Friday, September 12, 2014

Different, Yet The Same...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

I was flying our friendly skies on this September the 11th,
It was very different because there was so much security!
You almost could feel the fear or panic!

I saw so many different walks of life;
Every race, and creed and age!
My heart was full of compassion and hope!

We are all so different, yet we are the same!
Our journeys may cross each others path,
Will be a blessing to each one we come across?
May I aspire to be a blessing

I grew up in a time of a cultural turning point!
I was a friend to all those of different groups or clicks that were,
So prominent in school.
Why or how they all liked me still shocks me!
I guess it was because I was just being me!
I had no agenda. I just truly loved people!
And on the other side of that coin, they loved me in return!

We can all feel strongly about a certain thing,
But it is when we think everyone else should or must see it in the same
way is where the problems start to surface. 

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

I saw a woman who had no hair from cancer treatments,
I talked with her and just chatted.

I saw a very old man that was telling his story about how things
were, when he was a young man.

I saw a woman who was scared to death to fly;
I tried to calm her.

I saw a young woman who could speak only a few words of English,
she had missed her flight, and I helped her get her papers
and passport arranged in her folder.
(She looked me in the eye and said I am so lost)

I saw a child riding on his suitcase like it was a skateboard.
I laughed at him as he had not a care in the world!

I have my opinions
You have yours
We all have this same life to live...
Live it as well as you can!
Remember opinions can change...
Things can change in a blink of an eye!

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

There's No Place Like Home...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Home is where the heart is....
On a lighter note from my last blog post,
What are some of those most special moments of your childhood?

I can remember watching the movie,
Wizard Of Oz
The movie did frighten me as a child!
And I still do not care to watch it as an adult.
But I did love the end of the movie...
Where Dorthy just clicked her shoes three times and said aloud
There is no place like HOME...

We are all so blessed to have a place where we feel safe and
have a family to love and cherish!
Making memories and learning together;
and growing and grace.
I do not want to be critical or judgmental in my writings!

My heart wants to encourage women in their walk and journey!
But I do not want to write to a generic audience.
But rather homemakers and like minded sisters in Christ!

I ask for your understanding as I grow and learn to be an example,
to others who are looking to grow into Godly women!
There is a pendulum that can swing too hard in both directions!

Grace and Growth for all of us!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Women Wearing Pants Everywhere...


Now, I am not trying to be contentious about this pants matter!
We may all want to cover up our behinds as we do show too
much backside!

This was just an observation, from my point of view.
(The Rear)

I guess this is the very first time I really stopped to notice how a woman
wearing pants, may look like they could be
 just showing too much to others!

I have stated before, I will wear slacks occasionally.
My point here was this 
These are occasions where a lady might wear something more Lady like.
A Church function!
(Special Occasions)
These might be considered to be an appropriate time too
wear a skirt or a dress!
(In My Opinion)

We can be so vain or more, focused on comfort that we can
forget about dressing in a feminine way, where only a dress or a skirt,
might be a better choice of clothing.

Why is it that some ladies will not ever wear a skirt or dress?

This is not a matter of legalism.
But rather maybe a dress code!

Years ago, it was considered rude not to dress in a proper way!
Dinner, Dates, Holidays, CHURCH...

Will we make a choice to help turn the tide;
Wear a skirt or dress and say NO to pants for just the sake of,
Keeping skirts and dresses the choice of clothing for ladies only.
As it stands it is the only thing we as women can do that we do not share
with Men or Boys...

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Living from glory to glory blog

 A vineyard is a spacious piece of land
That will produce a rich and luscious vital fruit.
This fruit just doesn't happen
It is tended by the vine-dresser that plants and prunes
and fertilizes it.

A vineyard can be one of the most beautiful
and amazing visual experiences.

A cluster of grapes is like a heavy laden stem holding each individual
grape fully
 Developed and properly portioned of the cluster.

Each and every one of us is part of the vineyard
you can trust and know
That the vine-dresser will tend to you!
As to meet each and every need, you will ever have.

Allow the Holy Spirit to enrich your life
to be a rich tasting wine
As He fills the wineskin.
With His love and His timing!
His character is being formed in you;
This is the sanctification process.
We only get the sweet wine or juice as we are being pressed!

