Friday, April 17, 2015

How To Study The Bible That Is Fun And Powerful...

 Why Study Gods Word?

We are told to study to show ourselves approved...
There is a fun and powerful way to study God's word!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog. The Scriptures
~My Notebook~

Firstly purchase a nice hard cover notebook;
As after you start this learning process you will want to keep your work
 of the study of the scriptures...

Learning to study can be fun when you use some tools available to us!

What fun would it be to be given a coloring book with no crayons?

When we are looking at a portion of scripture is is just plain writing;
And I do hope you, feel free to underline passages that speak to you!
It is best to have one Bible you can underline and comment in and add things you have learned!

Open your new notebook
 and leave the left side of your notebook for notes only
What I do is start writing the scripture on just the right side of the book!

I Hand write out the scripture verse on the right;
I use the New King James Version as I prefer this version,
And the study tool I use of the Blue Letter Bible is comparable with this version!

~You will need an array of different colors of highlighters and colored pencils~

Make sure you buy the ones that do not bleed through the paper of your
Notebook or Bible...
Using my different colors to study God's word is my favorite part!
What women do not just love new bright colors!

Living From Glory to Glory Blog
~My Colored Highlighters And Markers~

Okay, after you have your scripture written out, start using some tools
A dictionary to look up words, a commentary!
Circle any word that you can look up its meaning;
Underline words that interest you
Draw little pictures of something that relates, like a heart or a question mark.
Being creative with your circles and underlining and pictures, will help you
retain the information and help it stick in your memory.

If you have access to a compute this is a great study tool to help you
with the Greek meaning of different words;

Also a Strong's Concordance works just great also!
A Bible dictionary is helpful;
Having a few study tools always available will bring much profit!
~This is money well spent and can be used by the whole family~

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

Make studying God's word fun and let it be something you do often!
Spending time reading so much christian material is okay;
But studying God's word will have a much greater impact on your life...

I hope you enjoyed and maybe gleaned something from this article in my Blog
Sometimes it is nice to see how other women are learning and growing!
I find this form of study fun and very powerful and effective!

Share with us on this forum what tools or ideas you use to study the Bible!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How Words Can Be More Important Than Just Being Busy...

"She is all talk, but doesn't do anything"

I want to share with you how talking can change a situation!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

God has chosen words to create and bring life;
When we sing, we glorify our God...

Sounds can change an atmosphere;
Have you ever heard a shofar being blown?
When you hear a rooster crow, you know daybreak is almost here!
The strong gale of wind that blows tells me bad weather may be approaching.

The word tells us there is one calling in the wilderness

A timely word can change history;
~We are told to speak life~

I once heard a man speaking that told us
 When words are spoken or written they put off  a vibration!
He told us this was a scientific fact...

That thought kind of stuck with me!
 After learning that I then wanted to say things that brought a good vibration...
Sounds a bit corny
 But we have all been the recipient of some words spoken (good and bad)

I see a world running around always busy and having meetings;
But sometimes a word spoken in season can do more than all the meetings,
And notes taken and church functions till the cows come home.
Sometimes doing is just standing
And not falling for all that the wind blows in!

We all have different gifts and callings;
So when the world or church want you to just be busy
with no leading from the Lord;
We must use discernment!

We can all do something, and at times it may be for just a short season;
I have found that the church wants women to leave their ministry
of being a homemaker and a helpmate to their own husbands,
To run and manage the church...
That ought not to be...

So if you ladies are doing what God has created you to do;
Loving your husbands and training your children
And keeping your home;
Watching and enjoying your grandchildren
And you, dear ones do not have the time or gifting to work in the church
Do not receive condemnation that may be spoken or felt from the leadership!

We have but one head in the church
(Jesus Christ)
God has set in Elders and Deacons in the local body.

We as women can do many things in the church;
Whatever you are called to do in the local church;
God will give you the strength and there will be a grace to do it!
But we must have our priorities in place...

If the church does not grow or nothing you try can succeed
Then maybe you aren't doing what the church is suppose to be doing
Making disciples of all men...

My point is this;
Calling women away from their God ordained place is not the answer;
For growing our churches...
God has ordained women to mentor the younger women
Not to run the church...
But to be keepers of loving our husbands and our children;
Home Keepers

I would rather have someone who operates in the gifting of encouragement
to speak life to me then ask me to sit in on yet another planning scheme!

