Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hearing God's Voice...

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Hello Lovelies,

I want to start with the fact God is not finished with me yet! It has been a month of getting things in order and WORK. Painting our home outside, it looks so nice.
We chose Pony Tail as the color and a real nice hunter green for the trim. With all our red accent pieces of furniture it looks real country and has a sense of coziness. The guys have made one trip down to the river bottom to cut firewood. I started teaching a women's Bible study on Tuesday. We have a women's conference this week-end.

I have spent much time just praying and asking of the Lord and waiting on Him. Here are some special words, words that I thought of, but I would love to share them with my sisters in Christ. I am yours, you are mine
My beautiful bride of Christ
Flow as you wear my robe of righteousness
Laughter makes you lovely
Let My gems adorn you, His Word
I asked the Lord the other day, Lord what time is it? I continued my reading and just being in His presence, I asked again Lord what time is it? Pray and rest in the quiet.
Once again, I ask the Lord what time is it? He said (Be Ready)

Dress yourself with what He provides, His Glory looks rather lovely upon His Bride. My life is not just what I see and do, but rather what I hear my Father speaking in His Word. It is not just where I go, but rather where the Holy Spirit leads me. I have sensed a flow and its becoming easier to just step into it. But also the battle has intensified!
Gird up girls and prepare yourselves, for He has trained us for such a time as this. We will be overcomers, but we must be steadfast and resist the enemy!

I believe it is now time to learn to hear God's voice as we read the Word Obey His Words. He has said my sheep hear My voice!

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Battle Cry, What Does It Sound Like...

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We must redeem the time for the days are evil. Oh Lord, hear our battle cry, for you have won the battle for us. But we must maintain our land, the borders He has placed us in. A sweet and pleasant place (OUR HOMES). Scripture tells us how to redeem the time. Be careful then how you live- not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity!! Ephesians5:15-16

What does the battle cry sound like? It is the sound of your own voice saying what God's word says about you and who you are in the battle. A royal daughter of the most high King.

Time, it can slip away and at the day's end you may ask where did it go?
  I say no more, for my days are numbered and in His hand. I have made a decision to take back what the enemy has stolen. 
"My time" First of all give the Lord the tithe of your day and He will expand the rest of it.
  Be wise in what choices you make on how to spend your hours, and the moments even the seconds.

The Lord has shown me to live in the moment at the time I am in the "NOW."
  Don't stress over tomorrow or what I want to do next. Rather, take pleasure in each moment take captive of your senses see what the Lord has given you. 
We miss so much by not seeing with our spiritual eyes, there is also so much beauty that our natural eyes can even behold, if we will only take the moments we are given.
  Tell the little ones around you how much you love them and then really watch in awesome wonder what the Lord has done. Then take stock of all the gifts of people God has placed in your lives.

Your TIME will multiply when YOU become content!! 
With Godly contentment is great gain!

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