Monday, January 28, 2019

Introducing A Dusting Magic Wand... My Own Review Of The Swiffer Duster...

Dusting Wand, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Introducing A Dusting Magic Wand...

"Finding easy and affordable tricks for keeping your home clean"

I think this little home cleaning tool is the next best thing since,
Sliced Cheese, Now who said that?

These little dusting cloths are amazing!
They allow you to dust a whole room in a matter of minutes..

I place one of these little wipes on my magic wand;
You purchase the first box of dusting cloths that contain the handle!
But after that you just buy the refill box of cloths.

1. Just fluff out the cloth
2. Now attach it to the little handle
(Magic Wand)

These little cloths grab the dust and doesn't let go!
The fibers are coated and they magically attract the dust!

I first wipe over all my picture frames on the wall.
Then I wipe over all my lamps and the shades.

You use it on the screens of your electronics.

I use it over and around all my knick knack decors;
I run it over all the tops of my books in my bookcases.

Use it between all tight spots!
It does a great job on the in-between spindles of the kitchen or dining room chairs.
You can dust a desk off in a flash!

It works great on your mini blinds!

You can even buy the extender to do the tops of your fan blades.
Also to reach those pesky spider webs that appear in the corners.

You can purchase the Swiffer brand.
But I bought my first  box of their brand at the Dollar Tree
And another box at the Dollar General Store!

I believe these dusting cloths are the best find ever!
For being a Homemaker that enjoys a clean house,
But can find moving everything to dust exhausting.

I would recommend this to every one of you ladies;
Even the kids would get a kick out of cleaning with it!

Put this little home cleaning tool down on your shopping list!
It will be well worth your time and money ladies!

There is no longer any reason to have dust covering everything in your home!

You may say, well I can't afford it,
I would say this, What is your time worth?
What is the minimum wage now days!

Look these little dusting magic cloths are cheaper than a maid.

And a dusty house is so ugly...

You can now dust a whole room and the house in minutes!

Trust me...
They are amazing

This is my own review and I just wanted to share this product
With like minded home keepers...

~ Beware Dust Bunnies ~

Hugs, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Use Your One Talent...

Use Your Talent Well, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

If Only...

Do you use what is in your hand?
If you will only use today the one talent God has given you today!
We do not save up our God given little gifts;
They must be used daily...

Use this one gift for God's glory today;
And he will give you more!

Sometimes we do not realize what talent we are holding in our hands.
If we will just do our little duties faithfully!
By doing this with a bit of love our skill and awareness and ability will grow.

~ I have a saying, life is too short for a bad cup of coffee ~

Even been known for making a great cup of coffee or tea is special!

We are to never stop learning and growing in using our talents for
Homemaking and keeping the home fires burning.
Things are truly getting becoming out of proportion to what is considered
A talent that is either great or useful.

I think we have so many books written on how to do everything,
We have access to so much information!

But if we will but take one thing daily and use this for our home and loved ones!

We all have something in our hands daily!
Use it to bring peace and calming, to our homes!

We all need a place to feel safe and warm and loved;
And to be able to expand our ability to give and learn!

Two examples asked in the Bible;

What do you have in your house? 
2Kings 4:1-7
(She had a little oil)

What do you have in your hand?
Exodus 4:20
(He held a staff)

There are so many that grow discouraged by doing only little tasks!
But, it is the little daily tasks that keep  our lives running smoothly.

Truly, faithfulness shall never regard what is done in faith as small or unimportant!

Dear Ones; Use Your One Talent Today...

Much Love and Appreciation for all your reading and comments on this blog!
Encourage someone today...
One kind Word can keep a person going for another day...

Hugs, Roxy

Sunday, January 20, 2019

How The Full Moon Affects Me...

The Affects Of The Full Moon, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The Full Moon

I have always been effected from a full moon,
Even as a child it caused me to not be able to sleep.

Sometimes I am not even aware that it is close to the phase of a full moon.

But I believe it affects my sleep and causes me to feel a bit unsettled.

I was listening to a sermon that talked about when the sun and the moon
Will grow dark and the stars will not be visible. 
And he said that the oceans would just go crazy, because it comes
In and out with the pull of the sun and moon cycle.

The moon is responsible for the ebb and flows of the tides

Look, I am not talking about howling at the moon;
But rather the lack of sleep I get from about a couple of days,
Prior to each months full moon.

Here are just a few scriptures that speak about this.
Luke 21:25
Acts 2:20
Joel 2:31
Matthew 24:29

I think the full moon is so very pretty!
I love taking pictures of it!

When the full moon comes every month, I just try to rest in my bed,
And meditate on God's Word!
To lift others up in prayer!
To just listen to scriptures on my Bible radio!
This little radio is the coolest thing ever!
I bought mine on Amazon in NKJV

A Bible Radio, Living From Glory To Glory Blog..

Or to just read in bed using my handy book light!
That little book light is the best idea ever.

I think we always need to be aware of how different seasons and situations
Affect our body chemistry.

