Monday, September 29, 2014

Feeding Your Man...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

A Man Needs A Good Meal

So may men are just plain hungry...

If you want your Hubby to want to come home quickly,
Then you have the very thing to use daily to ensure that they
Do come HOME soon after work or running errands.

I love having my hubby home,
 I love the fact He wants to come HOME

I think one thing I have done very early on in my marriage was this;
He does not have to run out and get a sandwich or a burger
With friends or with the guys he works with.

I have seen way too many men, just plain hungry!

Now, I know many Men like to cook!
I think that is wonderful!

But I am also glad that my Husband wants and loves my cooking!
He prefers my breakfast specials,
He loves my hamburgers with green chilies on them.
He loves anything that is made from our kitchen.
This is called HOME COOKING...

I am not a gourmet cook, I cook and serve Home style meals.
Call me old fashion;

I man needs to know and can count on an evening meal for sure.
Some men need a big breakfast!
Some need a hearty lunch!

If you want to keep a Hubby happy feed him ladies!
I would hope that making a satisfying meal for him
 would also give you pleasure.

This is a test;
Cook some potatoes,
Now this week I want you to make these up!
Fried potatoes
Boiled potatoes 
Mashed potatoes
Baked potatoes

Serve with another meat or salad!
The side dish of a veggie, applesauce or biscuits.

You will have a very Happy Hubby!

I think the potato is a homemakers best friend
Besides the crock-pot.

You can buy potatoes so cheap, and they can be very nutritious!
Please Feed Your Man!!

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

What is a food item that is a staple in your cooking?

Share how you might like to cook your potatoes!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Prayer Closet...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Prayer Closet

We have such an amazing privilege as women,
And as believer's in Jesus Christ

We have been invited to a special place!
"Our Prayer Closet"

We are called to be living epistles;
This is where our lives should resemble a character that has substance.
It is the love that is shed abroad within our hearts.
A love and truth that change a heart...

I am ever so grateful for those who have prayed for me!
We have been given a great honor and privilege.
We can come along someone and pray for those who need
Strength or wisdom or provision!

We can be the one who God will use to lift a need to the Alpha And Omega.
He knows every need, but He desires to hear our prayers;
For ourselves and others.

I love to be just driving down the street and see a situation that
just leads me to pray!
Being sensitive and tender hearted to pray for the needs of others!

Our prayer closet can be an actual place where we can meet with the Lord!
our prayer closet can be in our car, and even in our daily living.

We must be ready to pray at all times!
Prayer and a quick decision is what these days require.
If you are praying, you are communicating with the one who
can help!

He may not answer in the way you think is best, but He alone
Knows the end from the beginning!
He is the only wise King!

We always will say to just trust Him;
But please remember He has asked for obedience also.

Are we living in a way that pleases Him?
Have you given your heart to Him?
Do you put Him first in your day?
Is the Holy Bible used for your resource for living?
Do you ask for wisdom to know the truth?

There are so many resources and books,
So many teaching what they believe to be true;
This can be dangerous!
Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove!

Let us look up!
Love will cover a multitude of sins!

I always ask the Lord keep me from deception.
May, I not believe everything that comes down the pike.
He has warned us there will be false doctrines;
If even an angel preaches any other Gospel.
Turn away from him!

At this critical hour in which we live, the Lord is calling His people apart to truly pray.
This world may be beginning to realize that the glitter and charisma,
And look at me ministries are beginning to fade!

The Lord has said the road to destruction is wide;
And we are called to walk the narrow road!

It is time to open the door to our prayer closet,
In some cases we need to open it wider in other cases,
We need to just open it!

We need to desire more;
Are you hungry for more quality time in prayer?
Or do we need to just begin a prayer life?
Are we even willing to pray?

"But you, when you pray, enter into your closet,
 and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret:
 and your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly."
 Matthew 6:6

There Are No Shortcuts
Prayer is more than telling the Lord what we think He should do
 and all the wonderful things that would happen if only He would "do as we ask"
 Real prayer begins when we enter into such communion with Jesus,
 that the Holy Spirit can pray the will of the Father through us.

PRAYER means spending quality time with the Lord.
May we come to the understanding of the value of having
a set apart time of prayer and communion with Him.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Using Your Provisions Wisely...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

If I had to live off the land I would learn very quickly to appreciate the harvest!
We tend to forget all the hard work that
Goes into putting food on our tables.

We live in a country where we take so much for granted!
Very few people truly really go hungry, 
Because of State provisions,
Food Stamps and such!
Soup kitchens can be found and utilized in most cities.
Even in the Public Schools they provide breakfast programs.

We have all seen the dramatic rise in food cost in the last few years!

So my thoughts have been leaning toward, how well are we using
Our food resources?
How many morsels of food are being wasted at every meal?

Our we cooking the right portion size,
 so we do not have so much wasted food.
Are we freezing the portions we can use for a later time?

My daughter once told me that she uses this thought when
purchasing her food or household items.
"She asks herself how many hours did my Husband have
to work to pay for these things?"

This may help us put it into a real perspective of the actual cost!

If I were to have to rely solely on my own food production,
We would be very shocked by our lack of choices!
We know longer are very well equipped to even do this!

I have always enjoyed the magazines that teach the
 How Too of living off the land.
I think God has given us a deep desire to work and provide food,
For ourselves and those we love!

So I think it is time to ask ourselves these questions;
Have you learned the art of canning?
Can you make jelly?
Can you make bread from scratch?
Do you have a resource of books put away for knowledge
that might be needed on How to...

We are to be wise stewards of our time, talent and resources...

He alone is the Lord of the Harvest!

Fresh Green Beans...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

I believe we will be a wise woman if we learn to be proficient
in keeping our shelves stocked and knowing how to cook!

