Monday, October 4, 2021

Why We Must Pass On The Baton Of Faith...

Passing On The Baton Of Faith, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...


It's easy to encourage others when you feel good.

But when you feel worn out, or overwhelmed, it can become

Nearly impossible if we rely on our own strength.

So many times as I read scripture I see the encouragement

Being spoken into the early believers and the church.

By the very ones like Paul, who was suffering;

Sickness and persecution and false teachers from within.

So as I write this post I am telling myself this:

No Matter Your Own Situation;

I must stay positive, confident, hopeful and faithful!

And look for encouragement from the Lord!

I just love it when I awaken with great joy and anticipation!

But some days just seem Blah...

So that's when I propel myself into just doing something.

Remember when you understood the scripture that called it

A Spirit of Heaviness?

Well, so when you feel that thing, just stop and pray;

And begin praising the Lord, It will begin to lift quickly!

Then get yourself moving, get yourself ready for the day!

Feel good about taking care of your appearance.

Sweep the kitchen floor.

Get your dinner menu thought out.

Make an effort to encourage someone today!

It's only through the hard times we learn to be either;


The world hopes to break us and to rely upon them!

But Christ wants us to bring our cares and burdens to Him!

May you choose to be tenderhearted and compassionate.

Especially in a world riddled with fear!

We either walk in 


So we can either have;


Set your mind on Heavenly things;

All this will come to pass just as the Lord sees fit!

Your job is to get busy doing what you know is right!

Having a HOME and a family is a great responsibility;

Let's be good stewards of what we have been given;

And our allotted time here.

There is so much division anymore in the world;

May we not allow division in our hearts or our HOMES...

I am missing all my dear friends in blogging world.

A few sweet friends have already passed on!

May we continue to carry on and pass the baton to our

Next generation, and it's not up to us how well they do.

But it is up to us to encourage them to do their best!

Blessings, Roxy

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