I love when I can see the gift of administration working;
They may plan, but never get their hands dirty.
Does that make their job less important?

~If you are trained in the scriptures and can teach than teach~
If you do only one thing and you do it with God's blessing...
Better to do one thing well and not be scattering of thoughts and energy
And prayers and giftings...

We need to encourage one another...
Remember what is spoken in the bedroom my be heard!
Your words spoken in private and in the marketplace will bring a harvest!

Remember to show honor to the weaker vessel!
Uplift and not tear down the body
What you sow, you will reap

Speak only good things about your husband!
Speak only words of correction in love!
Speak what the word says about a situation!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why A Vintage Camera And Old Photos Help Our Memories...

Why Taking Photos Can Help Your Memory!
A Photo can tell a story...

Memories From Photos, Living From Glory To Glory Blog
I had one of these cameras with a strap, she was a Brownie Junior

It is a very special treat to take out an old shoe box filled with photos and
Have your mind just overflowing with memories!
~This is a real good idea to do as a family or with your grandchildren~

We have all heard the saying every picture tells a story...

Our minds can be stimulated by just reminiscing of the past.
We can use old photos to help our memories...
There is real life and a legacy in those photos.

We have such a drawing to old photos;
The black and white ones just speak of times that said look at me!
 Without all the bells and whistles to cause a distraction of what we were really seeing.
The black and white photos just show us of an era long gone.

We can see our lives take shape from seeing our baby pictures;
How we have grown and who we were with;
Our parents and grandparents and our siblings!
Even seeing our family pets and furniture brings back a flood of memories!

Birthdays and Holidays
Events that were part of our timeline of days and years...

When we can see photos of our childhood or vacations;
Can stimulate our minds to think and process;
There may be even memories we need to overcome any pain or sorrow attached to it.
 We can take these to the Lord and ask for forgiveness for ourselves or
To forgive someone else...
Sometimes we can have some bad memories and that is all we might have;
But when we see old photos of those times that might give a glimpse that all was well,
I have looked at the faces and have said they were so young and they look so happy!

We now live in such a digital world;
We take a lot of pictures,
 But we fail to actually have them printed out anymore.

(But of course, if you are a scrapper)
You have books filled with photos from every event;
Past, present and future.

What are some of the feelings you have when looking at the old photos of yesteryear?
Are you getting those photos you're taking printed out?
Well, I encourage you to do that...

Smile your on Candid Camera!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How The Power Of The Color Blue Inspires Us...

Robin Blue Eggs, Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Robin Eggs

There is just something about the color of Robins eggs that are so precious.
Why are they so blue and remind us of an ocean crystal clear?
A deep blue that is beholding of a depth that is hard to capture.

Artist for years have tried to replicate its unique color.
The color blue brings peace and calming, to me;
I think that is why we enjoy gazing up into a clear blue sky
Or standing at the seashore of a tropical setting,
Sometimes it is even portrayed even in a picture that beckons us!

We can feel the depth of stability, as the sky and the ocean have always been since creation!
I looked up the meanings of the color blue and it was very interesting,
Some of the effects that have been recorded as being calming!
To make you feel uplifted and happy

Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith and truth and of Heaven!

The color blue says open spaces;
And it opens up my imagination to the vastness of ideas

The color blue in the Bible represents the Word and the power of God
Numbers 15:38-41
The Law, or Commandments

~I imagine that the river of life must be blue and crystal clear~

The wall and the foundations were furnished with so many precious stones of different colors, 
Notice the second one was Sapphire
Revelation 21:19
(The tribe of Dan)

When we begin to feel like winter will never end;
Or a relationship that feels dead
God opens our eyes to newness of life and an open sky to possibilities
I believe in resurrection power...
There is a force that beats our hearts and is attached to a golden cord called life!

I am speaking to dead marriages
Prodigal children
deathbed conversions
broken hearts
Lies spoken by the enemy of our souls

Look up

Seek His face while it might be found, He has the answers
Do not give up!
Be not discouraged

The battle belongs to the Lord
~But we must stand on His truth and not lay down our shield of faith~

There is always a promise that God is in the process of fulfilling!

When you see the Robin, you know a new season and life is here

Do you find yourself drawn to spring colors!
Can you sense the uplifting of your spirits through color?

