Monday, April 10, 2023

Doing What Is Right With Patience And Kindness...


Patience is a virtue, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~Doing What Is Right~

So much foolishness I see in the world.

So many making bad choices.

But, So very thankful that we can do what is right!

We make choices everyday, all day long!

Firstly, I wanted to look at patience in the heart of a woman.

Patience is a virtue that is so very precious anymore.

That is why we are told to be slow to speak;

And quick to hear!

The good and meaningful things in life take time!

As we learn each day to wait for something,

We are learning patience.

Even in sorrow and troubles we mature.

Bringing new life into this world takes a long time.

Having a happy solid marriage takes patience.

Cooking and baking from scratch.

Making a gift for someone.

We have lost the art of enjoying the journey;

"Take back the joy in taking care of someone or something"

Use your voice, Use your hands, Use your gifts

Be mindful of this day and even the moment!!

This is the day and season to choose to do what is right!

Being quick is not the goal!

To be part of the woke majority is not going to help.

Being all inclusive is not godly.

But, Being kind to all is precious!

Taking joy in the process of all that you have to do is a gift

To yourself and to others!

Don't stop now...

The way you run your race is as important

As in finishing it!!

Happy Spring...

It will be so amazing when we all get to heaven;

And we can fellowship together...

~Keep looking up~

~keep growing in Grace and Kindness~

Hugs, Roxy

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