Thursday, January 28, 2021

How To Sew Little Hearts ...

Sewing Little Hearts, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

A Little Sewing Makes The Heart Happy

Wanted to share a little craft you can make and give throughout the year!

This craft is super easy and inexpensive.
Using up little scraps of fabric is a great way to be frugal.

I like making these so they are available so
 I can tuck them into any packages to my friends or family!
A little added bonus that they can remember me by.
Plus they look so cute, and you can hang them anywhere!

All you need is
 A heart shape pattern you cut out
Scraps of fabric, or you can buy what you really like
Fiberfill for the stuffing
Ribbon or lace for hanger
Little ribbon flowers or buttons
Glue for adding flowers or buttons

I did sew mine on my sewing machine,
 But you could sew it also by hand!

You could also make these out of felt material,
And you would do a stitching by hand around it.

So cut out your pattern
Pin the pattern onto the material
Cut heart out.

Sew both pieces right side out, but leave a little gap to add your stuffing!
(Don't fill it really full)
Sew up the little gap

Now hand sew on your lace hanger or ribbon
Glue on a button or flower.
Ta Da
You now have a heart to keep or give away!

Keeping a small project to work on can help you stay creative;
And keeps your hands busy!

I like to pray while working on these kinds of projects,
They can inspire you and keeps you calm.

I have always loved seeing pictures of a homemaker sitting
In a chair and working on a sewing project.

Find peace and joy in the small things!

Blessings, Roxy

~Let me know if you try this sweet little craft sometime~

Monday, January 25, 2021

How To Make Each Morning Beautiful...

Making Each Morning Beautiful, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Every Morning Is A New Day To Make It Beautiful...

I think we can all relate to this idea;

Because I find my self by the end of each day feeling exhausted,

A bit overwhelmed and spent.

So when I have completed all that I possible could do in that day.

My day is done and I need to stop and do something to relax my heart and mind!

Having a bedroom that is clean and uncluttered and clean sheets,

May help in getting a good nights rest...

If we have not learned to shut out the world's noise and confusion,

And to relax our brains it can be a problem!

Learning to let go and allow yourself to sleep without worry!

I know its easy to say, but truly if you have been alive long enough,

You know worry changes nothing!

So this little post is about starting each new day when you open 

Your eyes is to aspire to make this day beautiful!

Each day as we all know will have challenges, but how we react to them

Is totally in our ability to respond well!

How to make each day beautiful is as unique as each reader is;

We all have the ability to say kind things to others.

To be able to ignore someone causing friction.

We can make our kitchen table look lovely and inviting.

We can ignore our phones every time the ding.

We can work on some craft or a special meal preparation.

We can stop listening to news.

We can look for little ways to make our lives pretty.

We can enjoy a cup of tea and look through a magazine.

We can pamper ourselves!

We can concentrate on new ideas for rearranging a room

 or changing out some furniture.

Sometimes it is as easy as a bookcase or a picture.

I believe if we will make an effort God will supply the energy and creativity!

~Read~ Philippians 4:8

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right,

 whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-

If anything is excellent or praiseworthy-

~Think about such things~

~Truly the state of your thinking can make your day beautiful~

Blessings, Roxy

Living From Glory To Glory Every New Morning...




Thursday, January 14, 2021

Social Media Or Finding Better Things To Do With Your Time...

 Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

It is so much better for your heart and HOME,

To do something beautiful and productive.

Warning: If you spend to much time on your phone,

Or computer you just may wind up being unaware

 of what's really going on in your life...

I have had the sudden urge to throw my phone across the room;

For no apparent reason other then its a distraction.

Yet, we are looking at it at all times, all day long!

You can't even leave it in another room!

Most people carry it in their back pocket!

What we can do on our phones is ridiculous

We can watch movies, watch YouTube videos, we can write Emails

send messages, send quick texts!

Listen to music,

Twitter accounts, Facebook...

We receive pictures and calls through these devices.

But, suddenly they have become the instrument of censorship!

They know who you know

They know what you watch and listen to!

They have a trail of everything!

They have decided what is expectable...

For not only you but us as a nation!

Freedom of speech is no longer free;

It will cost you something!

Let's face it...

We got a huge problem!

I have heard so many people being kicked of every platform.

We know have Facebook jail;

Our phones were suppose to be a device to communicate.

Not spy on us and take away our right to listen to someone;

We might even find a personal picture taken off our phones!

Who is storing what???

Social Media is it a friend or foe???

Can we overcome our addiction to fake news and propaganda?

I doubt it...

It's on the internet, so it must be true!

Use your head and be careful in the day the earth stood still

Living From Glory To Glory

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