Friday, November 28, 2014

Hunting Trip Or Guilt Trip...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Hunting Trip Or Guilt Trip

Anyone that has been reading my blog for these last few months know of our
Family's life changing hunting trip.

We now have had to work through some of the trauma from
that hunting trip.
 We didn't even realize how deeply it had affected us.
We felt tired and a bit stressed all the time.

Some of us had a few nightmares...

I think we also were overwhelmed with the love
 and concern shown to us from so many people.
Total strangers came to that mountain to help search for our
lost grandson.
And we had hunters that were up in the mountains that were on a hunt;
Stopped their hunting and started searching for our grandson.

Our men were taxed in every one of their senses and physical strength.

We all can go through very tough times in our families and marriages!
But do we have to be victims of guilt and trauma?

We have had to pray together as a family and as couples;
We are to overcome, because He has overcome this world for our sake.

We have heard and understood so many facets of this trip;
We have seen the hand of God that protected our Grandson.

We saw the Body of Christ rise up and fulfill its call to love;
And to care for its own...

We can never look out and see the mountains again without
Counting our blessings!

The enemy wants us to feel sorrow and guilt over that 28 hours,
But God has proved His out stretched hand of protection and provisions!

When our men leave for these trips it takes so much preparation!
Food and clothing and survival bags packed for day trips.
(That survival bag our grandson carried, proved its worth)

We all can be so prepared for just about anything;
But we all have seen where we are confronted with something
" Not on the agenda!"

We are a family that hunts;
So do we now not hunt?
Do we let fear of the unknown or the possibilities stop us?

Guilt can be a strong deterrent in life;
A great motivator

Guilt is a wicked task master, we cannot allow it to control us!
We are to do all things in faith;
Use wisdom
Learn from your mistakes
Being as well prepared as possible is being wise.

So thankful for the growth we have all experienced!

Just a last little ditty
True Story;
Yesterday I was preparing our turkey for our meal, and I had it all
washed and prepped for the cooking bag I was placing it in;
I had to do it all by myself as everyone was gone.
So I was able to get it into the cooking bag,
But, when I went to pick it up it came flying out of the bottom of
 the cooking bag and just rolled across the kitchen floor.
I looked up and asked REALLY...
No Guilt; things just have to roll
---I just had to laugh---
No worries, wash it up, place it in a roaster and bake till done!
I did tell our guest that I only dropped the turkey just once.

If you wanted to see the clip of it, here it is!
Family Reunion

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What Really Makes Up A True Family...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Gathering together...
Some of those in our families have seen so many Thanksgivings,
Some newbies are just about to experience their first one.
(They have those little bibs that say Baby's First Christmas)
Where are the ones that say
"First Thanksgiving"

We have such a different array of family members;
Young and Old
Strong and Feeble
Beauty and Bronze
Male and Female
Funny and Serious
Goofy and Refined
Saved and Not Saved

Some are very colorful;
We struggle with these ones as let's just say they don't look
The way we look...
They are always trying to give us all a little bit of that thing called
~Shock Therapy~
Very colorful hair, tattoos that we have a hard time reading
A comic book of sorts, it is rather hard to read an arm!
Really, you all know who we are talking about!
Remember under it all they are part of your family.
Sometimes we just need to get over it.
Don't react to their form of look at me syndrome.

Let's face it, we all have those that are just turkeys;
A bit goofy...
They say things that make your head just lean to one side!
A little bit not with it of sorts, but nice in a way.
~Maybe they are just lonely and do not have many friends~
I think I heard them called; What is referred to as a goober...
They may have been talking about me, not sure though!

Well any way you slice it, you share something in common!
Friends so long they have grown up together!
Grafted In The Family!
The Family Of God!

God has said He sets the lonely in the families...

Families depend on one another for their identity and joy.
Both young and old should cherish their inter-generational relationships.

Someone to HUG
Someone to TALK TO and someone to LOVE...

Proverbs 17:6

"God Bless Everyone"

---Even a lovely rose has thorns----

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Being Cherished...


Today is the day the Lord has made...
I am honored to have the blessings that come with being
A woman, a wife and a Mother
But being a Mother-in-law has far exceeded my
wildest hopes or dreams for another daughter through;
Marriage commitment and Love.

