Monday, March 25, 2019

Two Become One...

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Wedding Bells

What is your responsibility for a couple that is getting married?

You get an invitation in the mail; and you might think, "well, can I go?"
What gift might I bring?

Will it be a fun wedding?
Will they serve free food and an open bar?

But the real responsibility for attending a wedding is to take part!

To wish them well is great!
To give a gift to bless them is wonderful!

But remembering to pray for them is the best gift of all!

Why we must help them to stay married and to learn how to
Be a Good Husband and A Good Wife...
It honors each other and brings glory to God!

To understand the seriousness of making a vow?
A covenant to God?

Who here thinks marriage is easy?
It's work, and the only work that will provide long lasting benefits!

She will have to learn to do many new things!
He will have to learn to do many things!

But the biggest challenge is learning to not put oneself first any longer!

We live in a world of selfies...
Truly, whether it be any social media, people love to take pictures
Of themselves...
Look At Me!!!

I find it a bit too much!

If there is no benefit for me then I am not interested!
"You have heard the saying- Well, that's enough about me;
Now, tell me what YOU think of ME..."

Getting married is a good thing!
Staying married is even better!
Pray to marry the right person!
Get wise counsel!

I can promise you this; no matter who you marry or when you marry;
You will still have to stop the selfish me syndrome;
And look to one another needs.

Then comes the children
Then they grow up and leave home.
Some become selfish and never look back;

And once again, it will be the two of you!
Have you made the effort to become one?
Its daily work!!
But it's really not all about you, Now is it??

Our Grandson is married now and we will pray daily for them!
We will do all we can,  to help their marriage succeed!

As Always, Loving and Living
But praying, to live my life for His Glory!

Any advice for the newly wedded couple?
Leave a comment and I will send it to them!
You never know the impact of wise words...

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

If You Do Not Have Anything Nice To Say Don't say Anything At All...

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Be An Encourager

To encourage means to in-courage...

We all need to be encouraged!

I want to remind myself of this important biblical teaching.

I was remembering my Mother saying to all of us as we were growing up;
"If you do not have anything nice to say, Don't say anything at all!"

I have had to remember this often in my life!

Because Life is hard and people can be difficult;

And sometimes I just want to tell these difficult people
What I truly think of their self-centered behavior.

In our day to day life we do not always get what I call a do over.

Sometimes we only get one shot to do the right thing!!

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One of Satan's greatest weapons he uses is discouragement!

Knowing the enemy's tactics is a powerful thing.

How might this tool be used in the life of each of us?

When we become weary or ill, we have less resistance to discouragement.
When we are targets of hurtful words.
When we are made fun of and they make jokes about the way you talk.
When people ignore you!
When the finances become tight
When everything seems to go wrong
When you have a long spell of bad weather
When you do not have your quiet time

When you just need God to send an In-courager to you!

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I always remind myself of how David encouraged himself;
But, we all know that we are given the examples in the Word;
To encourage one another!!

These are a bit like the days of Noah;
But, I choose to live each day doing a little more encouraging
to others when I am able to do this!

We all must carry on!
Make a nice meal or dessert!
Enjoy the moment!

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As Always I desire to live in a way that is pleasing to my Lord...

God, please help me to remember that if I do not have anything nice,
To say may I not say anything at all...

Always, Roxy

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