Thursday, September 29, 2016

Go Dog Go...

Go Dog Go Book, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~Go Dog Go~

This little book is one of my all time favorites!
Actually, this copy was given to me many years ago from my daughter
On Christmas Day 2004
As my original copy was tattered and falling apart!

There are so many little things I love about this book;
Firstly, there is contrast
Big Dog
Little Dog

Black and White Dogs

There is the question, do you LIKE my _______
(Fill in the blank)

Some are going IN
Some are going OUT

Some go ROUND and ROUND
Some go UP
Some go DOWN

Some are OVER
Some our UNDER

There is DAY
And there is NIGHT


Go Dog Go

Well the idea is this for me;
At different times of the day or my life I have done all of these things!

Where do I go from here we may ask at times;
Well, actually we must hold steady.
And keep going, and going...

This morning I was wondering why it seems some people choose not to like us?
Why do we not fit in with this class or this program or church?
Why do some people shun us and leave us on the sidelines?
Why does are usefulness stop being used?

Do we just have to settle for the (everybody is doing it)
Is your standard looked upon as too high? 

Or maybe as your way of doing things are just old fashion!

I can see that this next generation has learned to ignore most
Of the old traditions. And live their days with "Whatever"

But if you want to believe an Old Dog can't learn new tricks;
Well, I choose to believe I can do whatever the Lord has for me!

Because I know the end of the story!

It is a great BIG DOG PARTY...

And finally the LADY dog ask's The MAN dog
The same question again,


 I DO,
He says, What A Hat!
I like it!
I Like that PARTY HAT

Never give UP...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ugly Duckling Or Sparkling Swan...

Swans, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The feeling of not being pretty enough...
Not being enough in so many areas of our lives can leave us void.

This world is always screaming more and saying you are not enough;
And it will tell us we are not doing enough...

Our plumb-line of where we are positioned has taken on a whole new dimension.

I have found that this ugly duck lie is just that, a big fat lie...
When we are young we always see all the pictures of the beautiful and lovely.
And we start to believe the lie.

And I can tell you this, that after all these many years I have come to see;
That the truth is this; every woman is beautiful in her own way!

We can all have a sparkle in our eye and a sparkle in our hearts!
You can even buy a sparkly shirt (smile)

I do want to add this one thought, being pretty and sparkly;
Truly comes from the heart and we can do what we can look
Clean and neat and kind!

There truly is no reason to feel like an ugly duckling,
Because we are all beautiful in His eyes!

"Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Making Fabric Pumkins And Adding Some Fall Ambiance In Your Home...

How To Make Your Own Fabric Pumpkins, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Making Your Own Fabric Pumpkins

I really enjoyed making these fun fabric pumpkins,
 so I wanted to share them with you ladies.

You can make them in so many different sizes and different fabrics!
And You do not have to know how to sew   : o)

Choose some fabric that has a fall or an autumn design or just considered fall colors,
Plain or with a pattern even the country style!
(You can even tea stain some material for this craft)

I traced on the back side of the material
3 different sizes of a circle's, small, medium and large.
The larger ones are a bit easier to work with!
I used my largest bowl and then a large plate and a smaller bowl.

You will need to use a needle and thread and go around the top of each pumpkin;
Do this gathering stitch just about 3/4 inch in so it pulls the gathering nicely.
Use a gathering stitch and also make sure you have a big enough knot
at the end of your thread, so it does not slip through the fabric!

Once you have finished this, you will stuff the pumpkin with your
crafters Fiberfill stuffing. You want it to be full just not overly stuffed.
(Closing up the gap in the top can be a little bit harder,
But maybe you can have someone hold your pumpkin and close it up
as tight as you can. Then tie it off and knot it a few times!
You must make sure you do this well, do not be afraid to add as many stitches as
you need to get it closed and stuffing stays inside of it)

Find some wooden stems from your trees or an old sunflower stem
or you can use cinnamon sticks as your pumpkin stems.

You will need to use your glue gun and apply enough glue to the end
Now press it down into the middle of your pumpkin.

Items Needed For This Craft

Fabric of your choice
Choice of a stem for your Pumpkin
Glue Gun and glue sticks
Moss, grass for covering the top of the pumpkins
Needle and thread
A bag of Polyester Fiberfill for crafts

Any other embellishments you like;
Fall leaves (I bought mine from the dollar Store)
Also, we found very tiny chalkboard signs we attached to some
of the pumpkins and we wrote Happy Fall on them!

This really has been a super easy and fun craft!
One of the ladies that I had over to make these told me that
she planned on making some more of the tiny ones and will give
them  away as a gift with a loaf of pumpkin bread!

I did use some burlap material, but I also had to use embroidery thread
And an embroidery needle to sew the gathering stitch for this one.
The burlap was stiff and was harder to work with.
But the burlap I chose had some specks of gold in it and was really pretty!