Here is the post my dear Amy wrote in honor of my Birthday;

I have received honors today from those I love!
Thank You Amy...

This is what receiving your rewards in this life means to me!

I think investing in those God has given us is the best investment
one could ever hope to accomplish in this life.

I am reaping the benefits of staying the course;
My Children have arisen and called me blessed...

We are called to give honor to those God has put into our lives.
Sometimes we have very hard relationships in this world;
But where we can make a difference, then put forth the effort!

Flowers and chocolates are wonderful,
Cards, and words of love and encouragement!

Make the effort to show honor;
God says to us this powerful word;
Those that refresh others will themselves be refreshed!

I laughed this morning because when I turned on my computer
even Google knew it was my Birthday!

Source; From Google (To Me)

I am counting my Blessings!

Have a wonderful Day!

I appreciate each and every one of you ladies who take the time,
To visit me and to encourage me!
May we count our blessings together!

Learning to cherish someone is what God has called each of us to do!
Cherish someone today...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Politely Asking For Clarification...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

Looking out for all the small infractions;

We are Ladies, And you might hear me roar,
But I would rather not roar as it hurts even my own ears.

I think sometimes it seems like the enemy of our souls,
Works overtime to confuse and distort what we are saying!
If we could just be bold enough at times to maybe ask
for a" clarification" when we hear something contrary to what
We believe may be appropriate spoken in any given situation.

I think the enemy hopes to silence us into not asking for clarification!

You may have heard that game where you tell somebody something,
And they in turn repeat it to the next person.
And by the time it gets full circle is being so far off
 From the original statement.

. So I think it is using wisdom when we are with a 
large or small group of people to watch for being in the
Cross-fire of the enemy using our words against us.

I have observed this from a few different scenarios lately.
This can become very prominent when the holidays are upon us when
All our families and friends get together!

Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove...

Don't be a victim!
Rather kindly ask for clarification from the one who spoke!
We can very politely say I am sorry can you repeat that again!
Or you can say "I thought I heard you say"

We must not take so many of these things so personally.
Some people just say silly things!
Some people are just rude!
Some are just oblivious to others feelings!
Some are just not very smart!
Some have no manners!
Some really do have impaired hearing and they are just responding
From not knowing themselves what was truly said!
(This needs grace)

Rise above and be kind and direct;
(When you think you are in a crossfire of what is really
being said and what is really being heard)

We are called to know the truth, and sometimes it wants
to evade us. But we all hear things wrong at times.
I think that is why God tells us to first go to someone alone.
Then, if they will not listen, take a brother with you!

I think hearing incorrectly is not something new that the enemy.
just started using!

Does this resonate with any of you ladies!

I want to keep my peace, and that will require me to distinguish
Truth from a lie;
Facts or feelings...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Reduce Bags Under The Eyes...

Tips for Puffy Eyes. Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Helpful Ideas For Puffy Eyes And Bags Under Your Eyes...

Here are a few natural remedies for puffy bags under the eyes;
For men or women

Tea Bags: 
First steep them in hot water and then let chill in the fridge
Lay back and allow them to work their magic.
Allow them to set for 15 to 20 minutes.
The caffeine in the tea bags helps with the blood vessels and swelling

Cucumber slices: 
We have all seen those on the eyes of those getting a facial!
Use a slice on each eye that has been well chilled.
Leave on for 20 minutes
These help soothe and refresh and reduce the puffiness.

Potato Slices:
Use a fresh raw slice that has been chilled,
 just on the under the eye where it is puffy.
Really helps eliminate puffiness!

Use fresh cold milk and dip a cotton ball in it and place them just under your eyes.
Reduces water retention; try this one for a few days in a row.

Chilled Spoons or An Ice Cube:
Placed just under or over the eyes
Helps with swelling.

Egg Whites:

These need to be used as a cream of sorts,
Just massage into skin just under the eyes, allow to
Set till they dry well.
10 to 15 minutes
This one is good to do while getting ready to shower.
Wash off well!
These have properties to reduce inflammation.

