Tuesday, May 31, 2022

All Lies And Deceptions Will Be Exposed...

Sweet Plum Blossoms, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

 What's Real?

We are so blessed to be able to enjoy what is real...

Don't be fooled by lies promoted by so many times to dull your senses!

The sky can have many different colors;

After a rain storm, or a storm moving in.

 And when the sun is rising in the early morning!

Or when the sun is setting in the west.

But ultimately we will all know the sky is Blue.

True nature will not change!

The blossoms on a fruit or flowering tree will smell sweet.

The true fragrance can not be denied.

Don't walk around in a cloud or a haze of indifference.

I always have loved being convinced in my own heart of what scripture says,

About everything...

If you study the real artifact or painting, you will be able to

spot the imposter or fake one. But even in that there are such

perfect imposters if it were possible you could be fooled.

But I choose to believe that all the lies and deceptions will be exposed!

Some have even tried to take a Rainbow and make it to represent

something other than a symbol of God's promise to never allow the Earth

To be destroyed by a flood ever again!

Stand On The Promises Of God Your Savior...

blessings, Roxy

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Learning To Hold Your Post...


Flow Blue Antique Bowl, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Pretty In Blue

A pretty simple blue bowl can make me happy!

I have learned to stop allowing the weirdness of this culture and world;

To make my life miserable!

We must live with purpose and impact!

There are more plots to destroy your peace than ever before!

But just ignore most the chatter and get busy living!

Is there ever a day that goes by that you were not able to do something?

It truly will be the little things that bring comfort!

Do not give up the fight to be at peace and keeping your home a refuge!

My advice to you today will be to be mindful of being frugal!

Do those little remakes and upcycle of your goods!

Spray painting my outdoor decor and painting little wooden items!

Go through your drawers and cupboards and rearrange some of your decor.

~Do not allow yourself to become weary in doing good~

Refuse to be a part of the woke weirdness,

Be strong and courageous in your homemaking and family.

Keep your haven clean and tidy.

Turn off what brings disturbance to your mind or heart!

You can learn to be content and rich with really very simple living!

Many women are still holding their post!

Just don't survive; But overcome...

Keep your heart tender and strengthen your hands!

Always dear Ones, Kindred spirits...

Hugs, Living From Glory To Glory

Blue Flax Flowers, Living from Glory To Glory Flowers...
I love these flowers called Blue Flax

I do hope you are enjoying the flowers blooming everywhere!

Remember to stop and smell the Roses...


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