Sunday, February 24, 2019

How To Backup And Save Your Blog Posts...

Learn To Backup Your Blog, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The Importance Of Backing Up Your Blog!!

I have always been a bit paranoid that one day I would wake up to find my
Blog either vanished from or banished from Blog sphere.

The Blogger platform is one of the best in my opinion!

Blogger has a built in recovery and backup plan for lost content.

Many of us Blogger's have been blogging for a long time;
We have shared pictures and content that contains
Our hearts and our trials and our victories...

When we all look back over the years we can see that the Internet has changed.
There are many people that can try to use what we have written.
I think we must all take a moment and do a reality check.
We all run a risk when we put it on the Internet.

I will not even go into all the glitches and trouble I have had!
Sometimes I am afraid to change my template.

I am not a professional tecky person,
But I have tried to learn how to keep my blog clean and safe!
Secure Content
A Great virus and malware protection.
Paying for one is a much better then a free one in my opinion!

There are some Blogs out there that I no longer can visit;
Because it contains mix content, Https & Http
Using pictures or content not legal

How to back up your Blog
Very Easy
Go to your Dashboard
Go to your settings (click other)
You will see the Title Import & Backup
Click Backup
Save to computer

It will download to your computer!
They say to do it every three months or so!

Blogger is a wonderful company, but everything has glitches.
I have learned so much by investigating all my little and big problems.

Keep your information safe, be careful what you share!
Backup Your Blog Material

Blessings, Roxy
Living From Glory To Glory

Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Taste Of Home...

Home Living, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The Taste Of Home

It's always nice to have a home that makes you want to be there.

One of the things I hope to see in this next generation is this;
Just a desire to have a place that is cozy and clean,
Filled with things that make it useable and lovely.

They will have to learn to do things a bit different in this new decade.

I really don't recognize the world we live in anymore.

I see and hear things that shock me!
Some of these things break my heart!

But, we still have the responsibility and joy to create
A place filled with things that truly satisfy!

We need to capture and create
The Taste Of Home...

Good Food
Good Books
Good Fellowship
Good Laughs

Why are pain killers so prevalent?
Why is it that no one wants to feel anything?

Why do we need every kind of energy drink available?
No one sleeps anymore
A culture of insomniacs;

We are addicted to screens, phones or devices!
Houston, we got a problem!

Do we even understand the meaning of moderation?

Do you need a bit of good old fashion Home Life?
Home Life, Living From Glory To glory Blog

I for one want to encourage all of us to never give up on what is needed!
The body really needs a place where the mind can rest
The Body to be nourished
The Taste of something fulfilling!
Try a new recipe!
Start having an evening you have others over for a meal!
 Home with Heart

Having a small spot to be able to create!
 Painting, or Reading, Beading
Encourage one another to build and to use their God given talents!

Creative, Imagination, Color, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Fight the good fight...
Keep your home a refuge...
The Taste Of Home will always be appreciated if you will do
What is required of you!

Keep Praying and Keep watch over your HOME...

Love, Roxy

Friday, February 15, 2019

Do You Hold Grudges...

Do You Hold Grudges? Living from glory to glory blog...

You better learn to be a bit like Mary Poppins;
~ Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down ~

Holding a Grudge or Choosing to Forgive...

Do You Hold Grudges?

What happens when you hold a grudge against someone?

When you hold a grudge bad things happen to you mentally and physically.
Holding a grudge is really un-forgiveness.

Here are a couple of examples of how holding a grudge really works;

Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick.
Holding a grudge is a bit like lighting ourselves on fire and expecting the other
Person to die from smoke inhalations.

When you read this it all sounds pretty stupid!

Why do people hold grudges?
Self preservation!
Wanting to be right!
To prove a point!
To retaliate from a hurt they were subject to!

Holding a grudge will only hurt yourself you mught think
But actually it hurts the whole dynamics in a family
Also in the church, and in the work place.

A grudge turns into anger, then bitterness!
Hate, then death of life and joy and kindness.

So many turn into vindictive people once they are hurt
And then decide not to forgive and to hold a grudge.
It's a form of control!

