Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Russia Has Taken Over Our Blogs Or Referring Spam...

What the heck!!

Need some feedback...

I have been getting tons of hits from Russia!!
When I say a ton I mean it!
I had 1716 pageviews, But it does not land on any blog posts!
All my traffic is from Russia...

At first I was so excited thinking, wow I am getting out there!

I have lost sleep over this disturbing thing that is being none on
MY sweet little blog...

Danger, Hackers have invaded blogger!
Or we are being Spamed To Death...

But yet I have had no extra
spam or no traffic on any post!

Please let me know if any of you are experiencing the same thing!

So after some investigating I now think I am just a little blogger
with a URL that got on a hot list.

This is called referer spam.

Nobody is actually viewing your blog from these sites - and nobody knows about these links, but you, since only you can see your Stats logs.

There are no actual links to your blog, from these websites - nor is your blog content being read, from anybody's computer. Neither your blog's page rank nor reputation is affected, one way or the other, by referer spam.

Referer spam never stops. You'll stop seeing a specific spam URL, when the spammer switches to a new URL. They only switch to new URLs when Google blocks the spam advertising the current URL. 

Do NOT check out the very odd names of referring URL,
as this sends you to unknown sites with some bad stuff.
And can also cause you to make the problem worse!
They actually hope you will do this!
Do Nor Click On UNKNOWN URL addresses.

So I guess I will just be grateful that I am going to be
seen as not productive as with running with the big dogs!

Geesh, what ever happened to plain and simple
And safe and sound??

So now, I think this warrants some blog post on Russia!

They really do have such lovely blue and white china...

My Comment;
I will not fear or be afraid! I do find it all very weird and I do not like it! I think these things are going to happen with all our technologies and such. But it does make one to be very aware of what you put on your blog posts! And people are stealing what you write and post! You have to be very careful and we should be cautious! But I guess they feel they can take what is not theirs and use it for profit is sad.

I was told that it may eventually stop, but if not I am not sure what we can even do about it!


I think they may be trying to crash our sites and confuse blogger in the long run!
This is like Spamming Zombies!
I have heard of this, but not a clue as how to do it-
Locking IPs and Visitors by Country, 
Blogger will have to address this problem or all our analytics will be  off and we all could be hacked blind!

This will affect our server load and our safety vulnerabilities, Do not open the unknown names of the sites that show  ity-ibity, check your site,  so many of them, I cannot name them, but if it is not from another friends blog or a name you trust if you follow it back it caused more spam and bad traffic from a spammer zombie!!

Dear Russian Ladies, if you're really reading our blogs would you be so kind as to leave us a comment?

Monday, July 25, 2016

How To Have A Kitchen That Truly Has Heart...

A Kitchen With Heart And Soul, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Having a kitchen that truly has heart, must be filled with wonderful things!
I do not mean the latest kitchen gadget, but rather the things and stuff that matter!

So many ladies seem to cook out of just survival mode;
This may be because of lack of funds or foods to prepare.

But there is a true heart for cooking that can be made simple and inexpensive that
Just fill the atmosphere of one's own kitchen!

It does not matter if you are cooking for two or ten!

Stop allowing the world or the era to determine what you create!!

Some of these healthy things just taste like cardboard!

If you just look back into all the now changed data on
"What's good for you and what's NOT"

We were told to only eat margarine;
Well, now we are told BUTTER is the real food...
(I have always only used real butter"

Remember the fad called FAT FREE
Well, people just got fatter!

When a woman drinks milk her waistline slims down
(I am not sure why it works, but it does)
I drink lactose free milk as it's easier for me to digest.

Your kitchen should be the hub of your home...

To prepare a meal everyday that can fill bellies and the heart!

We have so many meals that are tasteless and heartless!

We need to recapture the love of foods that say love and family!

Please don't look and eat and act like the world!

Feed the bodies and hearts and minds all that enter your kitchen!

Cooking like sex is an attitude...
Bad attitudes create bad touch and taste!

Everything that you do in your kitchen will reflect in your health;
In your hearts
Your waist line
In your thinking
In your budget
In your marriage
In your relationships

The kitchen is not like the laundry room where you wash and fold!!

~The kitchen is where Love is cooked and shared and memories made~

We are obsessed with food in all the wrong ways!
Being larger is much better then starved and pencil thin!

A little less thinking about oneself and to think of serving a platter
of love and good eats leaves the family fulfilled and fed!

