Friday, July 3, 2015

Red, White And Blue, These Colors Do Not Run...

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Country Red, White And Blue...
These colors don't run.
 They  stand up under duress!
Wear and tear and blistering sun...
These Things Will
Keep you on your toes and teaches us to keep a good sturdy pair of boots on!

I am learning to be a lady even in rough conditions;
Hail, Heat, Gully Washers!
This is the first year I have not killed at least a few rattlers....
(Thank You God)

I painted our bird feeder out front this morning.
I painted our old metal swing set also.
I started scraping the old paint of my clothes line.
I am painting all these things my country Red Color!

Yesterday, after cleaning all my cupboards out, of all the foods that,
Had now turned limp from the humidity, I thought I would go out and
Take a little rest in the kids hammock next doors tied up between two trees.
I kid you not;
 I got into that thing and it just spun around and threw me to the ground!
I could not believe it;
I said aloud....


So last night required two aspirins and some wintergreen oil on my shoulder.
I awoke feeling like I had ridden a Wild Bronco!
But no, I was just dumped out of a hammock right onto my backside.


This is how I imagined it was going to go!

A girl needs to look like a lady
Dress like a lady
Talk like a lady
But work like she can get a job done...
I am not a wimp, I enjoy getting my house painted and clean!
Sometimes it does require work gloves, work clothing and boots!!

My husband is always so amazed that I am willing to jump in!
Trim trees, paint, pull weeds...
Whatever it takes to help alleviate some of the work and burden!

I believe God has made women very strong and a bit of grit...

We have helped this country by working alongside our men!
Yes, I firstly keep our home running smoothly and something to eat!
But there are times that we just need to help get the extra stuff done!

I have never been afraid of hard work!

This country has always been under attack from either,
The enemy or a wicked person or a natural disaster!
War or a downturn in something!

But we are told to look to the hills where our help comes from!
May you all have a wonderful life!
God Bless America...
God Bless America


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Donkey Analogy...


Hurry Up...

Why's everybody always picking on me?

Moving at ones own pace is very comforting, as none of us enjoy being
Told to hurry up!
Now, that is usually when I really forget my head!
The hurrier I go, the be- hinder I get...

When my Grandmother would be out doing her shopping, and she
Was apparently driving too slow, I could hear them yelling;
Come on Grandma, move it!
She would tell me this
Why those young whipper snappers will one day be moving much slower when they get older!
My Grandma would call those wild ones;
"Those Hooligans"

I still laugh over that when I remember riding around with her
in that big old Chrysler mobile...
It was white and I believe it had wings and could fly.
It felt like an ocean liner ship that cruised down those roads.

Why is it when you are younger you think everyone is moving too slow?
And when you get a bit older, it seems like everyone is so impatient?

I am learning to savor my days...

When was the last time you laughed till you cried?
When was the last time you just took a joy ride to get an ice cream?

Why does the last day of June make us feel like mourning?
As a child the summer lasted what seemed like a year.
But alas July is here fresh and free!
We can count on this happening year after year, this alone
should comfort our hearts!

None of us want to be like a donkey that will not do what
is being asked of it.
To be set in your ways without being led by the spirit will
make you a bit stubborn. So it is better to not just follow others.
But rather follow what the Word is saying...
If everyone is doing it, I bet it is the broad road that leads
"To Destruction"

Donkey's are hard working in a way, yet they will do nothing but graze
unless they are harnessed!
We cannot spend our time just always working,
But beware of not getting our work done!

We are better to move a bit slower, yet sure of our direction;
Be too quick, you just might miss your turn off!

We are warned that the road we are to be on is narrow!
Do not be swayed
Do not look to the right or the left
Do not stop...
Just keep moving towards the better country
Our Homeland

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Purple Rain and Praying...


Purple flowers and rain... Living from Glory to Glory Blog

I have been doing a lot of praying lately...
I find myself going about my days doing all the things that
Make our life flow smoothly!

I believe we are in training to keep our hearts and homes in peace!
By learning to pray is one thing;
To practice it is another!

We all need a drink of His Presence often,
We can learn to live each day in that place; as it will be required!

Something as powerful as keeping very close to the Lord;
Will help keep you healthy and not overburdened with the,
Cares of the world. We are all hearing the buzz about this and that!
We all know that we have a higher court and calling!

I am learning to not allow all the things that seem so important;
To the world rob me of my peace or calling!

Have you learned the fine art of taking every thought captive?

Do you find yourself suddenly catapulted into chaos?

I think more than ever we will need to keep our heads;
Be not overly excited over what you see and hear!

I heard a saying lately that do not fear!
~As the stage is being set~

What part will you play in all the drama?
Will history repeat it's poor choices again?

Living in such a way that peace flows from you even in a crisis;
Will be duly noted by those watching!

I remember the thought I had years ago was this
Even in troubled times, our men still get hungry!
Learn to take your eyes off the troubles, and sit with Him in the cool of the day.

Do you think that a flower would stop blooming just because;
Things were not going as planned?

I want to encourage all of you to not look at all the problems!
But rather pray and watch and doing what God has given you to do!

I will tell you all a little bit about my last few things going on here;

We cut down our huge tree in between our two homes the other day,
It was the hardest and scariest job I have ever had to do!
This tree was called our family tree and it just died this last winter!

I saw a woman walking today with her two children and she was using an
 umbrella to keep the sun off of her!

My hair has gone wild with all this humidity, as if you remember,
We were in a severe drought the last few years.

I have kept busy and have spent less time on the computer!

This next weekend will be the 4th of July, now that means...
June is almost over!!!

