Monday, April 14, 2014

Beauty Marks Or Age Spots...


Looking down and seeing my hands has been an indicator of lately.
What exactly is it an indicator of?

I have used these hands for many things!
I think as a woman of God, my hands are symbolic of my heart!
What has been in my heart has been many times worked out with my hands.

I had my hand held by my Hubby many moons ago!
We exchanged these vows;

Groom: I,____, take thee,_____, to my wedded Wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I plight thee my troth.

Bride: I,_____, take thee,_____, to my wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, and to obey, till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I give thee my troth.

I think my hands have trembled a time or two, I have held the
hands of my children and grandchildren!
I have laid these hands over a fevered brow.

I have used my hands and folded them to pray!
My hands have held the hands of a dying Mother and Father.

My hands have been idle by my side a time or two!

My hands have sewn  a bridle veil,
 An a baby blanket bundling a newborn in.

I have used these hands to fold clothes of so many loads of laundry.
I have kneaded and made batches of fresh bread.
These hands have mixed a batch of cookies to eat and savor.
These hands have washed more dishes than I could count!

My hands are His instruments to love and to build and create!
My hands are worn to a soft and tender touch.

I have looked down and said my hands look just like my Mothers!

I have made this statement
 these hands now have beauty marks upon them;
The world calls them age spots, I choose to call them 
Beauty spots...

When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.

Peter Marshall

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Listening For His Song...

I had a dream a while back, and it was very special to me.
The Lord was speaking to me, and He said to me,
You need to clean out your ears!
I felt like He was giving me a very important instruction...
I awoke with the desire to obey Him.

I have been praying daily for my ears to be cleaned out;
Now, I need to ask myself, what is possibly blocking my hearing?

Learning to hear the Lord speak it very scriptual and powerful!
That is why we must reading written word!

But, what I have been pondering and asking for wisdom is this;
What might be something that I am listening to or tuning into that
might cause a blockage.
 Our ears have a natural God given wonder,
To hear the words of our loved ones. The first cry of our newborn child.

We use our ears to keep us safe from danger,
 When someone calls\out a warning!
We must have ears to hear!
( In the spirit and our natural hearing)

I am eagerly awaiting the song of our prairie meadowlarks.
I was gone to a friend's cottage in the foothills of our mountains.
I could hear the meadowlarks singing there.

Come sweet birdie and sing to me!
It refreshes my soul and makes my heart glad!

The Lord has said there will always be 
Seed time and harvest!
And as I can count on that till He returns for His Church!

Stay close;
Clean out your ears:
Keep your heart tender!

Listen for HIS song...

Take pleasure in His sweet blessings He gives us!
Take nothing for granted!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hand Picked For Life...

Thought you all would like to see
My Hubby!

A man of honor and integrity
 He blesses me everyday with his love;

He helps me with so many things!
He has loved me by considering the fact that I am the weaker vessel,
He has the physical strength, and he does all the heavy things!
Like helping move my furniture around :o)
He pulls out the refrigerator to clean behind it!
He knows I want to do these things and have them done,
So he will stop what he is doing and help me!

 He prays for me!
And he prays for his whole family daily!!
He is praying for our grandchildren to help keep them under His covering!

I have referred to him as a quiet man...
He has the gifting as a servant and he is a leader.
He has the qualities of a pillar.
Strong and steady!

I am honored to be the wife of his youth, then God put us together.
I still pray to be the wife that he needs!

We laugh a lot and have learned to not take all things personal.
We realize most the time we are either just tired or hungry!

I have learned He can't read my mind...

I have learned to explain to him what I am feeling, and allow
Him the time to ponder it. He is a problem solver!
State the problem, and he always gives me positive feedback.
He sees the bigger picture.
He has discernment and I need to wait to hear what he has to say!
He has way less words to say than I do!

We have memories!
We have comfort and familiarity!
We have a future and a hope!
We have trust!
We have each other!

Love conquers all!
 Love never fails
Love bears all things
 Love believes all things and endures all things 
And hopes all things.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Beauty Of Deep Cleaning...