That is probably we see the explosion of food blogs and cooking channels!

We all know that you can clean and organize your kitchen;
And decorate is for very little in dollar amount.
And decorate it to look super cozy and elegant!

Your kitchen has a heartbeat dear ones!
Do you need to deliver some drastic measures to revive your kitchen?

Well get busy, you can take one whole day and get it back into shape

Here is an email I sent to my daughter for are oldest granddaughter!
Maybe it will inspire new cooks and us older ladies that have
been cooking for decades!

Please do not say I HATE to COOK...
Ask the Lord to help you have a love for the kitchen and cooking!

I was asked by my daughter if I would send some recipes to her for
my granddaughters new cookbook that she is putting together for her!

So I did find a few that I had not already sent her in the past!

But I just started writing some ideas down that I thought would
make for a great idea information sheet.
these are ideas that I have learned myself over the years and I have
always loved ideas to help me keep a cleaner and safer kitchen.
And ideas that help my pantry foods and freezer foods to be used wisely!

Cooking 101 Ideas
Grandma's Ideas ***

Find recipes that look good to you!
Think of foods that are good for you!
Have ideas for cheap and easy meals!
Find an idea that is just for you for the special feel good dinners!
When you eat something you really like while out, ask the hostess for her recipe!
Learn to change or tweak a recipe that has an item that you do not like!
Cooking should be a joy, do not look at it as a burden!

Keep your items that might go bad in the freezer like nuts or flours, if you buy in large quantities.

Always remember the 4 day rule; After 4 days, many left overs can become bad! Toss them out!
Potato salad is a 3 day rule...
(Trust me)

After baking your cookies keep them in the freezer in a tin canister with wax paper between the layers.
You can freeze scones and quick breads!
It is a good idea to bake ahead and freeze some as when you need it for a dinner or a guest comes for tea you can just pull it out!

Always mark what you are putting in the freezer and use it in a few months time.

Always keep a fresh pitcher of iced tea and lemonade to serve as it is economical and good for you!

Each week you can cook up a batch of rice or a pasta or par-cooked potatoes (you just boil them with the skin on till tender, drain and put in frig till you need them, as they last well over a week in the frig) for a quick side to add to your meals.
The rice can be a quick stir fry! The potatoes can be cubed or shredded for fried potatoes or hash browns!

You can freeze shredded cheese!

Always change out your dishcloth and towel in the kitchen everyday!

Clean out your refrigerator before you go food shopping!
Toss out old leftovers and wipe off shelves!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Green Eyed Jealousy Will Destroy Your Heart...

Green Eyed And Kind
Green Eyed Jealousy...

Jealousy, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

What does it look like in your heart or life?

Or maybe you never get jealous!

If you have ever had the awful experience of being jealous,
Or being the object of another's jealousy it hurts.
It truly is an empty feeling or emotion with rotten fruit.

I have been on a learning curve to be truly happy for others success in life.
Giving God praise for His promotion in another's life.

Really, every other person out there has something you don't have.
Happy marriage
Perfect body
Good health
Great skills
Good cook

But, I will say this; We are not missing anything!
Our lives are moving in the timing and direction the Lord has for us!

Jealousy is a monster that may just hide under the bed;
It comes out when it thinks it won't be detected.

Look, if someone else has it, we want it...

You are given your portion and it is up to you to use what you have!

You can always improve on something in your life!

Jealousy is where you want what another has!
(In a way it is a bit like wanting to steal)
It is a bit like being greedy because after all you have your portion!

But I want what they have...

I have come to realize that my portion was fitted just for me...
Once again, it's a bit like the glass slipper;
No matter the size of the lady's foot, she wants to try;
And try they did, big foot, skinny foot and the larger foot!

But one size in this world does not fit most of us!

We all need to learn to be happy for those around us that just seem to have it all!

The Perfect Life

Well lets not allow the green eyed monster to live under our bed!!

Turn on the lights, sweep out from under that bed;
(Get your heart in the place of being happy for who and what you have)

Do not feed that monster!!
It will never go away if you do that...

Be Happy and content with what you have;
Your Husband
Your Children
Your Home

Work on what can be shored up!
We all need a little bit of paint and sweeping up!
Put on your smile and quit grumbling!

Truly, most people can just look at us and know if we're for real,
Or putting on our make believe I am happy for you face!