I have noticed so many people with bags under their eyes.
Men and women alike,
It is from a lack of sleep and the stress of our days.

I thought a list of natural remedies would be useful to many!

Tips for stopping bags from forming;
Drink plenty of water
Get your rest!
Learn to manage everyday stress.
Use these ideas to help!

Allow God's peace to fill you so you can roll your burdens onto Him...

Healthy eyes are so important;
Eat those carrots and take good care of your eyes!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday In The Country...


Just a few of my favorite things;
Waffles on a Saturday morning with my family!
My Hubby actually enjoys making these up for us.
I love them warm off the griddle and served with real butter an syrup.

I love a well browned fresh sausage patty with my eggs and waffle.
I think breakfast is the best meal of the day!
I also love Bacon...
My friend made me laugh years ago, they did not eat meat;
But I did have bacon all fried up to serve with the breakfast meal.
And she was eating some bacon and I asked all shocked,
I thought you didn't eat meat?
And she smiled and said
"Bacon is not meat!"
I still get a chuckle over that one...

In the evening it is so relaxing to sit with a skein of yarn,
And to work on a project on these cold nights.

Crocheting mostly, but did teach myself the basic knitting skills
last year. One of my Grandsons will be getting that camo one.

I just pulled my Mother in laws, directions for a Granny square,
Really, it is way easier than the one I have in my book.

Do any of you have one that is easy I could get a copy of?

Looking for a few easy craft ideas to make for gifts!

Here is one of my favorite fragrances

I really think 'White Shoulders' is  probably my Hubby's favorite;
And I think all the Grandchildren think it is what I smell like :o)

Well, we have wood to split today and a project to make.
This next week is my Birthday and Thanksgiving.

What are a few of your favorite things?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cooking Up Memories...

Please enjoy this Thanksgiving Season...

It could be the last one that you get to spend with those you love!

It could be the last one to be able to gather to count your blessings!

We are not promised tomorrow dear ones;
But we have this day...
Make it a good one!

Setting the table this year may be one less for some.
We can become sad when we reflect on those who have passed on.

I miss my Mother during the holidays
So what I am saying today is this;
You have been given another day and maybe a season
~To love and to cherish~

Keep telling yourself it is up to me the Lady of this house,
To try to instill the blessings!

What are the blessings?
Honoring someone...
Serving with grace...
Speaking kind words...
Gentle actions...

The whole world feels the weight;
But really nothing is happening new under the sun.

So pull ourselves together and get the turkey and the stuffing!
Let's Roll (get it roll)
Make some tangy and tart (Cranberry Sauce)
Taters mashed and gravy in the gravy bowl...
Sweet Potato's
Jello in all kinds of colors, with hidden objects inside :o)

Oh my, don't forget the pie!

You're not just cooking dinner for family and guest;
You are giving of yourself to impart memories that stay
For all the days of your life!

Who might not be sitting with you at your next meal?
Holidays or every evening meal,
We sometimes need to think of this thought to teach us
"To Count Our Blessings"

My heart goes out to all those who have lost a loved one his past year.

Is there a special memory you have from a Thanksgiving you
remember that makes you smile?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why Leaving A Comment Is The Most Important Thing About Blogging...

Living from glory to glory blog

Why Commenting is maybe more important than the content of your writing!
Shock Waves reverting within Blog Land...

Do you know what validating someone means?
Sure you do!
It is saying something to someone that connects you.
It says I can see and hear you!
Now if you want a private blog as a journal (Great)
But if you are going to join every Link Party and never leave a comment,
on another blog post that has been written by another
 you are being unfriendly and self promoting!!
If God has called you to Blog in a community;
Then I can tell you this one thing;
YOU are not an Island in a stream!

We all have a piece of the puzzle,
We don't do this life alone;
We are a body!

May I ask you this question?
Are you Blogging for yourself?
Or the sake of others?

We might just be missing the whole purpose and benefit of Blogging.
If we do not MAKE time to read other people's post they have written.
Or MAKE time to comment on them!

Your Blog will grow if you do what Christ has called you to do!
I want to prosper with His leading and to bring others along side.

I realize you will not have time to comment all the time;
But NEVER...
Shame on you!
It is like totally ignoring those who come to visit You!

