Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What The Different Colors Of Roses Mean...

There is just something so wonderful about the Rose flower...
The smell is intoxicating,
The symbolism is powerful!
A rose is worth a thousand words...

Enjoy a little symbolism that is dedicated to each different color of each rose.
Each color has some special meanings to them!


Red Rose...

The Red roses are of course the traditional symbol for love and romance.
They say I Love You!
The red rose speaks life!
This rose says beauty and perfection.
A bouquet of red roses is a perfect way to express your deep feelings!

Pink Roses...
A pretty Pink rose is a symbol of grace and elegance.
It is used to convey admiration, or appreciation.
Also the color says joyfulness.
The pink rose is considered the oldest garden rose.

Yellow Roses...
This bright and sunny color of yellow brings feelings of
warmth, happiness and cheerfulness.
this is a great rose to send with a get well wish!
True friendship!
Feelings of joy...

White Roses...
Now, the white rose represents innocence and purity.
New beginnings (marriages, births)
A white rose shows honor and reverence.
These are often an expression of  remembrance (death of a loved one)

Orange Roses...
Orange roses speak of desire and enthusiasm.
Energy, passion and excitement.
Theses send a meaning message.
Emerging romance.

Lavender Roses...
Majesty, Enchantment,
Love at first sight!

I always love looking at the roses;
Every part of the rose has a special meaning.
The fragrance is heady and speaks of love and romance;
A rose scented oil or a perfume is beautiful!

I think each petal is thick and lush and is a treasure,
when they fall off the stem and dry in the wind!
They can be scattered or placed in a bowl.

Even the thorns can remind us of the sorrows and pain that come
in the life we live each day.

The beginning of a rose bud, speaks of new beginnings;
And beauty is on its way.
Never give up and look for the beauty in each day.

May I suggest you consider buying some roses;
They are worth the beauty and symbolism once in awhile...

Give a gift that speaks love and affection...
To your mate or child or friend

Friday, February 5, 2016

Gods Grace Overflows And Where Your Treasures Is...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

These Young Ladies Inspire Me...

I have known each and every one of them for at lease
Two decades or more!

They desire to be Godly wives and mothers!
They have shown me honor and love...
I am so grateful that I have been able to speak truth and love
Into their hearts and families and marriages!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

We were all having a little tea party lunch for sweet fellowship;
As these two young women were here visiting their Mother!
Which just happens to be my dear friend from our youth.
These two were best friends with my daughter growing up!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The one in the middle is my most precious Daughter In Love;
She was given to me as a gift through marriage...
She has blessed me beyond words!
Here is her link to her blog 

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This lovely lady and friend has been a part of my life

The two young ladies with me above our her two girls
"They are twins"

Here is Pam's Blog

We have had many years to grow a friendship that we always
pray brings glory to God!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

These young Godly Boys;
Belong to the women of the first photo I showed;
These are the young arrows these ladies are raising!

And of course, these boys are a few of Pam's and my grandchildren!
We both have more grandchildren that were not with us on this occasion.

I think it is rather very sweet to all be together for a few glorious hours!
The boys had so much fun...

We girls had a lovely day!
Tea and a yummy lunch!
And Love

( I just wanted to mention that the two girls in the photo with me;
Are the very ones that got all of us to start a Blog)
They are the very reason I have gotten to know so many other very special
Blogging friends all over the world!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How To Make A Very Easy Heart Banner...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

~A Heart Banner~

This is a super easy way to make a very cute Heart Banner.
It would look very cute over the mantel.

All you need is a deck of cards
(You will need to punch holes in the cards
You will use all the heart cards in the deck!)
There will be thirteen of the heart ones.

Some different colors of ribbon
(Red and some white with some polka dots, stripes, hearts)

Also, you can use strips of fabric along side the ribbon!
The more the merrier...

You can purchase small amounts of a Valentine theme fabric!
You will have fun picking these out!

You can use any cord or rope or a heavy twine to string the cards on!
 Then add some ribbon and fabric strips placed between each of them!

You will also need a hole punch!

This is a rustic and heart and homey look!
You can also add some clothes pins to clip a cut out heart between the cards.
I like to use those pretty heart lace doilies!

