Monday, December 7, 2015

Reassuring Those We Love...



Sometimes, as the women, we need to reassure our husbands!

And as a woman you will have times you will need to reassure many;
You know when you go through a stretch of trials or tribulation,
We can become fearful or unsure!

And it is very good to quickly respond to our loved ones;
To say yes, we are going to be okay...
Even during a difficult time, we can get pressed!

Even when we do not think we are stressed our bodies can and will
Still respond in a fight or flight mode!

Fear when dwelt upon over a crisis has its own problems!

When worry creeps up over a bad report or situation;
I remind myself of this
Worry is sin...

No, it does not just stop it!
But it puts me in the overcoming defense!

In this life we need to have a plan of defense.

Learning to respond correctly quickly is a powerful antidote for many things!

Even when things happen slowly, there is still a response.

We are to be good stewards of our bodies
Our finances
Our relationships

Being a good steward requires action, 
Keeping Busy
Can be so powerful in times of unrest, or sickness.

I think of times past, someone is always in a crisis or coming out of one.

Taking and making the time to reassure ourselves and others,
Every time a crisis comes we learn to readjust and overcome
So if any of you or your loved ones have been struggling
With sickness or a bad report my heart goes out to you!

I have many friends going through trials!
I also have had high blood pressure out of no where...
I started exercising and changed my diet to less salt
And taking a few supplements;
But still landed in the ER
The doctor told me I was not dying...
That was a relief... I needed to be reassured!

I still feel really weird, I go to the doctors again tomorrow!
I DO NOT want to have to take medicine for it!
(What are your thoughts?)

P.S. Now that I think about it all, I started feeling terrible after I had a
Flu and pneumonia shot in the same day...
My arm got all red and swollen for a week!
Did my body have a reaction from them?
I think so...


  1. Prayers for you. It's tough to ask for help. You seem to be one who constantly carries the burdens of others. Maybe you need to now let someone help you carry yours. That's what the Body of Christ is all about, right? What is it easier to give than to receive?

  2. Like you, I don't want to take medication. Lately my BP has been a little elevated but think it just depends on the seems to always be higher when I am at the doctor! I hope yours gets back to normal levels. I am usually the one who takes care of everything and everyone and I will probably be in denial if and when any health issues come my way...I know, I know...that's not good either!!!

  3. I'm sorry that you are feeling ill.
    You could be having a reaction to your shot.
    As for your blood-pressure, there are natural things you can take,
    my doctor even recommended one for me.
    If you go to your local vitamin store or even Walmart,
    there are natural things that are marked that they help blood-pressure.
    Hope you feel better soon.


  4. I'm so sorry to hear that you are dealing with an episode of high blood pressure, but it certainly seems to me that it may be related to the shots you got. I will certainly pray for you that the Lord heals you from whatever this is, and that you get to feeling back to yourself! May the Lord bless, keep you, and heal you in Jesus name! Much love to you dear Roxy!

  5. I feel so sorry for your illness, darling Roxy, is there anyone able to take care of you, you who do so much for anyone else ....
    Maybe you've neglected yourself ... and now you're 'paying the bill', poor friend !
    Take care.
    Sending blessings and prayers

  6. My thoughts about the blood pressure meds. Take them for now, get it under control, research ways to lower it naturally, and tell doctor you want to reduce then get off the meds as soon as possible.

    Just my thoughts.
    Now, I'll hit publish, then I'll pray for you!
    Laura Lane


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