Monday, May 29, 2017

Is Blogging Changing?...


Well. Let's celebrate...

We have another season upon us!

It has been a very cool spring here in these parts;
And I have enjoyed it very much!

It's time to get your June and July And even August mode in gear!

Bug spray
Drinking enough water
Wear eye protection

But most importantly;
Taking time to enjoy the moment of each day!

I am not sure lately what to blog about;
I have been just so enjoying working on my Doll house!
Watering my flowers and greenhouse!

I have made a few very sweet friends through blogging all these years!
Grateful for that...

Hank wanted to say Happy Memorial Day!

I am looking at revamping my sidebar;
So many on there anymore, I do not have any feedback.
I lost my whole sidebar a while back, and not sure what I
Want to use it for anymore.
Asking your opinion on what you like or dislike
With my choice of blogs I share on my sidebar.
Are they useful for you to find other blogs?

Have you found a New Blog lately that you enjoy?
How many comments do you leave per week?
Do you wish we just had a like button?
(Just added a Like, and Interesting and Important Button)
Just BELOW each post.
Never knew you could do that!
Do you leave comments via using your cell phone?

The reason I Blog is because I enjoy the connection!
I blog because it is enjoyable to write a post!
It is nice to have a little spot that is all your own!
You can share your heart and ideas and encourage others!
You can even share a warning to help others stay safe!

I still think blogging is a classy magazine of real people;
That we get to get a glimpse of their lives and homes!

Well anyways, I do hope you all enjoy yourself this

You're always welcomed Here!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Are You Ready?...

Are You Ready? Beautiful Blue Bowls, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Are You Ready?

A dear friend of mine was asked the question the other evening;
It was asked by a Pastor that knew this woman.

She said NO...

Yes, she is saved!

But NO she is not ready to leave her Husband or Children...

I love this sweet, wonderful lady!

She has been battling a brain tumor for a long time!

They have been given a bad report again!
I am a bit stunned and in shock.

Are we ever really ready to say goodbye to those we love?

"I am planning on writing her a letter tonight"

She used to read my blog before she got diagnosed with the tumor!

She loved to sing to the Lord during worship!

It is like we had a connection in many ways "spiritually"
We would just call each other out of the blue and we would
Talk and then pray together...

I want to ask you;
Are You Ready?

I want to write letters to all my kids and grandchildren soon!
I want to love my Husband with my whole heart!
I want to laugh till I cry!
I want to repent for everything, I have ever done wrong!
I want to love and to plant flowers and trees!
I want to tell my faithful friends, how much I love and appreciate them!
I want to embrace the mornings!
I want to fall asleep and awake in Heaven
~When my TIME comes~

Monday, May 22, 2017

How To Test Yourself To See If Your Addicted To Social Media...

Social Media Addiction... Living From Glory To glory Blog

Hello My Name is---------

Look, we got ourselves a BIG problem here!

Put down your stupid smart phone!!!

Get a life

Oh, wait God has given you one...

 Face book and Instagram and Pinterst;
Truly does not care whether you're dead or alive!

If we are not diligent in asking yourself if you may be addicted??
You may not ever really, truly live in the real world!

"Test yourself"

Do not get on any social media today!

Do you feel discontented?
Do you feel like you have not been validated?
Do You want to check your comments every few hours?
Do You want to post everything you do?
(What you eat, Where you are, Who you're with??)

You may be treating your social media addictions as you would
A secret lover...

Are you starting to feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit?
A bit of Conviction!

Are you on your phone and you can see your real life people
Out of the corner of your eye??
No time for real eye contact?

Sorry, but if the shoe fits YOU have a problem!

Being addicted to anything can bring harm to you!
We are suppose to guard ourselves and our
Hearts and Mind and to our Relationships.

Social Media can become your idol!

Remember to use these medias with wisdom!

No Wonder nothing is getting done anymore...

Living The Good Life while It Is Yet Day!
Get SMART, get off all the drama and live and make your
OWN Biography...