Use your own imagination!
Have fun...

You can buy a few packs of playing cards at the Dollar Store!

You Will Need

Deck Of Cards
Twine or rope or ribbon
Hole punch
Fabric strips
Clothes Pins

I do hope you give this a try as it is very cute and cheap to make!

You can make one for yourself and one for a friend!

And really this is so easy your children or grandchildren
 Would love to make one!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Open Your Eyes And See Faith At Work...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog


It is very hard to understand faith;
And as a Christian we can have nothing,
Yet possess everything!

We can become sorrowful,
Yet we are able to rejoice

We may be poor in finances or in our health;
Yet we are rich with things money can not purchase.

This faith is very real yet invisible to the naked eye.

Faith gives  spiritual substance to the invisible...

"Faith is what will enable us to see God as a God of love at work;
Through all our hurts and hardships in our lives.

I have faith that I am doing just what God has called me to do!
Yes, I have doubts at times;
Yes, I could do more.
Yes, I could do and do and do...

But this faith allows me to wait and rest and be at peace.

I have put my hand to the plow;
I have days ahead of me that will require a purpose and a plan!

Keep your hands busy dear ones,
These days are requiring you to not look back!

Take each day one day at a time;
And create a lovely meal for your loved ones!
Bake some fresh, quick bread!
Paint your nails!
Read a Good book!
Work on some mending, sew on a button!
Write an encouraging card to someone!

Do not become discouraged!

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and certain
Of what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Asking For Prayer And Counting Your Blessings...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

God Loves To Hear Our Prayer's...

What kind of day are you having?

I do hope you are counting your blessings and giving thanks;
If you are in good health, praise the Lord!
If you have food in your cupboard, give thanks!
If your man is standing by you, give thanks!

I just wanted to share my afternoon with you ladies;
I just returned home from visiting a very dear friend!
She is an amazing woman...
Her name is Kelly
A sweet and gentle Irish gal,
She is a worshipper at heart!
~She sings like a bird~

She is funny and very cute;

But she has had struggles, like most of us have.
But this time in this season it is a different struggle!
She was diagnosed with brain cancer,
She has had two brain surgeries and is undergoing the
Full cancer treatment plan for her type of cancer!

She seemed to be very peaceful and I could sense her faith!

She had a cute headband on her head!!
Her daughter had given her a pedicure and her toes were ready to meet 
A warm and sandy beach in my opinion!

She smiled and nodded her head over everything we said to her!
We had the chance to pray with her and she gave a hardy 

I think God has a way of showing us a very good perspective
On what we might think is a hard or difficult season.
Can we encourage another, even when we are in a battle?
Yes, Yes we can and we should...

Can I ask you to pray for my dear friend?
Would you lift her up and add your prayer request;
To the Lord Jesus Christ, she loves and serves.

Her husband is a Pastor;
And he was telling my Husband and I, what his sermon was
 Going to be about for his church tomorrow;
It went something like this...
David learned what he needed to learn to fight the giant
Through the battles he had won with the Lion and the Bears!

We all learn to fight in the battle...

I believe one day we can all look back and sing;
Look What The Lord Has Done!

If you could leave a comment for her here on this Blog Post,
I could send her the link with your thoughts and prayers for her!
Can we encourage another today with our prayers!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why I Have Always Loved Having A Pretty Kitty...

Living from Glory To Glory Blog
Yes, That Is A Picture Of Me In My Much Younger Years

Pretty Kitty
When I was a little girl, I use to have a scrapbook  filled
with pictures of kitties I use to cut them out from magazines.
I really enjoyed looking for them, it became a game!
Some kids collected stamps, but I collected kitty pictures.
Some of the cutest ones were found on my birthday cards!

But what is really weird; 
I really was allergic to cats, but I still loved them.
About 15 years ago, my hubby got me a kitty for
~Valentines Day~

It took me awhile, but I did build up an immunity from her dander.
I still must wash my hands after petting her, or I can get itchy eyes or a  runny nose.

