Friday, October 6, 2017

What Is Your Life Reflecting...

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Your Life Is A Mirror...

I have been thinking about my reflection, not only my past, but the future!

Reflection can be a powerful tool for the future!
You have all heard the saying "Love is blind"
But what it really means is that we can see the good in others,
Even when they might not see any worth in themselves!
Or just the opposite; they are puffed up and self righteous.

I have the opportunity to reflect something of value.
What you see and hear and do in this life will have a reflection!

What you look like will eventually reflect more of the heart then your appearance!

I am hoping for the softness of my character;
Hues of bronze and golds...
Shimmering hopes of tears of happiness;
Joys that bring light to my eyes;
Not a darkness, but open to the fragments of truth I glean!

Why is the world drawn to dark and dreary?

Throw open the curtains and pull up the blinds;
Refuse to live in the dark!

Even a very small beam of light can and will make a difference!

All the different arrays of spectacular colors show us that
Each of us is given off a reflection!

Don't think of the dark!
Rather, think of the Heros who live each day to be a help;
And a blessing to others.

I might just be a little Aspen leaf turned golden yellow on a 
Very tall tree, but I matter...

I will be the very best at what and who I am!

Shine and be the quiet tinkling of words of love and encouragement!

~Shine On~


  1. I try to reflect love and kindness and honesty. I am not sure I always reflect those values but that is my intent. Lately, I think I reflect xo Diana

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Roxy -- you have a special gift...

  3. Hello, I got your blog link from a Friend :-)
    Nice blog you have here

  4. Great post. Very thought provoking!

  5. Lovely thoughts on reflections, Roxy and so true. Now that I am older and a Mom and Grandma, I am more aware of what I reflect, especially to my family. I so want to be a good role model and shine light on what it means to be a good person. Thank you for the sweet inspiration. Hugs and blessings xo Karen

  6. Beautiful post, Roxy...I'm sure I don't always succeed, but it is my desire to reflect God's light and love to those around me. Thank you for this wise reminder. Hugs & blessings!

  7. This is beautiful, Roxy! I do love throwing open the curtains and letting in the light. :-) Blessings for a truly bountiful weekend~ Love you!!!

  8. Hello Roxy! I don't feel a day has really begun until the blinds, shades and curtains have been opened to let in the light of the day. I have been thinking on reflection. I cannot think about what it may be, perhaps it would be a question best asked of my husband and children. I am too often pulled to wonder what my reflection is to the world, and less of what it is to Christ Jesus who sees/ hears/ knows all. Most of all I do pray that my reflection shows a gentle quiet spirit that shows the work of the Lord Jesus in my life.

  9. I agree with you about the light! I have never understood people who like darkness or dark things, I love light! I think the thought you shared about being a true reflection, and not clouded or distorted, of Jesus Christ, a beautiful one. Always appreciate your thoughts, they are good food for the soul, dear friend.. always glad to see you on IG :)


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