It is important to comment on maybe a new blogger
 Just to say hello or welcoming them to blogging!

If your Blog is so big now and can't do it, find someone who will for you!
Or, maybe an email once a month; you could do a bulk send out;
Not very personnel. But is better than nothing...

He has told us to encourage one another!

Word Verification;
Take it OFF
And for those who use Word Verification, Switch to registered user!
Or comment moderation!
 Or take off the comment box...

No Reply Blogger;
That can be frustrating when you want to reply back to someone!
Set up an account and allow others to contact you!!
Go to your Profile and add an Email
(Use a different one for your blog if you want)

Kind and encouraging words!
Only debate on blogs that are open to that type of response.
You have the right to delete any comment that offends or brings strife.
Comment back in an Email or go to their blog and comment!
(Most people will not return back to read your reply)
You also can allow anonymous if you use commenting Moderation.

Blog Lists;
Add interesting blogs you enjoy!
Not having a blog roll seems a bit (self)
Choose just a few if you have trouble with loading!

I have been on blogs that have more advertisement, then anything else!
I find these a bit over the top!
(They are hard to load up and takes way to long)
Just keep your readers in mind...

Be consistent with writing your post!
Once a week, or twice or everyday!
Write a few posts and have them in your drafts!
Schedule when going on a holiday!
Keep the post or articles not too long.
(Unless of course it is a book)
Add some pictures!
Find your voice and your space and blog!

Starting a Blog
There are now more blogs being written everyday.
They say there is a community in every aspect imaginable.
Find what really interest you
What is a desire of your heart?
Is this a subject that can write often about?
Writing what you are passionate about is very important!
Is this a season in your life that will allow you the luxury of blogging?
Having a Blog requires discipline and stewardship!

Public Blog Or Private
A public blog is for everyone to read!
If they find your address they can read the context;
Most bloggers I feel are writing for a specific audience.
A private Blog can be good for keeping family pictures and information.
Or for maybe a small group dealing with special issues.
Or if you just want a private journal for your thoughts.

Link Parties
They can be very fun and a great way to meet new bloggers!
I have a page on the top of my blog showing the parties I link to.
This is where you need to leave comments, at least one!
Thank the Host!!
Read the rules!
And if you are the one hosting the party;
(Please keep the rules to a minimum)

Types Of Blogs
Mommy Blogs
Home Repair
Marriage Advice
How to Be A Homemaker

As you can see the list can go on and on!

Write what is important to you!
May it bless others and honor God!
Make friends all over the world!
Writing is a wonderful way to express and grow in many ways!
Being kind to others is a lovely thing;

Did this post help you in anyway?
Do you have a thought that I can add to these ideas?
Remember, blogging is a community...

Just a last note reminder;
This is not to be a burden or a rule. but rather a real connection
With a few, then a ton with those who have no interest in you.
Remember, we have our lives we are called to live :o)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Learning To Control Our Emotions...


Learning to control our emotions!
Staying Calm...

Why we must submit our emotional reactions to God...
We cannot control what goes on around us,
Or what may even be directed to us!

Our emotions are a gift from the Lord;
But he wants us to learn to not allow them to control us.

I think that at certain times of the year we can become
More sensitive and emotional when the holidays roll around!
Does that allow us to act out?
Taking every thought captive is powerful!

The range of emotions we can experience in any given hour or day,
Is really too many to list, but here are a few to use as an example.

I feel sad and feel like crying
I am feeling very angry
I feel unappreciated right now
I feel lonely and unloved
I am afraid

These are all ( I ) statements!
(I) get this
That is the whole point here...
(I) Is what I am given control over,
Not others, but myself

We can have such a range of emotions on any given day,
So I have been given a command from the Lord to exercise this control!

The world and our own lives may seem out of control;
But I can assure you God is still on His throne,
What I need to do is get off mine!

Learning to exercise some self control is an action that holds great
Dividend's my friends.
You become a woman of great worth.
Self control is a great asset to have.
It allows us to speak to our husbands in the language they understand.
(Facts and Reality)
It is just the way they function, it is not that you never cry while
Expressing your heart to your husband as we may all do at times in our marriage.