"I'll get you my pretty"
The witch told this to Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz

I get it...
We have all been hurt somewhere by someone.
It happens in families in marriages
But, holding a grudge is toxic!
Forgiving someone does not mean you now have to hang out with them!
And it does not mean you have to allow them in your life.
But you need to forgive and to be civil and respectful.
To be at peace as much as is possible.

Holding a grudge will make life unbearable for yourself and everyone
Around you, as you will be a form of an angry person.
Like in the movie, Toy Story
 Mrs Potato Head said to Mr Potato Head
I packed your angry eyes for you...

We have all seen the effect of knowing when someone is holding a grudge.
After all it truly is a heart condition!
You can either have a healthy heart or one heavy laden.

Sending a big hello to you all!

Life is either like a bowl full of cherries
A chair filled with bowls.

You do have a choice!

Always, Living From Glory To Glory

Monday, February 11, 2019

Sunday Dinners...

Sunday Dinner, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

There was a time when Sunday Dinner was considered a pleasure.

The aroma of a pot roast cooking or burgers on the grill;
It was family time...

Grandmas and Mothers took the preparing of this meal as a joy.

We always expected company,
So we always added a bit extra to the pot.

Dinner is served on Sunday at 5:00

It can be done in such a fashion that makes all feel welcome.
It can be done as easy as you need it to be!
It can be done because God gives you the strength!
It is to bring life to another, the substance of sharing a meal together!

Pudding Cake Mix, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The reason for this Blog post is to help turn your heart to fellowship!
Not social media hour!

You want some Face Time?

Well, here is a nice safe place to do it!
Around your own table...

We live in a culture that thinks they need to share every moment of
Their private lives with you!
Using Emoji's

I want to connect with an Old Fashion Tradition...


Make it simple
Make it elaborate
Make it from the heart
Make it and they will come...

One day a week to reach out and yet stay HOME
Stretch your imagination,
Cook most of it a day before,
A Casserole
A pot of soup
A sandwich
A pot of simmering spaghetti sauce!

Feed our souls...
Feed yourself...
"Because those that refresh others will be refreshed themselves"

Be refreshed Dear Ones
Be Cheerful
Become not just a house
But be a HOME
That says
~ Welcome ~

As Always, I share what I am learning...
Living From Glory To Glory

Plan a Sunday meal...
Because its worth your time and energy...
You have a whole week to plan!

Friday, February 8, 2019

God Can And Will Use Cracked Pots...

God Uses Cracked Tea Pots, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~ God Can And Will Use Cracked Tea Pots~

As I write this post this morning my heart is full!

I have had to go over in my own life and the life of this Blog;
I know many at one time followed me or stopped in for a visit or,
Left a comment that encouraged or inspired me to continue.

Do you ever wonder why some people come into your life and yet?
Will leave without a proper Good-bye.

I think we as women need to have a safe place to grow;
And to be encouraged and to be reminded of what is right and wrong.

We wonder sometimes why so many have gone astray;
Well, I lean toward our rebellious hearts.

We like to believe we can do it our way!

My desire is to be cheerful in the midst of a busy world!
I find great solace to be quiet at times,
Times to laugh until it hurts.
To allow others to not involve me into their lives.

O often like to think I blogged for me;
But, I now know it is to speak and to share words from my heart!
I may ask often is anybody out there?

We must be wise with where we spend our time!

I do pray as long as I feel led to write on this Blog
Living From Glory To Glory
I will do it for YOU
For God's Glory...

I have said so many times this little phrase
"No one ever told me these things"
Well, what things?

Those little reminders of what you say and do for others
Husband and Children and Family and Friends,
And even the strangers, can make a profound difference!

Just when I was weary and tired and cold;
Up pops one of those comments that make me cry!

Dear Roxy, yourself and Lydia (of Home Living) have lifted me out of many a bleak day over the past few years. You point out the important things in life and have reminded me to be appreciative of the small (and important) things in life. God bless you abundantly for the time you spend on your blog posts. As you press the 'send' button you have no idea how it might be helping a stranger many thousands of miles away. Love from the U.K

Thank you for your word of LOVE and Encouragement...

Yes, some days are just bleak Dear Ones,

Notice how just one encouraging word or smile can change everything!

I love the scripture that says
~ He makes all things new ~

Love yourself with His LOVE
Love others with His LOVE
Love because He compels us to LOVE 

Love, Roxy

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