Always, Living From Glory To glory

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

An Estate Sale Treasure Painting Of Lovely Roses...

A Rose Vintage Painting, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A few weeks back a friend and I stopped at an Estate sale.
It was picked over, as by the time we got there the good finds
were picked over and mostly all the things worth any value.

But in a back shed on the property hung this old vintage
picture painted of beautiful Roses.
The frame alone was amazing!

As I walked back to the backyard of this property;
I started talking to the lady working there.
I asked her what the painting might cost, as it had a sticker
On it, but no price!

Finally, after I had found a few more items I asked her again
 And she had gone back to that building and had brought it out to the table.
She told me it cost 50 bucks!
And I told her I couldn't pay that!
So she looked around and said
"What would you give me for it"
I said 38 dollars!

She said it's yours!!

I have had a few very nice paintings over my mantel in my living room.
But this one just belonged in my home...

When we hung it up and I stepped back,
I thanked the Lord for His sweet gift of this treasure.

On The Home Front Around Here...

Had to get a new riding lawn mower!
Had to get a new swimming pool!
Had to get the greenhouse cleaned out!
Had to get everything for the swamp cooler!
Had to buy a new window A/C unit for our bedroom
Had to buy all the plants for the greenhouse!
Had to buy a new pump to pump out water from the old pool!
Had to buy new hoses!
The Dog needed all his shots!
Also been working on an old doll house I bought;
It is completely painted and had to order some miniature furniture!

This has been a very expensive spring...

Have you had those times when everything comes all at once?

I am so tired and have had to work harder than I have had to in a while!

But I leave you with this thought!

Everything that comes our way;
We need to decide to enjoy and take pleasure in the tasks!
Everything takes work!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Modesty Even On A Roller Coaster And Learning To Live And To Laugh...

Learn To Laugh And To Love, Living FromGlory To Glory Blog...

Sometimes you just need to lighten up Ladies...

Trust me, as this life is so fleeting!

Being a lady requires the ability to roll with your life!
That means your marriage
Your children
Your grandchildren...

If you are rigid and have so many rules;
That your children and family do not know what to do!

Modesty is so important; But to never do anything fun;
Because you are afraid to live and laugh.
(You will regret it!)

One thing I remember about my Mother that still makes me smile,
Was that even when she was madder than a hornet;
She would be chasing my older brother with her yard stick!
She was going to give him a good swat for something.

And he would say something to her and she would just
Start cracking up.
 Or when she gave him a swat the stick would break!

She wanted us to obey, but life has many twists and turns!

Life is a bit like riding a roller coaster...

When was the last time you really laughed?

Well, if you can't remember it's been way too long!

Being to prim and proper can be very unladylike!

I think of Queen Elizabeth, and how I have heard a few blurps
of her talking off camera and she is quite funny!

My Mother was the best!

She loved her children!
Yet, she had fun with us, even though her life was hard!
She grew up partly in an orphanage!

Laugh a little
Live a little
Love a lot...

Honoring Your Mother For Only One Day A Year
Is just plain silly...

~Everyday is Mothers Day~

Be A Gift To Your Family,
And Allow Your Family To Be A Gift To You!

Friday, May 5, 2017

My Sewing Room Treasure...

Treasures, Living from glory to glory blog...

My Sewing Room...

I love little treasures, and one thing I have always loved
Is littles boxes and tiny chest with drawers.

With this little gem of a tiny little dresser is perfect
for my sewing room!

I take great pleasure in little things!
I do not require large amounts of money or expensive things!
Even though I could have many more if I wanted to.

But my joy and happiness is usually derived from simple and sweet!
I do not like large crowds, and all the busy fanfare.
I enjoy being surrounded by my treasures!
But not so many of them that it feels junky or overloaded!

I love to sew, yet I am not a seamstress.
I love fabric and buttons and trims!
I enjoy making curtains and crafts!
~My favorite thing to sew is Aprons~

Simple and easy are fun to me...