What I have been learning for years is this;
My emotions are a very special gift from the Lord;
And it is important to keep them under His love and control
Not always easy...
But as we exercise this and practice this quality
We become more like Him...

Jesus was angry and sinned not!
"Jesus wept"

Wanting to learn and to respond to the fruit of self-control is
A very powerful thing!
We all have this ability...
If we did not have the ability that would be terrible.
We have a teacher called the Holy Spirit!
We can pray and ask Him to teach us this most important fruit!

Once you sense you are not showing self-control;
Quickly ask the Lord for grace to react kindly and in love!
Once those words come out, there is not getting them back.

I have been asking the Lord to help me not to become so quickly agitated
Or irritated over something my Husband may have said.
We little ladies sometimes get on our high horses!
The word tells us not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought.

Why do we always want to be right!
(Even when we may not be right)
Keeping the peace is usually a wiser thing to do!

This does not mean we cannot tell our Husbands our ideas!
But, it is usually in how we go about it!
Arms crossed, eyes rolling!
The sigh...
~ it's not like I have ever actually done those things~

You get the picture...

Everyday is another chance with the Holy Spirit's help to
exercise putting on the garment of self-control!

Putting on self-control is like wearing a garment that fits really well...

Friday, November 14, 2014

How To Make A Tea Cozy...

How to make a tea cozie, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Making Tea Cozies

Making tea cozies are very easy and so much fun to make!
Getting so much enjoyment from them this next cooler season.
I think many vintage tea rituals have become a lost art.

I have always loved seeing a tea cozy being used.
After all, if we want a cup of tea, we want to drink it Hot!
So, if you get in the habit of brewing up a nice pot of tea,
This little tea cozy would be a wonderful addition.

I have quite a few tea cozies
 as I wanted one of each different fabric I made them in.
But I did give a few away;

Items Needed:
1/2 yard of material for outside: 
1/2 yard of material for the lining:
 You can use fleece for this also
1/2 yard of batting or fiber: 
(For insulating between layers)
This batting is what keeps the tea nice and hot!

You will be needed two of the outside materials, lining and batting;
So place your pattern on the fold of your material!

And a pattern 11x14 shaped like a half circle
(Use a paper sack or wrapping paper)

Lace (for the bottom edge)

Buttons for the top if you want one!

You can really embellish it with anything you like!

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

This is a very easy and fun sewing idea!
Quick yet look very professional sewn.
They are pretty costly to purchase for one's self.

~See my sweet strawberry pin cushion~

Having a good sharp pair of scissors is wonderful to cut the
fabric out with.

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Here is a very easy tutorial we found after we figured it out
for ourselves! She has a British accent she explains it very well!
Just click on it:

Easy Tea Cozy for you to sew by Debbie Shore

Here is my friends blog post showing her Tea Cozy
I made her last year.

Tea Cozy, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

When we made these Tea Cozy's last year we had a day long
~Sewing Day~

In order to get so many made we worked side by side;
We had so many lovely fabrics to choose from;
My friend Pam had a closet filled with fabric,
She was so gracious in sharing with us ladies.
Thank You Pam!

Living From Glory to Glory Blog, Sewing Craft

The sweet red one was one my DIL made;
She did place some cute buttons on hers!

I also made another one for a dear friend that I wanted to share
Here is a link to one of my favorite bloggers
You may know her; Her name is Lydia,
She has been a source of encouragement to me for a very long time.
Visit her lovely blog here:
Home Living

I hope you will try your hand at this fun and lovely tea cozy!

Love, Roxy

Thursday, November 13, 2014

For Pete Sake...

For Pete's Sake...

Why do I do some of the things I do?
Some days we just need to take inventory;
What are you doing that is driving your Husband nuts?
Or making a very negative impression on our children.

Are you murmuring under your breath, while doing your housework?
Can he or your children hear you grumble over the piles of
Loads of laundry sitting by the washer?

Are you whining that we have to cook another meal again?
After all, you just finished washing up with that last sink of dirty dishes.

Grumble, stumble and lose your peace;
And you rob it from everyone else around you!

