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How Making Breakfast Keeps Your Man Happy (Green Chili Omelette)...

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A good breakfast is a perfect way to start your day!
Having chickens for many years has offered a very
Fresh and nutritious form of protein.

And we are known in these parts for our Chilis;
Hot, mild and just flavorful!
I will eat a hot one once in a while, but the mild is for me.

We are way past the egg not being a healthy form of protein!
Or at least I hope you are!
I have never seen so many troubles with diets in our world.
Between no gluten and lactose intolerance for so many people.

I have my own idea what has caused this to be so prominent.

How to make a Green Chili omelette;
Glory to Glory Blog

I like to get my chilies cooking first in the pan.
Then I sprinkle on the chesses, cheddar is best I think.
Then I pour in the eggs I whipped up!
You can flip it once to cook the bottom.

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Serve with a side of meat like ham or bacon.
 A cinnamon roll is always a nice addition.
But we mostly use a whole grain bread!

I enjoy serving my Hubby a very filling breakfast;
made with love!
As this keeps him Happy and well cared for!

Oh, don't forget to thank the Lord!

Do you eat eggs?
Have you discovered any eating troubles caused from certain foods?

I am still trying to take sugar out of my diet.
It is so hard when our foods we eat are all carbohydrates...
Learning and growing is what keeps us happy and healthy.

Going to try my hand at an Irish Soda bread recipe;
Made with half rye flour and half whole wheat flour.
It will be a rustic sort of bread, but very low in glycemic index.

"Happy Day and eat well my friends"


  1. I love the way you write your posts, it transmits a lot of warmth and simplicity. I NEVER had any kind of food problems when I lived in Brazil. I am from a small country town in the midst of Brazilian Northeast. I ate eggs, fruits and chicken from our yard, I ate bread everyday. Then when I came here my first year was of pain, gas, constipation, I thought I was gluten intolerant, but It didn't make sense because I ATE gluten products back in my country. I found out that most of it was caused by addictives and preservatives at first place, what made me fearful... Now I eat cakes, Bread, everything handmade like my mom did. I Live like a BRAZILIAN poor country girl and eat like one lol Modern AMerican pre made food isnt for me LOL

  2. Mmmm...this looks so good! I love eggs...from my head down to my legs...I LOVE EGGS! LOL! Do you remember that commercial? I eat an egg w/egg whites nearly every morning and I love my grainy bread...the grainier, the better! I do not have any problems with any foods. Years ago, you never heard about all of these food allergies, I agree.

  3. This has got to be one of my favorite breakfasts and boy is it ever filling.

    I think if you make everything you can from scratch and do portion control you are better off. All those processed foods are filled with unhealthy stuff and loaded with sugar. We must stay far away from those foods if we want to keep our healthy lifestyle.

    And or course don't forget to take a nice walk after you eat. It just makes you feel better in the end! :-)

    I hope you have a splendid day!


  4. It is crazy...all the food allergies these days. I don't have any and hope I never develop any. I love eggs...any way you cook them! Such a versatile food and good for you too! This looks delicious. My son would love it! Have a blessed evening my friend.

    Hugs, Vicky


  5. the way you talk and treat your husband is wonderful! What would our world be like if more wives took our jobs as wives this seriously, like the Church and Christ.


  6. Your egg breakfast looks so good but I can't eat anything too spicy! It's nice when the husbands like our cooking!

  7. Yes- we eat eggs. There are a few things I can't eat- peppers and nightshade plants contribute to inflammatory issues but other than that-not many problems with things.

    That omelet does sound good! xo Diana

  8. Sure looks scrumptious!

    Hugs for the wife of a happy husband,

  9. Your eggs look just down right delicious. I am going to make this for Steve… my mouth is watering.
    Love ya,

  10. Those eggs look delicious Roxy. I'm thankful we can eat anything (except I'm highly allergic to sesame, go figure). Home-cooked foods are the best!

  11. I do enjoy eggs, but not for breakfast - I am not one for cooked breakfasts, much prefer toast or cereal with a cup of tea. However this would be nice for lunch.

  12. I use a lot of eggs. Cheap protein source. Tell me, did you like your Irish Soda bread? I've got some rye and some wheat. I need a low glycemic bread recipe that's good.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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