File:Bella Rosa (Kordes 1981).JPG
Bella Rose

My eyes long for a focal point of something lovely to gaze upon
 in every place of my home.
A picture they say speaks a thousand words.

Whether I am adorning my walls or mantels or a dresser top, it feels good
To make each of them pretty, yet useful.
I do not like things to look cluttered or cluncky (My own word)

I am sure many of you lovely ladies have been Spring cleaning;
It is really good for one's self and her family to deep clean.
We all have a wee bit of a pack rat within us.

I had a wise woman tell me years ago, that if  I would make the time
To clean out my silverware drawer or tidy a counter top daily, things would
Stay manageable in my home. I think this has worked very well!

But deep Spring cleaning is where you tackle those closets and drawers
 and those
Places you close the door too!

I like to take one room at a time and ask other family members to help.
This is a time of training...
We have a whole generation of young women who have never learned,
The art of home cleaning!

Spring cleaning is where you move everything to vacuum under it!!
You wash the window's in that room and the window coverings,
(Blinds, curtains, and sheers.)

It is also a good time to rearrange your pictures on the walls,
 And the knickknacks on your end tables and such.
Our interior homes will reflect, the time we invest in making them,
Cozy, clean, and functional.

I have about sprayed painted every picture frame and basket in my,
home many times over the years.
I have made new curtains, and changed out bedspreads.
These are cost effective and a chance to redecorate
 with what you already have.
I keep a large tub that I use for knickknacks that I am able to change them out,
And they make a room look newly decorated, with things you loved in the past.
We are always buying new things, and we are quickly tired of them;
So, I have learned the fine art of rotating my treasure.
You can change them out according to the season's
(Spring, Summer and Fall and Winter)

I like to do this with drapes and my dishes!
My bedspreads and even rugs.
Your HOME is your sphere of influence.

I want to just mention how all you amazing ladies' posts so many,
wonderful recipes and decorating ideas.
You all inspire me!!
I really enjoy visiting your pretty blogs, And I love seeing how
Your love for your families show in what you do and prepare for them.

I am blessed to see your devotion to your Hubby's and HOMES!
But your love for the Lord, gives me the greatest Joy...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Season Of Change...

Being a wife and mother and a grandmother is such a wonderful blessing.
But, I want to share something that is not spoken about as often as we should.
Life is all about seasons!
And we must learn the art of giving thanks for each season!

When you were a child "You spoke as a child"
Life was carefree and wonderful is the aspect of not being the adult,
And carrying all the responsibility.

When you were leaving girlhood and entering womanhood,
You blossomed and learned how to manage your own home.
And you began to learn to love your husband....
(This is an ongoing process)
Your family grew and arrows were added;
You were young and happy and was able to handle long days and much work.

Then, as we see all our children grow and leave home,
we again must move into another season.
This can require a whole new set ideas of managing our home.
Why; because I am not as strong and able to go at a fast pace
 like when I was younger. I am able to enjoy more
 things that allow me to sit down. Like crafting and sewing.
My favorite is journaling and Blogging!
Writing letters or making a phone call to encourage someone.

I am not running the marathon race now, but rather a daily sprint.
I must continue to run, because He has called me to this race.
His choosing, and His time frame.

I have sensed a bit of slowing down, yet my heart is as young
and filled with hopes and dreams as when I first became a woman.

My heart is still in love with the man of my youth.
My heart is still at home.
I continue to plant seeds.
I encourage and speak truth.

I am aging and I will embrace it all!
I will not be robbed of one single day or year!

I want to be able to give wise counsel and encouragement!
I want to be more specific in my prayers.
I want to use my energy wisely.
I want to show others how to manage their homes, not do it for them.
I want to help out where I can; I just can't carry it all!
We are called to train the younger woman, not take over their calling...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Feet Dance...


I want to share something that I experienced one night many years ago.
I had watched this sweet movie Happy Feet with my Grandchildren
 And enjoyed it so much!

There are times that I feel such a strong and sweet presence of the Lord!
I love to worship Him...
As the scripture says we live and move and have our being in Him!