Learning to be joyful while working at keeping your home!
Learning can only happen if you are teachable:

That is why it is important to take inventory of how and what.
How are you acting?
If you are really brave, try asking your Husband or Children
This question;
Is there something I am doing that rather irritates you!
(You had better be ready for some truth here)

I have done that a few times in many years of marriage,
I am glad that I did as it allowed me to see a few things
That caused unrest in our relationship.

Men do not admire a wife who nagged at them all the time.
They take it personally when we complain we don't have enough
of something we may want in our shopping baskets.

Children can feel that they are the source of contention in a home
Where they hear all the time how much work you have to do
everyday for them. And I am all for training children to
appreciate what they have and to be good stewards of it.

My Mother would say when she was overwhelmed or
upset over something, this little phrase.
(For Pete's sake)

Okay, so this post is for my Mother and of course;
(Pete's Sake)
Whoever he is...

Here is the only Pete I can think of...

Pete from the Little Rascals...
My Hero

And remember we all cannot be the Chief Indian
We need squaws and little Indians too!

Here is a little video of the pooch;
Click The Link Below

The Pooch

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Everything Is Just Peachy...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog
Artist: Carolina Elisabeth

Everything is just peachy...

I love life!
I heard that a lady had said I don't think I can make it for even another day.

I was thinking about that a lot today;

I am learning not to dwell on things that cause upset!
We are to think about things that will give us peace and hope.

I understand that this is not always easy!
But it is not impossible...
With God "All things are possible"

Training and disciplining our thoughts are huge!

Many women can talk themselves into a poor me attitude;
without much cause some days.
And I realize some days for women can be really overwhelming.
I don't make light of the stress of women;
I just offer a small bit of advice;
 if practiced often, It will help you manage your stress.
Stress does not magically go away;
"But rather it must not be able to control you!"

But I have learned a fine art many years ago;
And I still practice it often, almost daily.

It is this one thing;
   Stop and realize that I need to take a break and
Prepare a special cup of tea or coffee for myself.
And sit in a comfy chair and look at a magazine that inspires me.
Maybe read another chapter in a book that I am enjoying!
Skim through a recipe book for inspiration!
Write a note to a friend!

Taking a bit of time to get refreshed before I start my evening chores.
We all know how many hours we spend making meals and cleaning up!
So I try to have a little time to reflect.

So then I can enjoy the evening meal and the fellowship!

Enjoy these long winter nights!
Stay warm and get ready for some holiday company!
Enjoy this season!

May you never feel that you can not make it through another day!

Remember, even David had to encourage himself in the Lord...

Monday, November 10, 2014

What is Blogging Accomplishing In My Life...

What is blogging accomplishing in our lives?

Cold and Blustery Day

Saying goodbye to summer and fall again!
It is a bittersweet feeling...

As I love being cozy in my home and thinking of what;
I might bake or cook
Pondering what book I shall read next!
Digging into God's Word!
Learning to be still and know He is God!

Everyone is told this very thing;
Everything that has breath praise the Lord!

The storms of life will come!

Sometimes you can see a storm rolling in out where we live,
But sometimes a storm can catch you by surprise!

Can we always be well prepared for what is blowing in?

I think we are able to withstand so much if we are well
grounded and we have a firm foundation in Christ!

What really matters to you?
I believe my relationship with the Lord is my mainstay for everything!

Relationships are the most important...

Fellowship is God's way of teaching us unity and compassion!

Are you inquiring of the Lord today?
Are you accessing your values and goals?

Are we wasting precious time?
Only Christ can show us where we are spinning our wheels!

God is so gracious and we live in a grace place;
Paid with Christ blood;
A Pastor friend reminded me of this statement
"We are not Our own"

Are we all just trying to be heard through blogging?
Is blogging fulfilling an empty spot?
(That only God can fill)

Am I just trying to make a name for myself?
Is this what God has called me to do?
Or is this just another passing fad in the world according to me?

So, I might ask you is this?
What is blogging accomplishing in your life?

May we not look back and wish we had done something different;
With our time and energy and resources.

Living From Glory to Glory

Take some time to read the comments!
Leave one yourself to share why you blog or just enjoy reading them!

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