Every little kitty needs a friend to groom her,
and to play beauty parlor with them.
Or even dress her up and place her in a basket.
(But if you do not handle them a lot while they are little kitties,
They never get used to a lot of handling)

And you need to usually make the decision
As to whether your kitty will be an indoor or outdoor pet!
This little kitty is playing hide and seek..

I have always enjoyed seeing my kitty curled up in front of the wood stove
sleeping and reminding me that she is not worried about anything.
Purring is also very relaxing to hear in the background.

I know so many of you do not care for cats,
But I think they are just sweet to look at and to have around.
Yes, I have had to deal with cat hair,
And we did get her de-clawed when she was a kitten.
And you can always train your kitty to not jump on certain furniture items!
We used a spray bottle of water to really get tough on her!
She pretty much just sleeps and eats;
Now, that is the life...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

But I find it all worth it!
She has been a comfort to me.

Love, Roxy

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Vintage And Rose And A Sweet And Gentle Spirit...

This was a card sent to me many years ago, I just always thought it was so pretty.
 I do have a fondness for Victorian pictures.
 It must be the angelic sweetness that seems to emanate from them.

So many times I feel insulted by the offensive things that abound in our world.

But we woman can create  a home that is filled with things that bring a sense of well being.
Being a homemaker is a powerful ministry.
 I chose to keep my home the center of my affection, of course after Christ.
 As a Godly atmosphere  is what makes a home! 
Being able to take the time or in some cases to make the time.
To make your home clean and comfortable,
Yet filled with sweet treasures of color and beauty!

I think we can take a bit of imagination and spray paint;
And make a new look or refresh an older item of our home!

So many cute ideas that can be done with just some chalkboard paint!

I have seen many blog posts about how many women have taken things 
from their closets or Goodwill and revamped them into a treasure.

I also think it is a good idea to have a box or tub to have
Put aside to have other pictures or glassware for decorating,
and changing your rooms around.
This can be seasonal or just different color schemes.

Whether you like vintage or eclectic in style,
you can always make every room seem special and warm,
An inviting and to want to linger there!

I also want to mention this is that even if a home is decorated to the nines,
Being a woman that resides there that has a sweet and gentle spirit.
Is what really makes a home cozy and lovely!

I do hope to write a post on this topic soon!
A Sweet And Gentle Spirit...

As Always, Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, January 22, 2016

They Call It A Silent Killer, High Blood Pressure...

Hello Dear Friends...

Just an important message on the culprit thing called the silent killer!
High Blood Pressure

I have learned so many new things about Blood Pressure;
When I first started feeling really weird and I had no idea as to what was causing it!
I was very concerned and a little frightened...

When you have never felt a certain way before, and you can
not explain the weird symptoms you are feeling;
I could hear a rushing sound in my ears when I laid down!

Thankfully, I was feeling a bit under the weather so I went
To my doctor, I think it was God's providence!
They took my blood pressure reading and it was very high!
Then by the weekend I was in the ER with an off the chart high reading.
They did nothing for me they just assured me I was not dying!
They just did not want me to stroke out (really)
 And as it was on a Sunday, that was the only place to go!
They told me to go to see my physician in the morning;
So I went to my doctor first thing in the morning...

As I tend to believe that diet and lifestyle will cure anything!
I googled everything
I kid you not I was convinced eating celery would cure me.

Firstly, I want to mention that some high blood pressure;
Is completely from genetics...
Before we think that all blood pressure can be completely
Controlled by diet or supplements!
These things can help control it, but not make it go away, if it is genetics!

They gave me some medication for it!
I was never so glad to take a medication in my life.
Also, there are different kinds of medicines they give.
Beta blockers
ACE inhibitors
Angiotensin ll receptor blockers
Calcium channel blockers
Alpha blockers
Alpha-beta blockers
Nervous system inhibitors

They put me on the ACE inhibitors
ACE stands for angiotensin-converting enzyme.
This class of drugs inhibits production of the hormone angiotensin ll
Which usually causes blood vessels to narrow,
Thereby increasing the pressure inside

Just another curve in the road called life...

Hope you are all doing well and learning new things,
And taking pleasure in your days...

I so appreciate all of you that come and visit me and leave a comment!
I realize we are all so very busy, and it does take time to respond!

Living From Glory To Glory,  Roxy

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