Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Her Choice Of Words Offended Me...

Bad Language, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Her mouth and her words offend me!

I so wanted to be this gal's friend if only on Instagram :o)

But her choice of words offended me...
Look, I am not as pure as the driven snow,
But I do have scruples and this gal crossed the line for me.

There is just something about seeing a photo of something beautiful
and having a cuss word in the one line.

You can have all the beauty in the world and still look like a pig
With a gold ring in one's nose.
You can look classy yet sound like a fool.

I do not say this to make you think I have never said a bad word;
But rather to say that when we write something that the whole world
can see, it now becomes the point of showing no discretion.

When I was a child if we said a bad word we got our mouth washed out with soap!

Now days they might consider that child abuse!

Well, I think adults need to wash their own mouths out with soap first!

We have two ears and two eyes and one mouth;
And some of the things that come out of a ladies mouth
Is nothing but disgraceful!!

She said _____  _____ _____!

So, now you can understand why I do not want to read about her amazing
Vacation or her view about anything.

Yes, I live in the real world, but I have chosen to not subject myself to pollute 
myself with foul language, no matter the lovely photos.

She may get her hair colored and cut
She may get her nails manicured
She may wear the newest fashions
But she truly needs her mouth washed out with soap!

She can use a lovely french milled soap
or she could use just the plain old

Ivory Bar Of Soap

Please realize that cuss words should not come out of a
Lady's mouth, even in writing or talking!

And that's all I have to say about this for today...

Monday, October 17, 2016

Staying On The Narrow Ancient Path...

Here is proof I did some long term food preparation!

I wonder if we could just realize how much of an impact our little jobs
we do on each and every given day will help us to enjoy our days.

Sometimes we get so busy we do not take in the smaller little gifts of a sweet smelling aroma!
Or we miss the things that really matter!

As I write this blog post this morning, there is a fire burning in the mountains.
They are being evacuated!
What trauma and fear are in their lives today!

But when we are not in the line of fire do we react with thanksgiving?

Can we expect everyone to agree with us and how we have been taught
to live our lives?

Do we think just because we are a Christian we are going to be liked?

Sometimes we must just look straight ahead and stay on the
narrow ancient path!

Beware of the new and improved church and culture!

We now see the world in the church rather than the church in the world!

When I was a child, I thought as a child;
But is my thinking grounded in truth!

Look, beware of practicing all these weird and off the wall extra biblical stuff dear ones,

Prayer Circles
 (from the book called The Circle Maker)
Here is a good link describing this;

Soaking In His Presence

Spiritual Disciplines

New Revelation

Speaking In Tongues

Are you growing in your feelings
Are you growing in the wisdom and knowledge of the truth?

Being prepared for the days to come spiritually and physically!
Be wise, but not afraid!

Examine yourself...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Being A Woman Of Leisure And They Called Her Lazy, Because She Did Not Work (Outside The Home)...

Do Not Be Lazy, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Being a woman of leisure...

I really do just sit around and eat Bon Bon's all day!
My days are filled with nothing important...

I do not leave the house by 7:00 am
I usually awake when I open my eyes
(But it use to be when the baby cries)

I make myself a cup of tea!
Many mornings start out reading and studying that OLD BOOK!
No Wall Street Journal here to enlighten my old ways of thinking.


While still in my robe I find myself putting a load of
dirty clothes that were worn doing nothing.

I cleaned off the old boring round table
(The same style of King Arthurs Court Room)
Changed out the tablecloth that had splatters of bits and pieces and crumbs.
(From meals that have been the same ones I have used to feed my brood)

Yup, so far, been up for 1 hour and twenty minutes;
Only took off all the stuff from my 10 foot counter top
Washed and rearranged everything on it!
Writing this post so I could get it done before I need to go do
my weeks shopping for fresh veggies and fruits!
Because My Old Man will want a lunch to take to work with him
And Then there is DINNER
Gosh, all he does is work and sleep and eat!

I bet he wished he had my job!!

Washing and cooking and cleaning!!

