Monday, January 14, 2013

His and Hers

His and Hers
We must first dress in what the Lord has provided for us.
The days we are living in our evil.
We would never think of not buckling ourselves
in our vehicles.
Walking on thin ice in the winter.
But we will start our days, before we
have put on our most important
item of clothing.
Our Armour.
I heard a word from a Pastor yesterday
that was profound!
 I believe it is a very timely word.
The very first thing that God
created after the world was the
first family.
He loves the Home and what it
We must put on our armour each and
everyday. As we are under attack.
If we are not careful the family could be on the
extinction list.
Pray and put on His Word.
I just loved this picture of His and Hers
Women Pray for your husbands!
They need to know you are
standing  for and with them.
Building a strong marriage is so important,
and by doing those unseen acts
of humility.


  1. Nice to 'meet' you Roxy! So blessed to have you stopping by The Alabaster Jar!

  2. So true, Roxy! And I've found myself needing to "redress" in the armour throughout the day, especially on those rough days!

  3. Very good Roxy! Been praying for my husband this morning, a very trying start to his day today. Thanks so much for the reminder, our armour is essential. Hugs sweet blog friend!

  4. The armor is important--it's worth every effort to keep our homes full of love and peace. I pray God will bless this reminder for His glory!

  5. Thanks for the awesome post! I found you at Time Warp Wife's link up :)

  6. That is a wonderful message and reminder of how to apply that scripture to our lives.

  7. I would like to know your opinion on cutting of hair. Is it ok a christian woman to cut her hair till comfortable length (shoulders)? Some of the preachers have warned against cutting hair. Is trimming of hair not allowed?

  8. Is it ok for a Christian woman to cut her hair (till shoulders)?


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