I was just singing and praising my Lord, and my feet just
Starting tapping and I danced the way David danced before the Lord!
It was wild and I didn't care!
It was just for Him that I Danced...

One day we will all be worshipping Him together!
I believe I will have Happy Feet...

Be Happy Dear Ones,
Do not let the enemy take your dancing shoes!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Preparing For Easter...

Hello Dear Ones
Can you believe Easter is right around the corner?

I was hopping this little reminder would help you to start preparing!
Waiting to the last minute can cause stress and a bit of a holiday (What)

So get our your notebook and start making your list;
What are you making for dinner?
Will you be having company or will you be going to another home to celebrate?
Get the Easter egg dye for coloring the eggs!
Find some gifts that are Christ centered;
A new Bible, a cross necklace, A T-shirt,
Invite family and friends (Time and what to bring)
Read the Easter account in the Bible for yourself and to the little ones!

Don't forget your special bread you bake with the Easter eggs in it!
Get your Ham!
Make a nice mustard sauce for the ham!!!
Asparagus and a fresh salad for the pretty green color!
It represents life, and 
Jesus is Alive!!

Let not the world have Easter, Dear Ones!

Get on board early, take command of this day!

Vintage Clip Art - Bunnies & Kitten - The Graphics Fairy

I wanted to mention if you Ladies would like to join a Friday Link Up, here is
A sweet lady named Elizabeth and her Blog called Beauty Observed!

Click Here For A Link Up Today On Beauty Observed

Bunny and Tulips. So cute please check out my website thanks.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why Reading Is Good For The Heart And Mind...

In a world of omnipresent screens filled with every movie imaginable, we
Can easily forget the cozy, simple pleasures of curling up with a
good book!

There are so many benefits to reading!
I want to share a few of them with you all  to help you see the importance
of reading for yourself. And to help your children and Grand Children
  learn an appreciation for a love of reading.

Reading imparts so many things we need;
An imagination and inspiration!
Every character in every story had to come alive in someones imagination!

Very Sweet

See even the Beauty knows reading is good for you!

By losing yourself for even a few short minutes, seven to be exact
 can bring your stress level way down. It allows you an escape from
the cares and worries of the stress of everyday life.

Reading also will keep your brain sharp!
"The brain is an organ in the body, and just as physical activity strengthens the heart
and your muscles, intellectual activity will strengthen the brain."
A lifetime of reading is a very wise thing to do!

New information will inspire you,

Also reading before bedtime may help you sleep better;
This is usually a book I have just for reading a little bit before sleep
to de-stress and relax. I do not read one that is so exciting I can't put it down
and it keeps me up all night :o)

I have also experienced for myself a real lift of compassion and love
for others through a well written story.
 We all need a boost of empathy at times.

 I have always loved reading books on being a better wife or mother.
We might call them self help books. But I like to think of them as
Teachings of wisdom on different subjects.

Yes, it is.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Choose Joy...


Today can be the first day of a new way of responding!
We all have heard it many times,
Choose Joy...

Well have you?

We can be smack dab in a midst of a trial;
And we can still choose joy,
Now, I will grant you this, it is a bit more of a challenge, 
To choose joy when things are not going smooth.
But this is where we can exercise our choices.

I know that it all my years of knowing Christ as my Savior,
I can say this with all my heart;
Even in the midst of a trial I can pray and He has given me His peace.
Maybe nothing changed:
But I did, deep down inside...
Peace, then joy...
Trial still there? "Yes"
But I will choose joy, every time because He asked me to!

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way
So when sorrows like sea billows blow, Whatever my lot,
Thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well
 With my soul.
It is well with my soul.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Proper Etiquette and Good Manners...

Source; Artist Gregory Frank Harris

We really have lost so many social graces in our day.
I remember reading the newspaper and reading the column on proper etiquette.

Having and using proper manners, is something to strive for,
If you want to be a lady and look feminine...

A lady must apply and use good manners,
Everywhere and all the time a good lady like habit...
Using please and thank you when talking to others will,
carry you far in a world that has lost its manners.

I also love to hear a younger child replying with a
Yes Maam or No Maam!

Make a habit of using good manners when you go out into your everyday life.
Greeting a person kindly even if you're having a bad day!