Be real and stop allowing jealousy to have a place in your life today!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why We Need To Keep Our Homes Free Of Feeling Like They Are A Museum...

Victorian lady, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

As a woman I tend to lean into pinks and whites with my color in vintage pictures!

Yet in my own home, I tend to have earth tones in my living room.

French country in my kitchen (Yellows, Blue and Sage Green and Beige)

My Husbands Den is done in browns and all dark wood.
Burgundy color chair and love seat; two horse blankets
And a bit of cowboy style with a bit of iron wall art.

But I do have my sewing and craft room done in pinks and frills...
And in rose patterns and vintage decor and vintage pictures.

When I look at vintage pictures of days gone by, I can't help but feel that
Things appeared to be more gentle and lovely.

I always like to surround myself with things that make me feel comfy and cozy!
Make your home a haven of rest and beauty...

I think one thing I always try to incorporate is this in my home;
A place that does not feel overly girlish for my husbands taste.
He enjoys things to be neat and everything to have its place.
But he does enjoy my taste in making things look classy and lovely.

When we can take our homes and allow our taste in decor and match it with
our husbands taste and preference, it makes it perfect for each of us!

Clean and comfy and cozy are the real decorating style we need...

Having good taste and style will look different for each of us.
I enjoy changing things up once in a while!
Changing out some of the furniture, or moving an end table,
Can be a nice difference in any room.
I have sprayed painted old lamps, and I have changed out pictures.

Keep your home fresh and not too girlish or plain or overly stuffed!

Our husbands do not want to feel like they are in a museum either!

Happy Homemaking!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Comment Box Or No Comment Box...

How Lovely...

We are all searching for the true peace and strength that come from the only truth
and stable thing in this entire universe...

I always enjoy the blessings and freedoms that come with
being a wife and mother!

I have choices every single day!

I can be a part of the chaos and darkness and wring my hands!
But I have chosen the better thing.

I will sit at His feet and meditate on His word...

Some of you had noticed I had taken off my comment box,
It was not because I had to;
But I wanted to see if I wrote a post to get comments!

I realize that that was not the case;
I have had my share of women who hate what I love...
I do not have time to comment on most blogs myself,
(as I have only so much strength and time)

My heart wants to please my Father!
I want to use my time to love my family!
I want to write posts, that inspire and challenge others to think!

I can see that the darkness is getting darker,
But I have always chosen the light of Gods Word...

Can I be a voice in the wilderness?

Yes, I can do that!

I will try to always be my Utmost For His Highest...

I am but a whisper in a very loud world that says look at me!

I do not want to silence those that share a comment that helps others.
We are told to use our hearts and minds!

So I will try to hang onto what is good!
I will choose what portion He has given me!

We can not run away from all that is good and holy,
Because of a few bad apples!

Please always feel like what you say and comment on matters!
We all need to have a friend and a place to be safe!
What are your thoughts on having a place to comment?

I do not want to appear fickle, I just need to do what is right!
And as you all know, sometimes it takes a while to know what best
suits you and your family...

Maybe it was very wise to take off my comment box,
I will see and if it feels right then it will stay.

Sometimes I just want someone to tell me what to do!!

May I ask your Opinion??
Is having a comment box on this particular blog a good thing,
Or is it easier to read and run?

As I prefer at times to just read and ponder!
By the night time I have very few words left...

I appreciate your input...

I will pray about this again and I will see if I have an answer as what to do!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Women And Their Now Equal Rights To Sign Up For The Draft...

The Draft, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I bet so many little girls are just so excited about the possibility
of being drafted when they grow up!

And they also will be required to sign up with Selective Services...
As soon as they turn 18 years of age...
Won't that be exciting for them!

I wonder if women really realize what they have done for our culture and world?

It is very possible in our  lifetime that our sweet granddaughters or daughters
May be called up for the draft,
 Like having to worry about our sons being drafted was not enough...

Really, I thought that equal pay or to be treated fairly was not so bad;
But, this has crossed the lines!

I saw the movie a long time ago called GI Jane
(I wish I had never had watched it)
It grieved my heart!
Terrible movie, what a brute, but she was making a point!!
Now at the end of the movie even the men thought she
 Deserved the position she fought so hard to aspire to!

Why do women love the militant lifestyle?

Well, I guess that it's pretty silly,
We love to rule and reign over all!
Okay, now I guess women have done everything that was made for a man to do
or to become in a Man's world...
They were created to protect and conquer.