You can make them as large or as small as you like;

Tip: Always use a popsicle stick to push the ribbons and moss on your
Pumpkins, so you do not burn your fingers!!

~Use Your Imagination and create a lovely fall ambiance in your home~

Friday, September 16, 2016

Why Do Women Think Being A Stay At Home Wife Or Mother Or Grandmother Is Not A Real Ministry...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

My Living Room...
Where I live and enjoy moments of rest and peace.

I have read many books and articles and blogs on women that have made
The decision and have  chosen to stay home.

But so often it is spoken as a negative place for housewives.
We are not slaves or maids we are keepers of our homes!

This was a comment I have left on a blog this week!

"Why do we run ourselves ragged, when we can do all things in a timely manner and still have a rest throughout a day or even just a few times a week! And being at home to keep the home fires burning is so important to the whole family! Being home was a gift to women to do the job of keeper of the home. It is a place where you can study about many things, you can create and paint and plan! We are allowed to watch our children and keep them safe from predators. You're able to enjoy your marriage and be good friends and be able to do things with them on their days off. We have seen that many ladies have believed the lie that true ministry is only real if done outside the home."

I still enjoy reading blogs, but I do not leave as many comments as I once did!
I have found my days moving along so fast that I am not sure I am always
Spending my time as wisely as I should when it comes to the computer or blogging!
~That was one long sentence~

I have tried to live my life as a loving HOUSEWIFE...

But some think we need to be extraordinary in every aspect of our lives.
I remembered years ago I was once asked;
What do you do for a living?
"I said I am just a HOUSEWIFE"

Now, I look back and I think that was one of the saddest an untrue statement I ever made!

I am a HOUSEWIFE and I am so blessed...

These women nowadays are sick and tired and many are not even wives;
They have been married and have lost so much!
My heart grieves for them!
Marriage is still God's perfect plan for families!
We need these vows to embrace and cover us in these days of No Truth...

Ministry is a word that has been distorted and has an undertone of superiority of worth.

Being able to stay home and be a wife and mother and grandmother;
Is well worth its weight in gold and value...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Making Caramel Apples...

Carmel Apples, Living from Glory To Glory Blog

Delicious Carmel Apples...

Sometimes in the changing of a season, I have found that I needed
To do something to help with the transitioning!

Maybe all feel a bit sad when you finally start to figure out
How to do something well, and boom its time to change.
( I remember feeling that way when we were learning to square dance
You would finally get into step or rhythm with your dance partner;
And it was time to swing to the next one in line)
Now mind you I was only in elementary school; but I wanted to stick
With the one who didn't step on my feet.

Well any who;
Fall is probably one of the best times of the year cycle
In the natural and in the stage of life.
You have all heard our ages, may correspond with
Spring, summer, fall and winter!

So let's just say my time or age is the fall season.
I just figured out the summer portion and here we have shifted!
Fall is refreshing with the cooler weather yet cozy!

Harvest and putting back and getting ready for early nights!

So I was wondering what I might make or do to help me!

So I decided I had not made caramel apples in years so this is
My choice of a transitional idea.

I made the trek to town and bought some apples
Honeycrisp, not too sweet, but a bit tart.
Two bags of caramels
A small package of popsicle sticks from the craft aisle.

Caramel Apples, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Then I needed my little helper!
Together we were able to unwrap all the little tiny caramels!

Caramels, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Then I washed and dried all the apples;
And we put a stick into the center of each apple.

We placed the caramels in a heavy pan with
 2 tablespoons of water and stirred constantly!
Once melted we put the apples in the oohy gooey caramels!
Our plan was to get some nuts on the sop of them, and sprinkles
 But the camels hardened way too fast.

We placed them on some wax paper that was well buttered!
Then you put them in the refrigerator till you're ready to eat them!

Fall Traditions, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

What is new around the homestead?

I had my grandson pull out my tub
Of all my Fall decorations!
Looking forward to getting my mantel decorated for fall!

The little piggies are getting big!

Some cooler weather is in our area today!

I made some dumplings this morning!
Here is my recipe!

I ordered myself a new tea pot from;
Roses And Tea Cups

I have come to realize that in all these years that I have stayed home it
Has allowed me to be less stressed than many women I have encountered.

Still waiting for our newest grandchild to be born!

I made scones this morning!
Also the other day I made a lemon cream pie!

Blessings to each and every one of you!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

We Must Learn The Fine Art Of Letting Go...

Letting Go, A Red Bench, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

~Mastering The Art Of Letting Go~

Good Day To You All, I want to address a topic that is so prevalent
in our world today. And it has hit the family like a flood.
We as the parent of raising our children were never taught the topic
Of rejection of one's own children or from the mates they have chosen.

I have seen various examples of this devastation!

We never dreamed we would be rejected or not given the place
Of honor or acceptance in their new lives.

