Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Sweet Fragrance

A Lovely Fragrance
It is a very distinctive and pleasant beauty secret.
Our sense of smell is a powerful and complex
thing. We can experience a pleasure by a
lovely fragrance.

I think a very  easy and wonderful beauty secret is to
always wear a fragrance daily.

A light spray or splash of a fragrance you
 love helps you to feel
feminine and pretty.

I have always loved White Shoulders Perfume.

I also have many others I like,
 a sweet Jasmine scent
is amazing. 

 Also, Giorgio I saved this one for special occasions!

I have sweet memories of my Mother
wearing Emeraud Perfume.
It still invokes a very precious memory.

I love to hear someone say; you smell good!
(Especially my hubby)

I have even found a couple spray colognes from the Dollar Store,
That were really quite nice.

The soul deep in prayer
As a hyacinth
Stretches its pillar bloom,
Feelers of fragrance unseen,
To the edge of the room.
Blessings, Roxy


  1. Visiting from MHC. Your blog is so pretty! I can't wear perfume due to allergies :(

  2. Your so right about the sense of smell bringing back memories. Though it's not really a pleasant smell whenever I smell engine grease I think of my dad who was an airplane mechanic. He's been gone for 10 years but I still love that smell because it reminds me of him.
    Beautiful by Estee Lauder is my favorite perfume.
    You have a lovely blog.

  3. oh my goodness, I used to wear White Shoulders alot! :) love it. My niece got me a perfume called "Happy" last year and I wear that now but I do love White Shoulders!

  4. So beautiful. You always put me in a lovely nostalgic mood whenever I peek in on you. Yes scent is such a interesting thing. I remember smelling my mom's perfume as a child and it created such a love for her in my heart.
    Love you Roxy,
    ~ Marie

  5. I too love White Shoulders. My mom wore Emeraud too. I recently smelled a fragrance in a magazine sample. It was called Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan. It is a wonderful scent...I'll bet you would like it.

  6. My favourite perfume is Anais Anais. It was the first perfume I ever bought for myself. I think I loved the beautiful floral bottle just as much as the scent!

  7. My mother loved Emeraud perfume, too. Now she collects the most amazing and gorgeous vintage perfume bottles and it is really fun to learn about all the different scents. I only like using very light scents for every day.

  8. I love that tray... where did you get it? :) Okay this is so nice... I enjoyed this post very much, and thoroughly enjoyed everyone's comments. I
    have had several favorites over the years too. I used to love "Baby Soft"...wasn't that the name of it? in High school, and then I loved one or two from Avon, and then I loved "Lauren" by Ralph Lauren. I also loved "Escape" by Calvin Klein, but I stopped wearing it because I didn't care for Calvin Klein too much. Now my favorite is Liz Clabourne. I have worn it for about 15 years. I don't like the bottle very much, but I love the smell. I also like Jovan Musk which I also used to wear in High school, and Steve just bought a bottle for me for Christmas. Well there you have it, my history of scent. There are truly some amazing connections to the sense of smell, that can bring you right back to a place in time. My girls have some wonderful perfumes and hair care products that just instantly bring them right to my heart if I smell it. There are a few from my Mom also.

    Love you Rox,

  9. You're so right on how the sense of smell e evokes memories in us!! I don't wear many sprays, but I do love the soft scent of lotions.

  10. My favorite perfume is Chanel No 5, because my great-grandmother wore it daily and its beautiful scent reminds me of her. I own far too many bottles of perfume, need to downsize!

  11. I really love to wear sweet fragrances then spray some of this women pheromones. :)

  12. My husband prefers Odyssey. It's an old Avon perfume that he finds for me once in awhile. He also loves White Diamonds, though it's an expensive perfume that I've only had a couple of times. I enjoy it, too. Georgio is wonderful. My girlfriend always wears it. I commented on it once, and she gave me a bottle! How sweet is that?

    Jasmine is a beautiful fragrance.

    I think I'll go put some cologne on before my husband arrives home!
    Good evening,


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