Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Times Of Refreshment...

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This is just a small portion of the most wonderful vacation we have ever had!

God really blessed us with wonderful weather. Precious time with our daughter and her family!
We went with our kids on their sail boat and we were able to sight see all the huge mansions.
 We spent a whole day at Sea World.
 Yet, walking on the beach and looking for seashells by the sea shore was the sweetest with our kids. God's beautiful creation and a sight to bless our tired weary souls
 Even the scent of salt water and the tropical breeze
 Refreshment galore!!

We have been home for almost a week and it seems like the memories are all we have, except the healthy tan and pictures of course. I want to say this about memories that they really are a force so strong at times. I truly believe God provided for this vacation and we made very special memories of our kids and grandchildren. We brought back two very specific seashells, one of them was a pink conk shell which represents our daughter and her family. And a very white and shiny one almost translucent, that represents our son and his family. They are now displayed on the mantel to remind us of our treasures.
Even Jesus went away to be refreshed
 and being with loved ones and a new scenery does a body good.

Blessings, From Glory To Glory

Monday, May 10, 2010

His Love Is Calling Us

I want to share with you a very sweet word and sound I have heard in my prayer time.

Remember the portion of scripture where it happened as Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary,
 that the baby leaped in her womb? 
And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.
 There is a calling taking place the turtledove echoing, cooing and wooing to us
 It is the Bridegroom calling His Bride. It is the call of love!

Those that truly love Him will hear! So do not fear you will not miss it...
For your heart shall hear like Elizabeth when she was greeted by Mary and her spirit leaped for joy.

I tell you My nearness is being given in a greater revelation before My second coming.

Those that have ears will respond quickly to My turtle dove cooing. Stop and listen.
I believe this is a word to help us out, as to learn to hear Him even in the midst of the clamor of the world's noise and commotion we live in. 

Can you hear the cooing?

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory
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