Monday, May 10, 2010

His Love Is Calling Us

I want to share with you a very sweet word and sound I have heard in my prayer time.

Remember the portion of scripture where it happened as Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary,
 that the baby leaped in her womb? 
And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.
 There is a calling taking place the turtledove echoing, cooing and wooing to us
 It is the Bridegroom calling His Bride. It is the call of love!

Those that truly love Him will hear! So do not fear you will not miss it...
For your heart shall hear like Elizabeth when she was greeted by Mary and her spirit leaped for joy.

I tell you My nearness is being given in a greater revelation before My second coming.

Those that have ears will respond quickly to My turtle dove cooing. Stop and listen.
I believe this is a word to help us out, as to learn to hear Him even in the midst of the clamor of the world's noise and commotion we live in. 

Can you hear the cooing?

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Yes, Roxy! Such a good word :) I can hear it as you write! Its an excited sense of hope and anticipation.

    I hope you had a lovely trip visiting Ashley :) I am sure she just reveled in having her Mom and Dad there.

    I thought about you and Danny the whole time you were gone and sent much love and prayers your way for your travels and time spent here in sunny Florida :)

    Love you Roxy!

  2. Yes, my dear friend, just as we talked of together; the sound of His calling is stronger than ever. This word is such a blessing Rox. I am listening for beautiful soothing voice even as I am resting in Him and meditating upon His word. Many Blessings to you; so glad you are home; I missed you.
    Love ya

  3. Oh this so comforting Roxy! It is so sweet also. I am anticipating this now!!

    So glad your home safe and sound. I hope you had a wonderful time in Sunny Florida! I can't wait to hear all about it! I am sure those grand-babies were really sorry to see you and Danny leave.

    Love you so much
    ~ Marie


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