Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The Simplicity In Christ
The simplicity which is in Christ
is rarely found among us.
In its place are programs, methods,
organizations, and a world of nervous activities
which occupy time and attention
but can never satisfy the longing of the heart.
A.W. Tozer
May these days of cold weather
and early arriving of dark evenings be used
for getting rest and reading some good books.
Taking time for writing a letter to a loved one.
Taking extra time for evening prayers for others.
For these are not nervous activities.
They bring peace and calmness to
ones heart and mind.
May we learn to practice entering;
His Presence
In all things He desires our focus to be upon Him.
Be still and know I am God.
Psalm 46:10
Blessings, Roxy

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wise Counsel...

Now, what was that she said again?
 I am so thankful for the wisdom that comes from
Godly counsel.
Do you realize that God tells us to get wise counsel!
I am always searching scripture for answers to
questions I might have about any given subject.
We join Bible studies to grow.
 We buy books and read them.
We educate ourselves in many ways.
But there is a way to gain knowledge
and to get insight that we can use.
Godly counsel, is a wonderful gift we
can give to one another.
We are a body of many parts, and we function
much better when we use each other.
Would you dear sisters love to be called a
wise women who builds her house?
Listen to advice and accept instruction,
and in the end you will be wise.
Proverbs 19:20
Now, that just does not mean anything anyone tells you!
Look at the women and see if there is fruit.
Is there wisdom from above in her life?
Godly counsel always lines up with the Word.
Godly counsel operates in Love.
Godly counsel brings Peace.
May we all be teachable and ready to learn!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Queen Of The Home

A Lovely Lady
This is one of my most favorite treasures.
I was given this plate as a young women, it belonged to my Grandmother.
This was in my Grandmothers china cabinet as long as I could remember.
I believe this is the very first encounter of a women of a sweet
demure countenance.
 A princess or a queen maybe?
I remember thinking, who is this pretty women, my imagination was sparked.
I always knew in my heart she was real.
Where did she live, in a palace so grand or a castle far away.
I think we as women have such a desire to create and surround ourselves
with beauty.
As I have lovingly taken such good care of this plate, I have wondered
as to if maybe one of my own grand daughters would
find an attraction as I once did?
Has our culture and days of longing for the princess ceased?
We are all Queens of our own homes!
And this why my dear ladies we long to surround ourselves
with beauty and charm.
We were born (princesses).
Blessings, Roxy


Saturday, January 19, 2013


Purity may be something we don't see to much of in this
culture today.
I see so many young women who are dressed so scantily.
My heart grieves for them.
Now, these women were guest at a wedding ceremony
and reception dinner.
Now for the record,
I am not in any way unfashionable!
I love the feel of being feminine and classy.
Dressed to the nines, was a statement once used
of women who were well dressed, and elegant.
I just came from a wedding, that was very sweet and precious.
But what I wanted to share was this, that sweet couple
saved themselves for their wedding day,
When they kissed after being pronounced
Man and Wife
It was their first kiss!!
My prayer is this :
that more women will save themselves for the man
that God chooses for them.
What heart aches come from our own impatient
flesh. And the longings of wanting to be loved.
God has always had the hearts of women held,
in His perfect plan of how marriage is
suppose to be.
Now, please understand me here!
I did not do it right myself ladies...
But God's grace is so amazing and His love has covered
a multitude of my sins.
But I felt like crying when I saw this sweet young brides rapture.
Her face was really glowing.
Come on!
Women we are the ones missing out when
we allow ourselves to be joined to someone
he has not vowed to love and cherish us.
To death do us part.
Jesus is coming for his bride,
make yourselves ready. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Laundry Tips For Ladies Clothing

Laundry Room Before

This is my laundry room, it is functional, but plain and
very blah, and clunky.
I really don't mind washing clothes and doing our laundry.
But when it's not a sweet and tidy room,
and without color and decor.
It is just a plain laundry room!
After make-over

Painted and added new shelf
Painted chicken red, and added new sign.
See the Zote soap?
I also love the red and white  enamel tub.
See my enamel bowl  full of clothespins.

I was able to move right into the laundry room,
after we finished the kitchen remodel.
It was much easier and faster!

I think being able to refresh this room has helped me.
It was so plain jane.  Now it is really
clean and tidy.

I put up  pretty sage green  lace curtains over the windows,
and some pretty stripped green curtains over
our food pantry shelves.

Your clothes are an investment!
I believe it is important to take care of them.

A Few Laundry Tips:

If you want to keep your femine clothes nice,
always wash your things(skirts, pretty tops, sweaters etc.)

I also have started using only delicate laundry soap,
on my things.  As I have noticed so much fading
in my colors.

Place your under garments in a garment bag:
and wash your bras, but do not dry in the dryer!
Also, If you wear tights place them in a garment bag
to wash, but hang to dry.

And when you start a load, check water level
and pour soap in first.
Add fabric softener in  its dispenser with a bit of water.

Also, wash only your whites and lights together
your darks separate.

Do not dry your clothes overly dry!
As this is where shrinking comes in.

And some skirts you can just hang, as with some slacks,
to completely dry.
Hang all your skirts up and tops that you keep in
your closet. And fold all the others.