Women want it their way
Well Baby you have come a long way and I believe you will be sorry!

Notice I have said nothing about women being soldiers!
That is their business.

I just wonder if our little girls will get to wear a pink uniform?
Will she be allowed to wear her hair long?

Seriously, we are in trouble...
Why would a female desire these portions meant for a man?

Look, I have nothing to prove!
If you want the ladies I know to defend this country, we got ourselves a problem!

If any of you know of a man who has made it through boot camp they
Come back different, stronger, bolder, in command!

Some Topics being discussed;

Noting that women are already serving in combat-like roles,
 discussed during a New Hampshire presidential debate that some back allowing women
 to sign up for the draft.

“I do believe that Selective Service should be opened up for both men and women
 in case a draft is ever instituted,”
 They are asking if women should be required to sign up “in case of a national emergency.”

The new requirement would affect as many as 11 million women,
 according to a nonpartisan Congressional Research Service report in April.
 Women who turn 18 on or after Jan. 1, 2018, would be required to sign up.

Well, I guess we will see what the future holds;
But I can use my imagination and I will tell you this,
Anytime we are in a war, even the men wish they were back home.
With their families and their wives and children.
Now the women can wear the same boots and socks for weeks
Sleep under the stars
Eat rations straight from the package!
Gee, Mom War and Fighting are just so great!
Thanks for helping us girls have equal rights!

Would someone out there come to their God given senses and stop this
unbiblical cause!

Mommas may your little girls never grow up to be drafted!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How To Remove A Perm From Your Hair With This Curl Remover Product...


Living From Glory To Glory Blog
Curl Remover...

I just feel that this product is well deserving of a blog post;
And a review written on its performance!

Firstly, if you have ever had a perm that just was not what you wanted,
This post is for you...

A bad hair day is one thing, but a bad perm is awful!

My perm was suppose to just give me a little body and fullness.

My hair went wild and bushy
The gray hair just stuck straight out and was very stiff.
Needless to say I was so upset and so sorry that I had gotten a perm.

But my daughter in law found this product for me!!
One and Only
(Curl Remover)

She bought it from Sally's for under ten dollars!

We read the directions and highlighted all the steps and the times for processing.
We used two fine tooth combs to keep the hair straight,
We used our kitchen timer and had some old towels for my hair.
It had only two steps and did not take long at all.

I did help with the combing out of the 2 steps!
We both were a bit nervous!

But the results were amazing;
All the perm was gone!
My hair was soft and straight!
The gray hair was not sticking out any longer!

Now, I do not color my hair and I have not permed my hair in 20 years.
If your hair is already damaged I would not know what your results
would be, but if you have a bad perm, it still would be worth it.
Well, at least in my opinion...

The results after using the product!

My hair was soft and smooth!

I do recommend this product, as I was so deeply upset over my perm,
And how it made me look and feel!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

How Little Things Can Change Your Life...


~There is just something so special about a beautiful teacup~

There are so many lovely teacups out there and what a treasure to have one.

But what I think is so sad is how we no longer have time for tea!
Or we may not have the pleasure of company to share it with.

I was given the little teacup through an exchange from our friend
Stephanie's blog Enchanted Rose.
And the day before my cup arrived, my dear Husband bought me the larger
One from an antique store in our town!
So now I have a large one and a tiny one for a child to share some tea!

Here is a lovely blue glass tea light holder made by my sister
last year for my birthday.
 I love it because it matches my beach decor
in our master bath!
A simple gift made with love for me!

These windmill cookies always make me smile;
They bring back such happy memories;
These cookies were some of my Mothers very favorite cookies!
She would have one with her afternoon cup of coffee.

Here is a new ironing board cover I bought for my sewing room!
I do manage to go through many covers as I do enjoy ironing!
I have some material that I have purchased and I do plan
on making another one for myself so when this one gets holes
I will have one made already!

I miss so many things now days!

The ancient paths seem like it has been lost to so many!

I miss having a close friend to have tea with!

I miss my Mother and all her ways!

I miss being close to my sister!

I miss ironing my children's clothing!

I miss having my children home!

I miss having all my grandchildren close!

I miss having comments on my blog!

I guess the reason I miss all these things is because they were all happy
things that gave me sweet memories and gifts given in love!
Things to do on any given day that seemed not big or important
Yet, now leave me feeling a bit at a loss...

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