Taking all things in stride...
Ebb and Flow

Nature does affect us and we should always consider how,
 Rainy days and windy days make us feel.
Sunshine and blue skies and all is right!
But snow storms, thunderstorms
And Full Moons
But just rest on this;
This too shall pass...

Tonight The Moon Is Full
Sweet Dreams
Always, Roxy

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Why I love To Wash Dishes In My Own Kitchen...

A Clean Sink, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I So Enjoy Washing My Dishes...

Call Me Crazy
But I just find washing my dish's so calming;
I have a dishwasher and I use it,
But what I so enjoy is taking a sink filled with dirty dishes;
And watching the fresh hot water mixed with soap bubbles do its work.

Life is just filled with troubles!
So much dirty work to be done around the home.
But I find great satisfaction in things becoming clean.

But I think the thing I enjoy the most is the soothing hot water!
A soapy sponge and the rhythm of wash and rinse.

I find myself just praying and thanking God for his provisions.

Sometimes it is the simple daily household chores that can bring peace.
It is a chore that can be done without having to think;
It's a job that has been done for centuries.
I for one really always try to get the kitchen clean and tidy every night.

I think over the years I have actually washed my cares, right down the drain!

Soap and hot water has made such a difference in the world.
I mean this, because before we knew the value of sanitation.
Many people died of diseases!

My Mother use to say it cost very little to be clean!
This should encompass  all things;
 Cleansing our bodies and washing our hair!
 Our homes will shine if we will just use a little soap and elbow grease.

But the sweet part about all this is that it should be enjoyable!

Dish Washing, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Another day has come and gone!
My dishes are clean and ready for the next day's work!

We can say the kitchen is the heart of the home...

Take the time to enjoy washing and rinsing and giving thanks.

Good Night

Love, Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I Choose...

Choose The Good Things, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I Choose...

We have so many choices to make each and every day!
So many times we do not realize the power in our choices.
Positive and Negative

Remember the saying;
You have made your bed now lie in it.

Now, what the heck does that mean?
To suffer ones consequences of their choices.
When you have made a bad decision.

Look, we have all made some bad choices!

But we can live in a grace provided for us.
I do believe we can leave that bed of a bad decision.
We can make a new and wiser or better choice today!

Every day is a new day!
We can choose to do better
We can choose to not associate with the wrong people.
We can choose to move in a safer direction.
So any times we are given red flags in life situations;
But we lacked either wisdom or did not want to put forth the effort.

So many problems in the world today.

But YOU can CHOOSE the GOOD things!

A bad attitude or stinking thinking we cause an array of symptoms.

Sometimes the situations take a long time to change;
But while we walk through the fire we can choose.

I remember hearing a pastor say one time that every year,
We have the choice to make it to church at least;
52 times... Each year

We all have the same amount of time every day, and every year!

Today and Tonight and Tomorrow...
We can overcome by the Blood of the Lamb

Get out of the bed of bad choices;
Arise and do better!
It truly is the gift of wisdom to say NO to the condemnation...

Look, I for one will put on my Rose Colored Glasses,
And look at my life with Love and Hope and Forgiveness.

Rose Glasses, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Arise and the Lord will scatter your enemies;
If you will look to the hills where Your help comes from!

I will lift my eyes to the hills-
From whence comes my help?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth
Psalm 121:1-2

Always living and growing in HIM...
Hugs, Roxy 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Impulse Buying Or Giving Thanks...

Give Thanks, Dangers Of Impulse Buying, Livng From Glory To Glory Blog...

Impulse Buying

I have had this word rolling around in my head for days now.
Impulse Buying...

What does this mean?
What are the ramifications of this type of behavior?

So, now I ask myself;
Self are you buying this thing as in impulse reaction to a need or a want?
Self says, but it's on sale and I love the way it looks.

So as I have been pondering my own reaction and response to shopping.
If I will just stop and learn to give thanks for what I already have,
And stop just buying things and stuff...
Just because it's on sale or your buying two and get one half off.
And all these discount coupons from major stores and sale sheets,
you get weekly
Are just really all a gimmick to get me and you to buy!

Now, it does not even matter if I already have two of them!

We all have heard by now of the availability of ordering your groceries online.
 Now at first I thought this was ridiculous.
But I did put in my first order last week,then I picked my items up,
 On the very next day!

And you know what I got?
ONLY Everything that my shopping list had on it.
NO extra cookies, NO extra Junk Foods, NO Candy

And all I could think of was how much money I saved!!

Truly, we are creatures of sense of smell, and all that looks appealing!

So when you can learn to think before you just buy something;
You can retrain your brain and change your purchasing habits.

I want to use my monies wisely!
I want to purchase good wholesome food!
I want to use what I purchase!

What is impulse buying?
It is when we purchase something without considering the cost or need!
There is a consequence to buying things that are not needed!
We train ourselves and feed our temptations with stuff!

After all, we live in a world of consumerism till we overflow.

Well, here is where I am...
I hope to buy what I need and enjoy what I have!
To be mindful of all that I purchase...

And I have made a resolution to not make any resolutions!
That way I bet I can keep to my resolution this time!

I just hope to always try to do better!

As Always,
Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy

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