My sewing room is painted in a color called A Kiss Of Pink
And a light mint green on the bottom half!
~Roses all over~
My ironing board cover is in a Rose fabric
Rose pictures on the wall

Here is my sewing machine!

The desk that it sets on is perfect, as it has many nice large drawers
For fabric and bobbins and buttons and sharp scissors.

May Your Heart Be Filled With Sweet Treasures

Blessings, Roxy

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How To Do Your Own Kitchen Chair Makeover...

Do It Yourself Kitchen Chair Makeover, Living from glory to glory blog...

How To Recover Your Kitchen Chairs..
A Frugal Idea and a nice makeover!
It made the whole kitchen just pop!

Here is what my old kitchen chair coverings looked like!

They were really very nice when they were brand new.
They were covered in a plush suede material.
But when you have a chair covered in a solid color it shows
Every stain and all the dirty marks.
Spilled foods and grease spots.

I remember one summer day someone came in with their wet swim shorts on,
Yes, I had permanent seat marks on that chair.

These chairs were good quality and the wood was still in very nice shape.
I have six chairs with this kitchen table set.

So I decided I would recover them!

Firstly, measure each chair top, then add a few inches to each 
chair, as it is wise to have extra material.
(If you are not sure of how much material to buy,
Get the measurements and find someone who can help you
 purchase the right amount of fabric)

I chose a very bold material with a pattern that would help hide future stains!

Supplies Needed 

You will need a staple gun!

Also a can Of a good Scotch Guard product!

Cut each chair size accordingly!

Place over each chair and pull tightly, staple them down on the underside!

Take each seat cushion and spray with scotch guard!

My whole family helped me one evening to take off the old material,
And we cut each size of fabric to fit each chair.
I wiped down and waxed each chair.
Then we covered and stapled on the new fabric coverings.
Then we took them outside and we sprayed them with a
Fabric Scoth Guard Spray!

To add an extra barrier of protection!

(Here are the results and the fabric I chose)
My Kitchen Chair Makeover... Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I also did another real different thing, as I said I had six chairs. So I covered four of them in the bold, bright paisley color. And I covered two of the chairs in a soft golden beige with a very nice pattern. The two patterns look really nice together. Not a perfect match, but they compliment each other. I use the two chairs in my living room. One is used at my study desk!

Hope You Enjoyed My Kitchen Chair Makeover!

What projects have you done lately?
I hope this inspires some of you!
Sometimes just a little fabric and some paint can
make the biggest difference to any room!

Home is where the HEART is...

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy

Monday, May 1, 2017

Sunshine Even In The Storms...

Sunshine Even In The Storms... Living from glory to glory blog...

Sunshine Even In The Storms...

Firstly, can you see the lovely handmade doily?
It was made special for me from a kind hearted friend!
Thank YOU Betsy!
I love it so much!
I will say she can whip these things out like magic!
But I know that for me, I do not do this kind of
Handiwork done with such skill.
Its tiny and intricate...
I  love these kind of treasures!

She is a sweet blogging friend and you can find her here;

The reason I am titling this post;
Sunshine even in the Storms is because in real life;
We will have storms, but I can promise you this.
If you will just be patient you will see the sunshine!
In all its glorious warmth and happiness.

We all ache and stumble and even fall down!
(That's another post)

We all have trouble with something!
The point is this;
We have to hold steady...
There is a plot to destroy each of us!
Sometimes with our own words and actions will cause a storm!

If I have learned one thing in this life, it is to hold ON!

I can remember as a young woman thinking how
can the whole world go on as if nothing special has happened?
Right after I gave birth or some tragic thing had just happened!
Well, it is because each of us go through our own trials;
In His perfect timing...
We are told to each carry our own load!
I get that,
And we should!

 But we can help another and lift them up once are trial is gone!

Sometimes we can have so many needs and prayer request;
But we can carry everything to the Lord in prayer!
 Take a rest...
Put your hand back on the plow!!

Break up the fallow ground
Plant Seeds

Thank you for stopping in and visiting this Blog
~Living From Glory To Glory~

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