Good posture and not slouching,
When sitting, cross your knees or cross your ankles.
Do not leave your legs wide open.
Sneezing into your hands instead of a tissue,

And generally acting in a way that can serve as a model for others.
Good manners are always fashionable.

Here are some other things to consider as you refine your manners:
If you're eating dinner in a group setting, make sure you say
"Please pass the chicken," instead of reaching over someone else.
Place a napkin in your lap, and wipe your mouth often
When dining out or in your home.

You should learn and use good table manners.
This means not eating with your elbows on the table.

Or slurping your food or drink!

Find a nice way to give a correction and  training...
 Instead of saying, "Will you shut up already?" say,
 "Would you mind lowering your voice?"
Try to avoid burping in public.
 Once you reach a certain age, burping in public is not funny anymore,
 If it happens by accident, just say "Excuse me," or "Pardon me,"
 This is simply not ladylike behavior.

Avoid rolling your eyes or generally being rude when
 Someone is saying something you don't really want to hear.

Now, just for the record, I am a funny girl, and I enjoy a good laugh!
And I have rolled my eyes on a few occasions...
Learning and growing Dear Ones...

Friday, March 28, 2014

Dangers In Your Body Lotions...


I want to make myself perfectly clear on this post!
This is something I feel very strongly about;
I believe if you are going to use a body lotion only use one that is natural!!
See I said it!!

Why you ask???

Because your skin will quickly absorb this product and it goes directly into
Your blood stream. And I believe it is possibly the worst thing women can do.
For many health reasons...

Many years ago I was very convicted about this one morning,
As I was praying...
Yup, just popped into my head!
(I call these downloads from the Lord)

I was convinced He was speaking to me!!
I listened...

I wanted to share this as I am not a complete health freak,
 But I can tell you this.
 It was a very wise health move!
There are way too many ingredients that are put in lotions that you can not
Even pronounce, let alone recognize what they are even.

So, I suggest to you wonderful Ladies out there to stop adding poison
To your skin!
Our skin is actually our largest organ.
I think most lotions do damage to your liver and bloodstream!
I have used many different kinds and brands.
 And there are so many good ones out there to choose from.
 And they can get a bit pricey,
 But I believe for health reasons it's a must!

Plus, you will feel good about not putting something harmful all over your body!
But rather a product that will keep your skin safe and smooth!
And you can always use coconut oil on your body after a shower,
But it can tend to be a bit greasy or what I might say
(slickery) My own word ;o)

Please consider this Dear Ones...

Click HERE  for a list of ingredients you do not want to put on your body!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Pink Room...

 I have been so enjoying my new pink room!

It has been such a blessing in so many ways, such as;
 To have a room that I can keep my sewing machine up all the time!
 It makes it so much easier to keep a project going.

And to keep my ironing board up all the time also,
as you all know by now how much I enjoy ironing!

My family bought me this beautiful old desk for Mother's Day
A few years ago from an antique store that I now use
 for my sewing table. It is perfect as
It has many large and deep drawers in it.
Which is wonderful for storing my material that I just love!
Having a space to inspire yourself and to be able to create is wonderful!

I have been filling it with so many treasures,
See my cute little antique bunny?

See my little rose covered table,
This is just a folding table,
Which I covered with an old vintage rose sheet,
 I found at our Goodwill Store.
I now have my jewelry, making things on this table.

I love these miniature glass slippers!
And Angel watches over me...

I only have a small twin bed in this room,
 Because I wanted the extra space for creating.
 And more room for my Treasures...

Threads of every color!

Found this large picture at Hobby Lobby!

I made a cute little chair cushion for this chair,
I use it for my sewing machine table.

It turned out really cute!
It has a big bow on the back to keep the cushion on!

See my sweet little strawberry pin cushion?

A few more little pink flower pictures!

This one has always been a very favorite of mine!

Well, thanks for the visit; I have enjoyed sharing my creative space with you!
Looking forward to painting this room, and putting in new carpet, one day.
But, I have been taking one room at a time and giving it a makeover.
Have a wonderful and creative season...


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