No branch can bear fruit by itself;
It must remain in the vine.
John 15: 9

This day is filled with appointments not the kind of appointments
we have for regular scheduled things like the doctors or dentist.
But rather with people whom God just puts in our path.
Being a part of the vineyard is something you should desire.
We all need others around us and beside us,
As the branch holds us!
Let me encourage you today
to be watching for appointments hand picked from God.
It is important to help others that might need encouragement today!
As we have the visual of grapes in our picture above.
Let it remind you how closely we intermingle with one another.
Let us encourage one another to be in a position to bear much fruit!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm So Excited...

When was the last time you were this excited?

I really just got a kick out of this sweet little girls' enthusiasm.
She is a great example of what it might look like!

I am learning to take joy and pleasure in life moments!
Really each day has so many opportunities to be excited...

Sometimes we can feel so worn out it is hard to show enthusiasm 
for much of anything.
But this is where we need to give ourselves a good talking to!

It is a very good practice to choose joy!

Like can seem very unpredictable, yet we all know that
God alone is in control...

What are some of the moments in your life that bring a smile?
Or maybe a squeal of delight.

I am so excited; I get to go and meet our newest
Grand Daughter!

What a blessing Motherhood is!
Did you ever think that the Motherhood stage in your life would of gone so fast?
I think I blinked...

Being excited will set the atmosphere and tone for your marriage.
It sets the tone for the family.
We can feel that time is marching on, so why not
get your boots on, and start beating the pan!
And singing at the tops of your lungs!

At first we might feel a bit undignified,
But really, your children or grandchildren will think
You're something special!!

We have so much to be thankful for and to be filled with
Joy that is described in the Word is not due to
Favorable circumstances;
But rather a hope and love for Him and those He has given us!

Sure, my joy bucket feels dry once in a while;
But then and there I must stop and patch that hole,
that allowed my joy to leak out!

Sometimes it may be un-forgiveness
It may even be just not getting enough rest.
It can even be what we might call being a stick in the mud!

Do something special!
Make this moment magical!
Give out hugs like they were real!

Pray for special God assignments to bless others!
Have you blessed someone today?

Dear Ones we are all accountable for this day;
What a difference a day makes;
So make it count for His Glory...

I'm so excited I just can't hide it....
I got sunshine on a cloudy day...

Never ever let the song in your heart die!
Sing to the cows come home!

I believe we can encourage ourselves by singing with melody in
Our Hearts...
Or on my case a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Monday, September 1, 2014

There Is Work To Be Done...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

There is work to be done;
Today is a day that we have been given to Labor;
To work while it is yet day!

It does not matter if you are building a nation.
Or building an army!
Planting a vineyard or planting a cotton field!
We are to Labor;
Guiding and guarding what is dear to us!
Loving and helping our children and families!

Nurturing all those we have been given to us...
They become a part of us, we need them as much as they need us!
In all our Labors it can become mind-boggling to all the
Needs that need attending to!
Our duties are pretty much 24/7

Whether you are a daughter, sister, aunt,wife,
Mother or Grandmother!
There is work to be done...

Pray for a renewed vision for your family!
Start this new day and chapter with this;
A Prayer
A devotion to Him and a plan that is in His hand!
We are not of a fairy tale material;
Like" Once Upon A Time"
We are rather of the book,
"In The Beginning"

Be not AWOL
Report for duty, set your hand to the task!
Do not look behind you, but look ahead to the lovely sunset,
When the day is done!
And you hear well done good and faithful servant!

It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.
(Psalms 18:32)

Living from Glory to Glory Blog...
Zote Soap
Have you ever used this soap?
It is so good to get out stains from clothes!
I had such a ball this last spring doing a little photo shoot!
Thought I might share a few of the pics with you!

Please feel free to PIN them on Pinterest if they might
Interest you!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I use these cloths pins really all the time!
Glory to Glory Blog...

Do you ever hang your clothes out on the line?
I still like to hang my towels, then I still pop them in the dryer
To fluff them up soft :o)

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