Wait, what a shame while I was running around doing all these boring chores and my
Bon Bon's melted into a pool of icky gooey yuck!

Really do housewives really eat Bon Bon's?

Well, maybe some housewives might be lazy...

~Work While It Is Yet Day~

Monday, October 10, 2016

Make Time Daily To Refresh Your Heart and Mind...


I was very busy today as it is a Monday!
I try to get a few loads of laundry done and get my kitchen in shape.
 I wanted to take some pictures of my fall mantel and I never had time.
(This was the one from last year I think)

I did get a sewing craft finished and it is a very pretty tea cozy,
But it was one of those days where things did not go really smoothly.
But I have learned that it is in these times I get to practice 

Truly, when things are a bit off and everything seems to be a challenge;
We get to take a breath and just put our hand to the task!

If you have ever sewn then you would know about the little tool
called a seam ripper, and this is the little thing you use to rip out
just what you have just sewn together...

It is much easier to sew a seam than to have to rip it out!
(Trust Me)

These seem like days that feel like they are filled with trying things!
Hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and these political storms.

Why do we need to stop and just focus on our homes?

Well, if you do not do this you would become a neurotic person with a stress problem!

Look you cannot stop the chaos that is happening everywhere!
But you have been given the privilege to create a place of peace.
A refuge of calm and comfort!

And if you have created your home to be pleasant and lovely;
Then now you must take advantage of it!!

Stay at home a bit more often
Do not run to town or to the store daily.

Do not over schedule your days!

Keep yourself well stocked with pantry foods to make a few meals.

Buy supplies for a few crafts to make some gift items;
This will give you great pleasure!

Make yourself some tea in the afternoons!
I have found a nice cup of hot chocolate to be perfect lately.

Keep a few good books readily available to read a chapter while sitting
in your cozy corner or chair!

Keep a bible study on the kitchen counter so you can work on a few
questions each day or so!

I truly think we need to train ourselves to relax and take a breath!

If you have little ones rest while they are quiet or napping.
If you can make it just a few moments of rest of your mind and body.
If your children are grown, then you must still make time to
Refresh yourself and so then you can enjoy your afternoons.

I have found that it is better for me to decide what my evening meal
is going to be in the earlier part of the day.

When you are planning your days do not forget that
to do things that refresh your heart is just as important as all the
chores that must be done in any given day...

I took a picture with my phone!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How To Make Some Marvelous Mini Meatloaves...

How To Make A Mini Meatloaf in A muffin pan! Living from glory to glory blog

I have been making these little mini meatloaves for a few years now!

These little gems of an old time dinner favorite,
or maybe you do not care for meatloaf.
But I am hoping you will try this delicious way to make
a new an improved mini meatloaf.

The advantage to this meatloaf is firstly the size,
Because it is so much smaller than the typical loaf pan size.
It will cook really fast!

You can also make a few different twists of flavors in each batch.
You can please each member of the family.
Italian, Mexican, BBQ

Items Needed

1 pound of your ground beef meat
1 package of Stove Top Stuffing
Any flavor you like, chicken, cornbread ect.
(Or you can use your own flavored bread crumbs)
1 cup of water added to the stuffing mix

Now mix all this together,
Grease a 12 cup muffin pan with your cooking spray

Press the meat mixture into your 12 cup muffin pan.
Make an indentation on top of each mini meatloaf
Now, this is where you add the goodies

You can add
 Tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

Taco seasoning and salsa and Mexican style cheese

Garlic salt or powder and your favorite BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese.

See the ideas are endless...

I like to add some green chilis, another time some sauted onions.

Bake in a 350 degree oven, (preheat the oven)
They cook between 15- 20 minutes.
Cook until nicely brown and cheese is lightly browned.

These little meatloaves are great for a dinner party,
They freeze really well!
They make a delicious cold meatloaf sandwich
(We like our with some mayonnaise and ketchup on our french bread)

This is a great way to stretch your meat budget also.

These are a very tasty way to get a dinner on the table quickly!

Always cooking and trying new things can be a great way
to keep your menus filled with new and inspiring foods.

