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How To Be Polite In Your Home And Society...

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The code of polite behavior...

Polite Behavior
Attitudes that reside in your heart

These are really all character traits!
The Good and The Bad and The Ugly

There are books written on this subject!
But I tend to think they are not on the Best Sellers List

There was a time when children that had parents and grandparents
That took the time, to not only use good polite behavior;
But taught it to their children and grandchildren.

This does not mean we teach our children to do whatever
 An adult might tell them.
But to choose wisely, between using appropriate words and actions!

There was a time that when using good manner,. Was considered
A sign of good standing in a culture of worth.

It seems that because the focus on self worth and how special
We all are to perceive ourselves;
We would be the most kind and polite society in the world!
Self- centered and Selfish come to mind.

Children's first words tend to be such as

But we all know that the magic words are truly;

We should all be using these;
And also the words

Even our tone of voice, has become a bit of a snarky comeback!

Many have become impatient with others!
Many will not even take the time to RSVP to an invitation sent!
Many will not even take the time to return a phone call!

In a world that has technology at ones finger tips;
We can send Emails, Ecards, Photos, RSVP's
A quick Text...

Look, it's not all about you!

It is never too late to educate ones self on good manners!
Being Polite will never go out of style...

Lets help each other!!
Help your children (Old or Young)
Help Your Grandchildren

~Use Your Very Best Manners For Your Family And Home~

When you walk away from someone you have just spoken with,
Try to only say things that are kind and to speak of all the faults!
We all have them!

~If you have nothing nice to say, please say nothing at all~

Being polite is a heart issue!

What might be a good manner that you are working on?

Truly Thankful For Each And Everyone One Of You...

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  1. Amen! It seems the more technology we have the worse manners get. Thank you for this post.

  2. AMEN Sister. There needs to be a resurgence of teaching manners. I love the book at the top too. I still have my mom's book ---"Amy Vanderbilt's Book of Etiquette." I think social media has allowed people to become so course. They type such horrible things that I think (not sure anymore) that they might think twice saying face to face.

  3. My children are 24 and 32. My son (the 32 yr.old)was opening the door for women at the mall.
    I ask him if any had said Thank you.
    He said, the ones that said anything, said words he wouldn't repeat. He still opens doors and does the little things he was taught, to be thoughtful of others. I've had people tell me that my children are Oddballs, because they were raised to use manners. I say Good.
    What a world we live in.

    1. Thank you for raising a polite young man. I still see people open doors and let someone enter before them, but it is becoming more rare.I hope we never have to apologize for being polite.

  4. This blog was... how do I say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I've found something which helped me.

  5. So true! I am wondering what happened to sending a thank you note after receiving a gift. Not only have notes vanished, saying thank you has as well. Many (MANY) do not even acknowledge receipt of a gift. Very very sad.

    1. I really should of put this very topic in this blog post, as we have really stopped giving thank you cards anymore!Giving a thank you shows that we appreciate the time and the money it takes for sending a gift...

  6. Wonderful thoughts today! Yes, manners seem to be in short supply these days. We all must set a good example. Hugs xo Karen

  7. Yes! Good reminder and a woman yelled at my husband for opening the door for her at a store nd told him she could," do it HERSELF!!"
    We need to not let this deter us!!
    God bless

    1. Yes, this has happened to my Husband also, they were angry and said "what the----- Do you think I can't open the dooe myself??
      He said "NO" I just wanted to help!
      But as we know we see so many angry ladies that do not like a man to do anything for them! But, You know what we did? We prayed for her for days...
      Thanks for your inpute!!
      And yes we cannot allow one harsh comment to stop us from using manners and being kind! Appreciate you!

  8. This is so much needed today, Roxy, as it seems good manners have all but gone with so many other sacred things. My mother would always say, If you can't say something nice about someone, then say nothing. Thank you for sharing your heart, I so agree with all. Have a blessed weekend,

  9. I love this! Being polite does not go out of style. I absolutely beam inside when I see my children being polite in public....like saying please and thank you to strangers, saying excuse me as they slip past someone in the grocery store, or my boys opening up doors for others without being asked. It's so much about thinking of others. Thanks for sharing!


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