Monday, April 6, 2015

How The Benefits of Epsom Salts Can Help Heal...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Natures Wonder...

This wonderful natural salt can be used for many things;
It is a beauty secret and can be used for health benefits.

You can use it as a facial mask;
Mix with a small amount of honey and smooth a bit in your face and neck.
Let set for 2-3 minutes and gently wash off!
It makes your face look radiant and smooth  looking skin...

I have always enjoyed the benefits of using Epsom salt in my bath or a foot soak!
(This is a wonderful thing to do for your Hubby when he gets home from work once in awhile)
If you have a splinter in a finger it will help to draw it out. And helps take the pain away!
It will help you feel relaxed and refreshed when used in your bath water!

This is the time of the year where we are working outside so much more.
And getting more use of all our muscles!

But I have really come to realize the benefits of the this salt filled with magnesium!

Our bodies are so depleted in this wonderful mineral!
There is now an oil you can get from your health food store that
you can just rub on your skin.

Here are just a few good reasons to use Epsom salts;

Using this in your bath water will help Relieve Stress and Anxiety: The moment you slide into a warm bath, you may instantly feel less stressed...

Epsom salt also helps reduce your stress because it helps your body to produce serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical in the brain that brings an overall calm feeling to your body and mind.
Epsom salt also lowers blood pressure and helps you sleep like a baby.

Epsom salt will help Relieves Pain and Muscle Cramps:
 The majority of our pain comes from inflammation of the joints and muscles
 this is especially true in the case of back pain.
 Epsom salt helps relieve the pain and the inflammation in all your joints!
 It also will help heal skin wounds and can help with migraine headaches.

 It is really good for your brain and your level of electrolytes.
I have heard it helps with concentration!
People that have seizures can benefit from magnesium also.

The Epsom salt bath will also help remove toxins, but be warned;
These mineral salt baths do make you feel tired, so take them in the evenings
Just before bedtime!
Also, you need to drink plenty of water to keep flushing out the toxins!

Epsom salt is actually a pure mineral compound of both magnesium and sulfate.
It has shown in studies to contain over 325 enzymes.

I know it helps with inflammation of any joint or back pain!

I always have a bag or carton of this magic cure around my house!
This stuff is so cheap, you can find it even at most Dollar Stores.
I think this is a very frugal health item that should be in every
Medicinal cabinet, as it works for so many things that ail us,
And is so cost efficient and affordable!

You can then pour it into a pretty jar and set near your tub or counter top.

I really think this salt is a gift from the Lord, as it has so many healing qualities!

Here are some of the same facts from the Epsom Salt Council;
Click on their link below for more good information

Do share with me anything that you have benefited
From using Epsom Salts...

Saturday, April 4, 2015

How To Be A Pansy And Thrive...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog


We are so blessed to be part of unique positioning.
The sun is the greater light
The moon the lesser light,
We have the light of the Lord within if we are Christians.

But we have all the details to accomplish the great and special events.
That has been predestined for us!

There are so many details that seem insignificant,
But they all have been divinely ordained!

I am always amazed at the intricate design of creation of
All plants and flowers and animals.

But what just makes my heart leap is the way a heart longs
To love in the face of struggle.

The scriptures tell us that women are the weaker vessel;
But I think in a way it is like a Pansy flower;
Soft and delicate, very fine color and attractive!
A flower in the very sense of the word;
But a pansy flower can stand up to brutal cold temps,
To be covered in a foot of snow!
Yet, they do more than survive, they thrive!
They can grow in the shade, even in soil made up of pine needles.
They stay alive with even very little water.

So I think of women that in many ways may be weaker;
But I see the makeup of A sturdy and strong strength;
That come from within...
To endure tough situations

Giving birth
Holding the hand of someone dying
Being an advocate for someone with no words
Protecting our children
Loving in the face of rejection
Waiting till the time of revelation of a situation...

The saying of don't be a Pansy, brings a whole new spin on that one!

I may cry, but I can still see through my tears!
Scripture tells us sorrow may last through the night;
But JOY comes in the morning...

I am thankful for the strength to do more than survive,
But we are called to thrive and set our hand to the plow;
And to break up that fallow ground!
Even a Pansy can break through a hard and cracked surface;
And bend its head into the rays of warm sunshine and smiles.
The Pansy smiles into the face of adversity...

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