Iron as you need them, or pick a time that works for you.

Now, I know many of you have large families and
a never ending cycle of laundry.
But washing your clothes separate will pay off!

One wise women said:
Laundry never ends!

Blessings, Roxy

She select wool and flax and works with eager hands.
Proverbs 31:13

Monday, January 14, 2013

His and Hers

His and Hers
We must first dress in what the Lord has provided for us.
The days we are living in our evil.
We would never think of not buckling ourselves
in our vehicles.
Walking on thin ice in the winter.
But we will start our days, before we
have put on our most important
item of clothing.
Our Armour.
I heard a word from a Pastor yesterday
that was profound!
 I believe it is a very timely word.
The very first thing that God
created after the world was the
first family.
He loves the Home and what it
We must put on our armour each and
everyday. As we are under attack.
If we are not careful the family could be on the
extinction list.
Pray and put on His Word.
I just loved this picture of His and Hers
Women Pray for your husbands!
They need to know you are
standing  for and with them.
Building a strong marriage is so important,
and by doing those unseen acts
of humility.

Friday, January 11, 2013

House Keeper Or Homemaker

Home Maker


House Keeper

We have come a long way!

But we still have the beginning call upon our lives!

Times have changed, but the design and purpose has not.

We as women have the ability to make the
choice to be:


They seem to be doing the same things as job descriptions.
But with a much different heart and approach.

A housekeeper may do all the home duties;
but it is done with a different motive.
A house keeper is working for a monetary wage.
But a homemaker is doing hers with a different heart,
and motive.

I believe I have been in a house that I could tell
that it was running via a housekeeper.
And yet ,most homes I have been to are being managed
by a homemaker.

The difference:

Housekeepers: Very clean and smells like polish and wax.
Very few people in the rooms.
Very quiet.

Homemakers: Very comfy and cozy
Very busy with people coming and going.
Very much filled with talking and laughter.

Both are receiving their wages!
One monetary,
the other eternal and more profitable.

Blessings, Roxy

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gentle Beauty...

Real Beauty, Compassion, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
Grace and Compassion
There is no beautifier of complexion,
Or form of behavior, like the wish to
scatter joy and not pain around us.
By: Ralph Waldo Emerson
There is a presence of grace, that
is unseen, but rather felt
in the heart.
My desire is to be a woman, who
if only for a brief moment of time.
 Is to play out my daily deeds,
 with compassion.
Compassion is not worth anything:
if we only feel pity.
But rather feeling another's
 Sorrow or hardship that leads to help.
Therefore, as God's chosen people,
holy and dearly loved,
cloth yourself with
The Book Of Colossians
Compassion great or small,
is an act of giving yourself to


Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Sweet Fragrance

A Lovely Fragrance
It is a very distinctive and pleasant beauty secret.
Our sense of smell is a powerful and complex
thing. We can experience a pleasure by a
lovely fragrance.

I think a very  easy and wonderful beauty secret is to
always wear a fragrance daily.

A light spray or splash of a fragrance you
 love helps you to feel
feminine and pretty.

I have always loved White Shoulders Perfume.

I also have many others I like,
 a sweet Jasmine scent
is amazing. 

 Also, Giorgio I saved this one for special occasions!

I have sweet memories of my Mother
wearing Emeraud Perfume.
It still invokes a very precious memory.

I love to hear someone say; you smell good!
(Especially my hubby)

I have even found a couple spray colognes from the Dollar Store,
That were really quite nice.

The soul deep in prayer
As a hyacinth
Stretches its pillar bloom,
Feelers of fragrance unseen,
To the edge of the room.
Blessings, Roxy

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Secret Garden

Enter His gates with thanksgiving!
Take time in this moment
and walk in.
I love the sweet and endearing idea of a gate.
It can just beckon us to come in, as we wonder
what is behind the gate.
I like to think of the secret garden story
or anyone of the books I have read.
That will say something like; as we strolled in the garden .
We really can go to those places
in our imagination.
In our very busy days I have been really feeling the need.
To enter into the place He has given me.
The secret place.
What are some of the things that the Lord has
given you to find pleasure?
This morning I brought out the material pieces,
I have been buying that just caught my eye.
I began cutting out for myself some new aprons.
My aprons are really showing their age. :)
Take pleasure my dear friends in those 
moments of His presence.
So we can carry on and manage our
Homes in peace and Joy. 
Blessings, Roxy   


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dwell In Possibilities

The Beginning Of Wisdom

Happy New Year

My sweet hubby got home this morning and he
said you want to see something really cool?
I said yes, and he said follow me.
We went outside in the freezing daybreak. 
A light
  cover of frosty snow on everything.
He pointed out into the eastern sky, and to
our amazing eyes was the most
 magnificent rainbow.

Now that was a sign from the Lord:

For this was a very personal message to us.
When we were married 30 years ago,
we chose the rainbow as our symbol
for our wedding, and our vows.

I believe God allows us certain sweet signs to encourage us!
Now what better sign for Him to give us to see on
 January 1, 2013
But a rainbow!

May this message encourage you!

May we all Dwell in Possibilities:
With God all things are possible!

Blessings, Roxy

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