Look, even the old meatloaf has gotten a new makeover!

Have A Wonderful Day!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Boots...

The Love Of Cowboy Boots

I have always enjoyed having a nice pair of boots;
They are a staple in a ladies wardrobe if you live in the west!

Really a nice pair of boots can be worn anywhere!
"In the country or in the city"
They can be very comfortable and great support for your feet.

They look very classy with a skirt or a dress;
And they of course look perfect with a pair of jeans!

I have had a pair of work boots for the yard and chores,
It is a must to keep the thorns out of one's socks.
A pair of boots can protect your ankle and legs from a snake bite!

Sometimes I feel like kicking up my heels and dancing a jig...

Every Spring and Fall the grandsons need a new pair of boots!
Our Men need a sturdy pair for doing all the chores!
Now, Girls need a pair to look like a country girl!

~A good pair of boots will last a girl for years~

~A good Husband will last a lifetime~

A good set of silverware will last for a very long time~

~A relationship with the Lord will last an eternity~

Blessings, Roxy

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Go Dog Go... (Blog List Just Disappeared)

Go Dog Go Book, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~Go Dog Go~

This little book is one of my all time favorites!
Actually, this copy was given to me many years ago from my daughter
at Christmas time 2004
As my original copy was tattered and falling apart!

There are so many little things I love about this book;
Firstly, there is contrast
Big Dog
Little Dog

Black and White Dogs

There is the question, do you LIKE my _______
(Fill in the blank)

Some are going IN
Some are going OUT

Some go ROUND and ROUND
Some go UP
Some go DOWN

Some are OVER
Some our UNDER

There is DAY
And there is NIGHT


Go Dog Go

Well the idea is this for me;
At different times of the day or my life I have done all of these things!

Where do I go from here we may ask at times;
Well, actually we must hold steady.
And keep going, and going...

This morning I was wondering why it seems some people choose not to like us?
Why do we not fit in with this class or this program or church?
Why do some people shun us and leave us on the sidelines?
Why does are usefulness stop being used?

Do we just have to settle for the (everybody is doing it)
Is your standard looked upon as too high? 

Or maybe as your way of doing things are just old fashion!

I can see that this next generation has learned to ignore most
of the old traditions. And live their days with "Whatever"

But if you want to believe an Old Dog can't learn new tricks;
Well, I choose to believe I can do whatever the Lord has for me!

Because I know the end of the story!

It is a great BIG DOG PARTY...

And finally the LADY dog ask's The MAN dog
the same question again,


 I DO,
What a hat!
I like it!
I Like that PARTY HAT

Never give UP !!

What's new on the homestead?

Hello, I have lost all my blogs on my blog list,
If you were on my sidebar, you are gone!!
Please send me your address if you want to be back on my sidebar!!

Our 9th grandchild was born, healthy and beautiful!

We have made 3 batch's of freezer strawberry Jam

We processed 28 jars of tomatoes.

We put up sweet corn, cut off the cob to freeze.

Plum jelly tomorrow is on my list!

Salsa is a must and is on the list!
Our Son loves to help with that one, and trust me he makes the best!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ugly Duckling Or Sparkling Swan...

Swans, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The feeling of not being pretty enough...
Not being enough in so many areas of our lives can leave us void.

This world is always screaming more and saying you are not enough;
And it will tell us we are not doing enough...

Our plumb-line of where we are positioned has taken on a whole new dimension.

I have found this ugly duck lie is just that, a big fat lie...
When we are young we always see all the pictures of the beautiful and lovely.
And we start to believe the lie.

And I can tell you this, that after all these many years I have come to see;
That the truth is this; every woman is beautiful in her own way!

We can all have a sparkle in our eye and a sparkle in our hearts!
You can even buy a sparkly shirt (smile)

I do want to add this one thought, being pretty and sparkly;
Truly comes from the heart and we can do what we can look
clean and neat and kind!

There truly is no reason to feel like an ugly duckling,
Because we are all beautiful in His eyes!

"Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful"

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