Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Help Your Husband...


When you become self absorbed in things and self;
And forget to be the helpmate that is needed.

I have seen lately, many relationships that seem strained.
I can't help, but to look at some of these people that we know and love.

But I always really must go back to the basic of a healthy relationship!
Men were created to rule and protect!
But when the one they desire to love and protect, seem aloof or contentious.
This brings a weight that just kills their purpose.

Sometimes it is not the huge battles that break them.
Rather, it can be the accusing tone in your voice.
When they are tired we continue to push them with our words.

Sometimes it is just not meeting the simple needs of good meals,
And rest and a hug...
Men feel the weight, dear ones!

Helping is really very easy and when done with a word of encouragement!

If we really believe God is in control;
Why do we always try to rule and control things?

Spend quality time with your Husband!
Make the choice to truly help them...
(The benefits are huge)
Peace in your heart and home...

The best way to show love to your children of any age;
Is to love their Father!

Our Husbands are the treasure and gift to keep our homes
Safe And Together!

Do you always want to be right
Keep the peace...

As in the picture above, even a sheet of ice can break a stalk;
But the frost can stifle growth and movement!

Be his greatest cheerleader and supporter!
Remember that his job can be so demanding as ours can be also.
But giving love and support is what gives us purpose.

Let This Be A season Of Giving...


  1. So true Roxy. We do need to be a helpmate to our husbands. I know I try to help mine as much as he will let me. And, I definitely love and respect him and our children know that. Have you received any more snow? Try to keep warm and take care!

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. Roxy, I so enjoy your womanly thoughts. Keep sharing your heart through your blogging I know are Lord uses your daily life to bless others, like me.🐥
    Dolores Moore

  3. Roxy, I so enjoy your womanly thoughts. Keep sharing your heart through your blogging I know are Lord uses your daily life to bless others, like me.🐥
    Dolores Moore

  4. Roxy, I am very new with the internet so please forgive me if I happen to send you two messages one in my husband's name and this one in mine. I just wanted to let you know that I so enjoy your blog page. Your writings are such a blessing to me.

    God Bless, Dolores

  5. Great post Roxy! And so very true! My husband tries to carry it all and I'm always willing and ready to help where I can. I respect him and honor him and my kids see that each and every day.I am the atmosphere changer and it shows through what my hubby sees once he walks through our door!
    Have a lovely week!
    Hugs, Amy

  6. Hey Roxy, Lovely words of encouragement! I pray I am always being the best helpmeet possible to my husband.

  7. What a warmth I can feel in this post of yours, I can breath so much love, my darling Roxy !!!
    Have a most beautiful end of your week and thank you for sharing your Beautiful words
    sending dear love and big big hugs

  8. So, so true! Such a good word Roxy! :)
    I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  9. Wise words, Roxy. It's good to be reminded of this often. Hope you're having a wonderful December. xo Deborah


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