Saturday, April 27, 2019

Just A Little Bit...

Enjoy Life, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Just A Little Bit

As I have aged and grown in many things;
I have realized that it's always the little bits here and there that stand out!

Finding pleasure and joy in the midst of trials and testing.

When we no longer take for granted the little bits!

Someone offers you a huge slice of chocolate cake;
And you reply back, well maybe just a little bit!

We all can get overwhelmed with all that's  on our plates.
But when we move forward and try to do just a little bit;
It will become manageable!

When I was younger,
 I was able to vacuum and clean my whole house in a day!
Now days it may take me all week, because I will see
project that needs to be done.

I love to embroider, and I love to sew, and to read
And I love to paint, and to bake, Fellowship with others!
This time of year I love to plant my flowers and veggies.
But None of us can do it all!

Be kind to yourself as you slow down a little bit
(pun intended)

We should not be robbed of life's joys!
No matter how tough times were, I always did a little bit to
help me keep myself in a creative state!
If you become drained of all your resources, you will have nothing to give!

When we allow the good and healthy things into our lives;
We will have something to refresh others!

Just a Little Bit
Can go a very long way!

Just make sure the Little Bit is something that brings glory to God!

Enjoy The Little Bit Today

Always, Living From Glory To Glory
Roxy xo

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Reaching Higher...

Reach Higher...

Looking at the bright side...

Hello, Do you know my intent in writing these blog posts?

By nature, we can be quick to judge or become critical;
But as we all know we should be slow to condemn others!

Life is not easy and sometimes we can say or write something
That can be taken wrong, because it was poorly written or stated wrongly.
My intent is always to make us reach higher!

This is to say;
I aim to encourage others!
I also warn others of possible danger!
To  train all women single, divorced, widowed, young and old!
I also desire to help and guide those that want to be helped!
Forgive me for any offense you may have taken!

Grace to you
Grace to me

Over the years I have been rebuked, corrected and received backlash;
To never write again is an option!

But, I choose to continue until I complete this ministry!

I have never intended to bash or hurt or to be unkind to any one!

Beauty, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Beware Of Toxic Relationships...

Beware Of Toxic People, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

 Toxic Relationships

Why I believe Godly character is the most important issue in our world!

We are no longer self disciplined in anything
We seem to be so selfish!
And people want to control others in everything!
Also the drama is unbelievable...

Between the school system and being single parents,
(Revised statement)
Schools can no longer really help kids deal with their emotions
Single parents do not have the help at times or a break to be refreshed!
This  statement was written, but I never intended to bash single parents!

Not allowing morals and standards, and no work ethic.
We're in for some relationship issues that will crumble our society!

Let's face it, sports are more important than church!
The phone tucked into your butt pocket or bra is your life...
The kitchen table is now a raised table or bar stools!

You know how tough it is to not even being comfortable in your own skin?
Walking on eggshells in your own home!

I am counting my blessings I do not have these kinds of relationships.
But I could have them if I would of allowed it way back when.
I never even heard the term toxic relationship, but its a buzz today!

Because, we are spoiled children and no longer disciplined, we won't
Learn from our mistakes!
We want to be in every bodies business and we think we should
To know about every one's personal matter's!

Where is the wise counsel??

Once again, I can only encourage you to self examine your attitude
And actions in all relationships!

We have a heart issue!

Here is what this behavior might be characterized by
Emotionally and Physically damaging effects
Panic attacks
Insecure feelings

Some things a person may do to another that are not healthy;
Toxic behavior
Control over all the finances
Trying to control your thoughts and feelings
Verbal Abuse

I am not enjoying writing a post on this subject;
But I think that if I can expose this terrible manipulating issue,
Why not try to help someone see a red flag early in a relationship!
Because marriage is hard enough without being toxic from the beginning.

Working on being sound in mind and behavior is a lifelong endeavor!

Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove;
Matthew 10:16
~Combine the wisdom of the serpent with the harmlessness of the dove~

May we pray for those that are struggling in every situation!
This life can be so very hard!
My intent is to help, not to be critical!
I also try to be gentle...

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bloom Where You Are Planted...

Look For The Sunshine, Daffodils, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...


Why do we need sunshine?
What if the sun would grow dull and turn black?
What if we could no longer see things clearly?

The brightness as a noon day!

Sometimes when I can see and feel the darkness growing stronger;
It does grieve my heart.
Most days I refuse to look at the grim conditions and just plod on!

But there are times when we can see all too clearly what the ramifications are doing.

What happens to a society that sees everything as acceptable?
When they believe that nothing is wrong or immoral;

What is a moral issue in our day that breaks your heart?

What can I do to make where I live and abode be filled with light?
"We must flourish like a flower"

A flower can flourish in a city sidewalk, where only a crack of soil is exposed!

Our lives are very much like a flower;
We can grow in the toughest conditions;
We can bloom anywhere!
We can send out a sweet smelling fragrance!
We can be but a small fragment of beauty!
Even though a flower bloom lasts a short time;
It can bring great JOY in the moment...

When we go through a tough season of pain or drought or lack of sunshine;
We can become weak of heart;
That is why we must gird up our loins of our mind!
Be mindful of the moments, life is but a flower.
But I truly believe some of our moments will never fade away,
Or will be forgotten, if we will but keep close to our heavenly Father.
Tend the garden of your soul!
Look for a streaming light of sunshine every day!
Continue to plant seeds of love!
Repent often, and pull up those nasty weeds of doubt!
Water your garden with God's Holy Word!
Refuse to live in darkness!

We all have a choice daily!
So make it flourish like a flower.

So remind yourself often and remind those you love;
Take the little quote that has big dividends;


Trust me, when or if the Lord decides to relocate you,
You will continue to flourish wherever He moves you!

Sending you all a big Hello and Happy Day...

Living from Glory To Glory


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Pretty But Has No Substance...

Pink Bunnies, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Pretty But Has No Substance
Sweet But Has No Longevity

How do we truly get to know another person's heart?
 If we are not careful we all can be deceived!

We all want to remember there are many honest and good in the hearts
Of many people we know and run across in our days.

But what I think when we see so much scamming and dishonesty;
We can become disheartened!

Because I can't deal with or work on another person's heart!
I must continue to stay focused on thinking and doing right!

May are words not just be sugar coated, but filled with truth spoken in love!

Sometimes we just need something we can sink our teeth into!

I try not to add too many things onto my plate now days!
Because I want to taste and savor what is important.

Just about everybody is on some bandwagon anymore.
Pick a few things that are important and put your energy into that!

People in the past or in your future that have been just fluff;
Let those things take a back seat!

Keep your eyes open for the faulty heart issues.
Controlling and manipulating hearts!
Their agenda, their way, You will always be wrong!
Because they are always the victim.
Leave them alone
Deal with your own heart
Don't read scripture and apply it to them!!

We must focus...

Taking care of ones own heart and HOME
Is your true calling...

As Always, I desire to live and have my being in Christ...
Hugs, Roxy

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