Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Lighthouse The Only Safe Harbor...

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The Light House

The Light House does not move...
It is steady even in a storm of epic portion;
It can withstand wind and rain and icebergs.

I heard the Lord say a few years back;
"There's a Storm In The Heavens"

If I were to look for a place to ride out a storm,
I think I would choose a Lighthouse!

When I was a child, I went past this Lighthouse so often!
I saw it in all its glory; The sun rising around it or the sun setting beside it!
Reflecting the Light of the greater light, The sun that marks each day!

I am at perfect peace because I have laid my foundation on solid ground!

Notice the narrow path to the Lighthouse?
When you are walking out to this Lighthouse;
You must keep your eyes open and do not lean over the edges.

I know this Lighthouse personally!
This Lighthouse has even looked like a cross when the shadows.
Would lie across at just the right angle.

As a child, I played on the sands of this lovely Lighthouse. My memories
Are filled with so many days and evenings of this site!
My eyes have seen the glory of so many beautiful things in this world.
And they can always point us to a truth in God's word!

I am not a religious zealot, but rather a daughter of the King!
I have been given the gift of sight to see how God is in all of these
sweet memories to be used as I matured and grew in wisdom.

There is a safe Harbor in the storm;
Always look for the Lighthouse!

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Overused And Under Rated...

Glory to Glory Blog

Swimming Pigs...

I have always heard the saying I will believe that...
 When pigs fly...

Well, how about when pigs swim??

I kid you not; this little piggy swims.

Faith is a word that is much like love;
Overused and under rated!
I must use my faith to even get out of bed some mornings!
I love so many different things,
But are there different levels we love at?
Of course!
I love my morning tea or coffee, but I don't plan on marrying them.
I use my faith in giving each new morning to the Lord!

Learning to love at walking in faith...
Faith is a true and vital living power!
Faith moves us into something
Faith moves us out of something!
Faith will step us up!
Faith will hold us steady...

Like this little piggy;
I must learn a new stroke of faith!
I am not much for change;
But I have learned a vital truth lately,

I want to switch from being a passive sitter to an
active participant in our adventure beyond the familiar.
Breaking out of an old, tired routine is one of the secrets
of staying young.

"So Don't just sit there!"

Swim Little Piggies Swim...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Royal Crown Of true Royalty...

Queen of the home

Are you wearing your crown today?

Some days you just feel like your hair will not fix right;
You just wake up on the wrong side of the bed...
The sun forgets to come out,
You can feel a large pit in your stomach...
You feel like crying for no reason?

Well, for your information so does half the women in your state!

Women have more days that we might feel a bit out of the loop;
Or just out of sorts...

But, we can know the very thing that makes us feel these feelings;
Is the very thing that allows us to have the womanly instinct that God gave us.

We have been given these raw emotions that once we allow God to
Temper them, we grow in insight and wisdom!

We are given so much influence and reign...
I can promise you this that when you have given a bit of advice;
To your children or other women; they may just one day use it!
To God be the Glory...

We are ruling whether we like it or not!
But,may I ask are you ruling in grace and love?
Do you hold and iron fist or a helping loving hand?

Do you wear your crown of authority with humility?
Or do you parade around like a Queen Bee;
Be careful you might get stung is what others may be thinking about you!

The crown of life;
Which is promised to those who love Him. James 1:12

Ruling your home is a great and noble calling!

Remember the hand that rocks the cradle, washes the dishes,
Cooks lovely meals, washes dirty sock, and rids her home of dust bunnies;
And sweeps the crumbs of Hansel and Gretel away;
Really does rule the world!

Just a friendly reminder that holding your hubby's arm when walking
makes your crown sit high upon your head!

Holding a kiss with your Husband  for 15 seconds.
Will ignite passion, and your crown will shine a bit brighter.

There is a crown we can wear that brings life to all that we encounter everyday!
We might not be able to see each others crowns,
Yet we can know those Queens that wear their crowns as the
 Royal Woman Of God...

Your crown one day will be placed at the Kings feet...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Visitation Or Habitation...


Visitation or Habitation

So many of us this time of year we take vacations;
We love getting away and seeing new sights
And hearing new sounds.

Visiting new things can spur us on and give us new insight.
What are some of the feelings you have while visiting?
I think they can range in many different feelings;
When we visit family, it can be emotional!
When it is a new city, we may feel free or maybe out of place.

Sometimes I think we need a good dose of different;
As we can get so same old, same old on everything.

One thing I have had the Lord speak to me about is this;
To be passionate about Him...

We are not called to just visit the Lord,
But rather clinging in a habitation with Him...

Everything is always moving;
Moving In
Moving Out
Moving About

Yet, when we desire more than a visitation, we need habitation!
Pray for more of His Presence...
Allow Him to fill every crack and crevice.

Have you allowed some other love to move in;
And God was pushed aside?

Take these days of rest and sunshine R&R
And draw close to the Lord!
Allow Him to open your eyes and heart to His leading...

See What the Lord has done...
See what He wants you to be...

Habitation is the only place to be!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Under Cover...

Black and White

God is so good!
He makes provision for His sheep...
He covers us with His Word and His Annointing
Anointing means smeared (covered)
I am going to a women's conference that will give me a fresh word!
Black or White
He covers us all when we make Him our great shepherd...
Sometimes we can change things up just a bit and get a whole new perspective.
Every year for many years I have gone to this women's conference.
I am so excited...
I just can't hide it...
He's got control and I think I like it!!

Praying for all of you ladies that stop by to be inspired and encouraged!
You Go Girl...

Here is a word that blessed my heart as I know it was for this season; Hope you are blessed!

During wars, people look for places of safety to hide under cover where they cannot be harmed by the weapons of their enemies. We are in Christ and children of God therefore we are under cover at all times. No weapons formed against us will prosper because we dwell under the shadow of the Almighty.

A way of receiving an anointing originated with the ancient shepherds. Lice and other insects would get into the wool of sheep. When they got near the sheep's head, they could burrow into the sheep's ears and kill the sheep. To prevent this from happening, shepherds poured oil on the sheep's head. This oil made the wool too slippery for insects to get near the sheep's ears and they would slide off. Of this, anointing with oil became symbolic of blessings, protection and empowerment.

We can trust the precious presence of the Spirit of Christ to make our enemies flee. The battle truly is the Lord's and His mantle is upon us to protect us from every opposition. Whenever we feel threatened let us dwell under cover with confidence and total rest in our Comforter, the Holy Spirit. We can wrap ourselves in Him and watch the enemy's attacks slip off, from glory to glory!
Dr. Joelle Suel
Senior Pastor
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