Now I am not talking about the parent being contentious or controlling
Or degrading of the children's relationships or choices.
But rather this very odd turn in their voicing or treatment
of their parents. Demands and controlling the parents' actions
towards their grandchildren and what access they are allowed.

And their odd request is ever changing!

Look, I am all for establishing boundaries in families and relationships!
But this is something different!

It is cruel and controlling and seems to be done from anger and fear.

I have seen so much of this from so many older ladies I have known!

It breaks the hearts of these women to have this happening.
But I also have learned the fine art of mastering the exit!

If we are not wanted or being refused, we must learn to let go and let God!

Fighting these kinds of assaults are not easily done in our own fighting.
We must stop the fighting and whining and let go.

We must carry on and learn to live even if we are being ostracized.
When our children were young we never dreamed they would
not always love and care for us!

Sometimes this happens when they marry someone that does not
approve of us or we do not meet their standards.

If you are experiencing this very thing I am so sorry,
It hurts and causes division!
But if you will just let go and no longer respond and continue to
call and write and visit them. They then have to answer their own 
Whys and How Come!

Look, just because we raised our children in church or homeschooled them
does not mean that still outside forces or a mate that will not want us around!

Pray for them to have their hearts come home!
Write the grandchildren
Live for what God has still allowed in your life!

If you will trust God and see how He will work it all out!
It may take years, but I believe that once you let go;
They will come around once it is their decision to allow you to
Be a part of their nucleus!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Vacationing With Friends...

Our Lovely Vacation...

All I can say is vacationing with friends is the way to go!

We went out to the coast and spent a week with our dear friends.
And let me tell you we all had a ball!

We found our accommodations in their lovely home to be quite cozy!
But the laughs and fellowship were the best!
Lydias home is shabby chic in decor and design.
It really is very nice and filled of course in her dining area
of cups and tea pots galore!
And she and I enjoyed using some of her very favorites to sip tea and chat!
She did serve a proper tea!
We drank a tea that was called "Yorkshire Gold"
It was one of the smoothest teas with no bitterness.

We had tea and scones every morning;
And this Lady can make the best scones I have ever had!
Lydia is a great cook!
But we did eat in some very fine restaurants while out and about!

Here she is the Pacific Ocean in all her glory...

The Pacific Ocean is very enchanting and demands respect!

There was a sign that stated this;
"Do not go past this point as even on a calm day a wave could 
wash over you and could be swept into the sea"

I believed it and I find these signs disturbing yet helpful!
Someone asked me do you want another picture of you here;
"No, I am good thanks anyways!"

The busy hub on the wharf was so alive with gulls squawking,
And boats in the Harbour as far as the eye could see!

Lydia and I walked and just took in the lovely fresh air and the smells!
Our husbands walked and chatted about everything that they were seeing!

We found a restaurant right on the port side of the sea;
It was really one of the best meals we had and we had many!!

Fresh Oysters, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Our husbands ordered a plate of fresh Oysters;
They thoroughly enjoyed them;
I did have one myself, but I am pretty sure Lydia declined.
(Quite gracefully, may I add)

Oh, we also shared a cobbler of I think blackberries and Marian Berrys,
Topped with homemade ice cream, it was so good!
We ate it too quick to get a picture--- HA-HA

Simply Tea, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Here was a lovely tea that I had ordered at this very nice Tea Room
This lovely large shop was filled with antiques and teapots!
I will mention this tea was called White Tea,
It was delicious, but it was filled with caffeine.
(Not sure I slept a wink that night)

Lydia and I truly enjoyed this experience;
We talked and sipped our tea and talked about how tea shops
were a delight to our senses!
We were served the best tasting sandwiches I have ever eaten!
She and I ate every last bite (smiles)

While we were out shopping and having lunch our husbands drove
 Around the area seeing some historical sites in the area.

This very cute bag here was a bag made by one of Lydias friends!
It is made from an empty feed bag;
She makes them from every kind of feed bag she has cows and puppies;
Even lambs and they are lined with a pretty fabric to match!
Really a strong and useful thing to have!
She is really quite talented!

I must say that vacationing with friends is the way to go!!
We loved all being together and we had such sweet fellowship;
I do not think we even were bored for one minute on this trip!

Thanks dear friends for your lovely and sweet hospitality!
Love and appreciate you both...

Lydias Blog is  called  "Home Living"

What is new around here?

I just got back again from our archery hunting trip!
It was cold and a bit rainy
Our son saw a mountain Lion!

Hubby and I almost went off a cliff with our camper and truck!
(Thank You God for protecting us with putting a tree right where we
would of gone off!
Our new camper is now in need of some repairs!
But we did not go off, it was a bit scary!
The road was slippery and we lost traction and we were going to fast!

Hank is getting big and he needs work on his dog behavior!

Waiting for our 9th grandchild to be born soon!
Then off again...
Then home again, jiggity jig!

~Happy Fall Season To Ya All~
Blessings From
Living From Glory To Glory
~Roxy xoxo~
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