I still have not reached 200 followers yet, so I moved that
little button down much further on my blog.
Well I did have 200 hundred for about one day then
Poof it went back to 199...

I have been making some very special meals that have been just yummy!
It has costed a bit more, but it is cheaper than eating out!

How are each of you ladies doing?
Hope you have a wonderful week, filled with good things!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Lovely Parosole...


Summer Sunshine

How the days just seem to fly by ever so quickly, I find that I must purpose in my heart;
To take pleasure even when the days are so hot and muggy.

I see so many that dress with very little clothing on;
But I have also seen those that work in the fields, that are covered from
Head to Toe with clothing!
I asked a woman once last year if she was super hot?
She told me that with having her arms and legs covered it allowed her to
Stay much cooler than having the sun beat down upon her bare arms and legs.

I found this photo of such lovely and pretty parosoles!
(A Parosole is just a pretty name for an umbrella)
I do not even think you could find these anymore.

Years ago all ladies carried these when going out and about!
Or you might even remember ladies that carried those little hand fans!

Also now days we all have A/C and Fans we plug into the wall.
I am so thankful for modern conveniences!!

I also still enjoy seeing a lovely straw hat on someone at the beach!
But also there is nothing more soothing or wonderful than a portion of the shade!
Having a shade tree is so pleasant to have in one's backyard.
Also, many years ago we sat on our front porches and we just enjoyed the breeze!

I find myself doing most household chores early, so in the very hottest part of
the day, I can rest and just be still and read for a bit!

I hope you are enjoying this very hot weather and learning to make the best of it!
As so many of us feel like we could even melt.

If you have ever hat heat stroke, I have heard you will always feel a greater
Sensitivity to the heat!

Do you feel a bit dried out?
Remember this heat can make you feel dehydrated quickly!

Remember to wear some sunscreen as a bad sunburn can ruin a whole vacation
So try to keep some handy!

Have you found yourself really busy this summer?
Or are you spending more time at home?

I will be reminding myself to plan a bit more carefully for upcoming dinners;
As with this hot weather we need some foods that are light a cool!

We always try to sit outside in the evenings if there is a breeze as then the
bugs that bite are not so bad! I always worry about all the sprays that have
the Deet in them, especially for children.

I hope you are all doing well and taking joy in these days of summer!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Where Are You In The Rising And Setting Of The Sun...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog


Everyday starts with the sun rising in the eastern sky,
It can be counted on to do it day after day.

Sunrise and Sunset...
What happens between the rising of the sun to its setting in the west
This is where we get to shine...

As we learn and grow as children that belong to an awesome Father;
We are starting to have some of His traits;
 Remember the soap opera called the guiding light?
Well, I can surely tell you by watching that program you will not look
More like your heavenly Father;
Because it would be the wrong light to follow!

{There are many lights in this world beckoning to us all}

Just because there is something giving off light does not mean;
It is of God!
We are warned that if even an angel preached another gospel
Do Not to follow it!

There are so many shades of gray that are telling us it is okay to do this
Or do that!!  Really??

Ask God and He will show you where the shadows are.
We are not left alone! As we have a heavenly Father that,
Loves his kids...

Do not follow someone who is not following in the steps of the only Father that
can bring light into total darkness!

Do you awake with the SON shining in your hearts?
Is there a song upon your lips?

I know the sun is setting...
Work while it is yet day!

I had an older Pastor friend tell me the other night
That a day would come when we would only be able to
Take care of our own households...
I want to know where this scripture is and how it may be written.
{ I loved the thought of it}
Do any of you know where it is in the Word?
I have not done any research as of yet:
Please share with me in the comments if this is a scripture you
are familiar with!

May we give all our burdens to the Lord and lay down and go to sleep!

~As we know He alone holds the setting sun in His hand~

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why We Must Take Care Of Our Teeth...


Having a Sweet Mouth...

Is your mouth filled with bad breath?

Seriously, I never thought I would have to write a post on brushing one's teeth!

But I really have had a burden to remind others of this very important
Hygiene habit.

Our mouths are to be a source of love and grace!
But when you neglect to take care of these amazing teeth,
You may suffer from many things!

You might have stinky breath,
If your loved one shy away from your kissing them...
I find it rather odd that we live in a tell it all society
And yet we will not bother to tell someone that their breath stinks!

For Pete's sake, you can get a new toothbrush from the Dollar Store.
Toothpaste and floss and mouthwash...

Come on Dear Ones, there is no excuse for bad breath;
And decay of one's teeth!
It is just pure and simple laziness once again.

I remember being at a Brownies meeting as a child and we had a
Person come in and tell us all how important it was to take care
Of our teeth...
Also in school, we had a dentist come in and show us how to properly brush them!
It does not require Rocket Science to do this!

Even if you have no dental insurance you can still have good oral hygiene.
Poverty is no excuse for allowing your teeth to fall out!
I think a person who has bad teeth can start even now to take care of them!
Please teach your children and grandchildren to brush their teeth!

Why are so many people letting their teeth just become rotten?
Is it just another sign of neglecting what is important?

If you want romance and some good kisses for goodness sakes
Brush your teeth...

Brush and Floss twice a day
To keep your mouth and teeth clean and healthy!

Please go to the store and buy all your loved ones a kit;
It should contain these items:
A Toothbrush
Dental Floss
Mouth Rinse

So You Will Have These;
Fresh Breath
Pretty Mouth
Healthy Teeth

So there you have it...
Who wants to be around someone with stinky breath?

Good healthy teeth brings good dividends to one's relationships.
A healthy heart starts with healthy gums in your mouth.
Sweet Kisses

Take Care of Your Teeth!!


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