Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Beware Of Toxic Relationships...

Beware Of Toxic People, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

 Toxic Relationships

Why I believe Godly character is the most important issue in our world!

We are no longer self disciplined in anything
We seem to be so selfish!
And people want to control others in everything!
Also the drama is unbelievable...

Between the school system and being single parents,
(Revised statement)
Schools can no longer really help kids deal with their emotions
Single parents do not have the help at times or a break to be refreshed!
This  statement was written, but I never intended to bash single parents!

Not allowing morals and standards, and no work ethic.
We're in for some relationship issues that will crumble our society!

Let's face it, sports are more important than church!
The phone tucked into your butt pocket or bra is your life...
The kitchen table is now a raised table or bar stools!

You know how tough it is to not even being comfortable in your own skin?
Walking on eggshells in your own home!

I am counting my blessings I do not have these kinds of relationships.
But I could have them if I would of allowed it way back when.
I never even heard the term toxic relationship, but its a buzz today!

Because, we are spoiled children and no longer disciplined, we won't
Learn from our mistakes!
We want to be in every bodies business and we think we should
To know about every one's personal matter's!

Where is the wise counsel??

Once again, I can only encourage you to self examine your attitude
And actions in all relationships!

We have a heart issue!

Here is what this behavior might be characterized by
Emotionally and Physically damaging effects
Panic attacks
Insecure feelings

Some things a person may do to another that are not healthy;
Toxic behavior
Control over all the finances
Trying to control your thoughts and feelings
Verbal Abuse

I am not enjoying writing a post on this subject;
But I think that if I can expose this terrible manipulating issue,
Why not try to help someone see a red flag early in a relationship!
Because marriage is hard enough without being toxic from the beginning.

Working on being sound in mind and behavior is a lifelong endeavor!

Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove;
Matthew 10:16
~Combine the wisdom of the serpent with the harmlessness of the dove~

May we pray for those that are struggling in every situation!
This life can be so very hard!
My intent is to help, not to be critical!
I also try to be gentle...


  1. Only Jesus can help our society now dear friend. This sorrow is taking over our poor country at every level. Prayer and more prayer.....

  2. I had no trouble understanding your thoughtful post. We must warn the young about the problems that will assail single parents and how it affects the home, the children, the church and the home. Single parenting is encouraged by welfare, when they pay more if there is no man in the house. They even have officials that visit the homes to make sure there is no sign of a man living there, on threat of losing the welfare. So the women are reluctant to get married to their baby's father. This is a known fact. Of course we all understand there are other kinds of single parents, and that the post was never meant to accuse a widow or someone who was abandoned. We all know that. There is no reason for any reader to get touchy over this post.

  3. I really like reading through an article that will make people think.
    Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!


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