for
What I am experiencing?

Do you feel tired all the time?
Do you feel like crying?

Well, we all feel that way at different times;
Good News...
Great, you're alive and fairly normal!

Find your daily rituals that help you stay calm!
Stress will kill you in more ways then one.

Shake it off ladies...
We make more out of so many things that are not that big of a deal!
This is your life... Deal with it!
Or My favorite
(Get over it already)

I refuse to take on the stuff that is thrown at me!
But I will deal with what God hands me...
Big difference!

Instead of doing everything and making it perfect;
Pick a few things and do them well and enjoy it!

Large and expensive and time consuming  "Blah Blah Blah"

Take control!
Get your rest
Choose JOY
Make Peace
Let It Go

Do not be carried away with the tide that turns into a rip tide...
Some never make it back to shore.

But look at it from this perspective!
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This life can seem like a huge mountain;
But we overcome as we take one step in the right direction!

Things can feel harsh and we can feel lonely or isolated or overwhelmed.

But do not give up!

Enjoy and take pleasure in this season of your life!
Make wise choices in the small things;
Then make good choices in the large things!

Say NO

Say Yes, because you want to!

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