We can learn to cut our food cost by learning to plan meals.

Watch for sales on food items in your grocery stores!

Learn to freeze some of these foods that you buy on sale!

Ask another woman who knows how to can to teach you!

Take a class from your county extension office
 For how to preserve your foods.

I just learned last year you can make a large batch of rice and freeze it!
You just make a double batch,
Then allow it to cool only slightly; then put the amount
You will need for a dinner serving and freeze in a plastic bag.
This works great for a quick side dish;
Or just open up some beans and you have a perfect protein.

I also always cook a large amount of dried beans and freeze them!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Micro Manager Mode...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

The Manager And The Micro Manager

Micro Manager sounds out of place in the context of working along
side of my Husband...
But this is what I find myself doing with all of our
 Home improvement projects!

I am very concerned with my feisty intent!
(That is what my Husband calls me)

Okay, after years of working along side my Husband in our
Many Home improvement endeavors.

I am still always trying to control how we should do this project
 step by step!

I am tired of hearing myself trying to tell him, how we
should be doing things.

Just for the record, my Husband is a Boss or Foremen of the
A facility, he works in.
 So he has had much experience in this skill.
So I guess he would recognize a micro- manager when he hears one.

Will I ever learn to be completely quiet
 in my assessments in our projects?

I am seriously doubting it at my age!

He says he likes it when I get feisty sometimes,
But other times he tells me to settle down.

Now, I want to explain that even though I am a very good painter;
And I am a good at caulking gaps
(You can either caulk or you cannot)
So, I do all the caulking that needs to be done.
I also work very hard to help my Hubby!
So WHY do I turn every project into;
The Mico- Manager mode?
(Code for Bossy)

I have found myself apologizing to him for
being so bossy!

But he has finally told me on this last project;
Honey, I do everything for you
You're the reason I do them...
And I do not mind that you get a little feisty once in awhile!

I just didn't want you all to think that this little lady
Didn't have a bit of fire at times!

We were painting my spare room (sewing room)
A KISS of pink
And a Mint green
A white chair rail trim
A light taupe carpet color

So I used the name of the color of the paint as my humor
For being feisty
Every time I get into my Micro-Manager Mode =  BOSSY
I would KISS him and say
"A Kiss Of Pink Sweetie"
And I would KISS him...

The room looks great!
We survived another remodel project.
And I learned he is not even phased by my Micro-Manager disposition
(ONCE in awhile)

He told me he loved my creative ideas
 and my willing to work hard beside him!
I think he likes me...

Are You a Micro Manager?
We need to be very careful that this character trait does not,
overflow into all areas. As then we become contentious.
And controlling (Bossy)

Keeping your communication open;
Looking at your motive!
Being a good co-worker is a great way to build a strong
Marriage in your home endeavors.

We are always building up our HOMES
Or tearing them down...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog
Working well alongside my Hubby...

Monday, September 22, 2014

You Have HOW Many Children...

Artist Jim Daly

YOU Have how many children?

You may have no children;
You may have only one child,
Or perhaps two or more...
Maybe 10 babies if you could afford!

We have all heard someone ask other women this very
Question, in this very way.
"You have how many children"
"What they're all yours?"
What were YOU thinking!

Very rude in so many matters concerning this question or response!

Some women have grieved over being infertile.
Others may have only been able to have one child.

Others have been blessed and love children and have had many.

We act like children are such a burden in this world!
Well, having children is a blessing!
God tells us this in His word!

I remember as a child, I loved and so wanted to be a part of
A really large family!
(And I was a child of a family of five)
I still think others that had more brothers or sisters were lucky!

The show the Waltons has always made me feel that same way,
That being a part of a large family was somehow very special!
Even as a child, I felt this way!
 A HOME where you are loved and cherished!
And there are enough of you to feel like a party is going on,
No matter what you are doing!
Someone to play or talk with at all times!

I just wanted to help us to be more aware of how we might voice,
Our responses to those women who may have many children.

Having children is a gift and we also must realize many families have
strong convictions in having children!

Others only want small families, or are unable to have children!

We are called to encourage all Mothers to their callings.

There will always be movements that come and go;
But the Lord has a desire to see us bring our children up in 
The ways of the Lord...

I was so happy to see so many large families come to
A Fall function at our home this last weekend!
It was a delight to see so many happy children running around!
We must say yes to life and to tender hearts!
You go Mommas!

Being a good Mother that Loves the Lord and teaches,
Her children right from wrong!
That is what will make a happy world!
And a Home that loves and cherishes each child,
"Is a woman of great worth!"

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pearls Never Go Out Of Style...

Living from glory to glory blog

I just loved her pearls...
It was that little added touch that made her so soft and gentle looking.
So many homemakers, do not care how they look anymore.
I believe there is a direct correlation to how you dress as to how you act!

So to see this simple pearl necklace that June is wearing, we are
still feeling the effects today!
Women who keep the home full time can still look
lovely and fashionable!
As we all know pearls will never go out of style.

I almost always wear an apron as soon as I dress for the day;
So I will not ruin my clothing while I cook and clean.

Being aware of how you dress and not looking frumpy;
Will help you feel more positive and proper.
We have such a casual attire;
Sloppy and manly seems the norm for most stay at home mommies!
And the older women have decided that it is just too much work.
Why has dressing lovely for the day become such a chore?
Just throw on some jeans and an old T-shirt, and your good to go!

Just makes me wonder how so many are having Tats and how nice
they think they look!
I must tell you this;
I have never seen a pretty tattoo!
No, not even those little flowers;
Or your little hearts...
Believe me, when you are about 60 years old you are going to wish
You had just bought a set of pearls!

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

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