Friday, April 29, 2016

Lilly Of The Valley Flowers And A Memory...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

When I was a child, we had amazing patch of Lily Of The Valley Flowers
The memory of the aroma of these flowers still lingers with me!

How can something so small and dainty leave a lifelong impression upon me?

I remember one time laying down next to this patch of flowers;
And I said I am going to remember this wonderful sweet smell forever...
~ I did ~

We need to make the effort to capture moments,
It is such a powerful thing to remember a sweet memory!

I remember my mother had the most lovely periwinkle blue dress.
She would wear it for only very special occasions.
I loved it on her!
I remember seeing her one time in that dress and I said to myself,
"She is the most beautiful mother in the world"
~ She was ~

I remember sitting in a big white Chrysler vehicle one sunless day,
And in front of that car stood a black hearse.
My Grandmother was in it, waiting to be buried in the cemetery.
Our family matriarch had died!
~ Gone ~

It is just another day in the life and times!
Will I leave a legacy of a sweet smelling aroma,
Is the fragrance arising day and night!

Will the day God calls me home be etched in a loved ones mind;
And the small and special moments of a special day be remembered?

We can make a difference...
We can be the one to deposit wonderful memories!

Every day has great big possibilities to change and encourage;
To each and every person God has given you!

I think as I have looked over the worst lie of the enemy of my soul,
Has been this one;
What you do does not make one bit of difference in this world or in the lives of others!

I know it is a lie, because I have seen the fruit of my life now!
And I am still here to plant seeds and sweet memories...

~ Sweet Memories are a gift of love ~

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blossom Where You Are Planted In The Country Or City Or Young Or Old...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I think Wild Flowers Are So Pretty...
They just grow wherever they find a bit of soil and sunshine and rain!

~Blossom Where You Are Planted~

Well, we have all heard that saying I am sure;
But it really can help to think of it in each new season of our lives.

Some days we can feel a bit out of sorts!
Like when a new season starts or ends,
But I always try to take stock and look at the positive. and count my blessings!

I think one of the loveliest women I know are the ones who blossom
and grow in every season of their lives.

We can become tired and worn out at times, but we must revive
our hearts back to life and live...

How many decades have you been graced to walk and live and breathe?

How many times have you looked out into the future and felt overwhelmed?
But when you look back you can see the hand of God molding you!

The reason we can blossom in any season, is because we have been
given the endurance to allow our roots to go deep!

It does not matter where we live;
Every place will have its own struggles
Every season has unique situations.
We have wisdom and grace that comes from each year we live!

I am a country girl at heart;
But I also lived on  the outside of NYC

But what I have learned is this---
You must blossom in every place God sets your feet;
Because sometimes in the beginning your heart might not be there yet!

We have so many that need to see the genuine and real contentment in us!
~We can be a source of hope and encouragement to others~

I think we enjoy blogging because it gives us a safe place to love and guide,
others that have a kindred spirit.

You can blossom even in the darkest days and the dry soil;
When we look for the blossom in another life or blog post of another blogger we get inspired.
Thank you to so many of you with your cooking and crafts and words of wisdom!
We all play a role in each others life.
But it must be for the good to help us adapt and blossom!

We can grow where we are planted and blossom and produce fruit!

Sometimes it requires some true grit,
(Or manure)

Other times it's pure grace...

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Jesus Calling Book Is A Very Scary Devotional...

If this blog post will open even one ladies' eyes it is all worth it for me!
We do not like to rock the boat or step on toes, but a false teaching is like
Drinking a bit of poison each day;
Eventually you will believe a lie and die...

Sarah Young writes, 
This is what is written in the first few pages of this book!

I knew God spoke to me in the Bible;
But I was hungry and I wanted more...

She waited with a pencil in hand!!

Firstly, I want to say that I bought this book for a devotional for myself,
I thought it was so good and I bought a few copies for my dear friends.
I now feel very bad that I did this;
Because after a time I realized that this book had some real issues!

After I read it, I saw some things that were very unsettling for me.
It reads like it was to be on the same level as scripture for one.
I also saw that it really hit the emotional button for women!
(Almost a romance novel written to each lady)

We now have a church that expects and believes in
"Divine Revelation Knowledge"

A devotional book that is written from the divine leading;
Is what my dear ones is what scripture is for!!
Written by
"The Holy Spirit"

Mostly Ladies are so drawn to this type of material!
I feel like I was deceived and that really bothered me...
So for that very reason I now write this post!
So maybe you will see the error of this false doctrine!
This devotional now sells to not only the women, but men and children!

If you are of the Apostolic movement you believe in divine revelation daily.
But I believe after the New Testament was written
"The Cannon Was Closed"

We are told NOT to add to God's Word

The battle is raging over the sufficiency of God's word!

Remember, Sarah Young said herself, she wanted something MORE...
Sounds a bit like Eve in the garden, she had everything!

We are told to contend for the faith!!
But now days the faith is now put in YOUR Faith,
See the danger?
God is not your lover or husband!
"Yes, He loves your soul and He cares about you in every detail!
But this practicing His Presence and waiting to hear Him speak is,
(Very NEW AGE)

This book is written in the first person FOR Jesus to each lady reading it...
(I Jesus will do these things)
Because that is only done in the Bible!
Is she writing "Scripture"
This is where you must look at this and decide for yourself Dear Ones!

Once again we ladies are being fed a warm and fuzzy Jesus, with a very emotional side!

Ladies eat this up!

I can write this blog post because I was not discerning enough at first to see the errors!
But I no longer feel that this book is sound in any way!

You can open a few links on the top of this post to do 
(Your Own Research)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Speak Truth And Expose What Has Caused You To Stumble...

Sometimes I just think I stay in the quiet place!
I want to be shielded from the hard things!
But mostly I have walked right into the very things that would do the most harm to me!

I have written a post that has taken me way too long to publish;
But better late then never, but sometimes it really can be too late.

This post will come out tomorrow!
I may offend a few, but I know it is the right thing to do!

If we always stay far away from the hard stuff we will become weak;
And we are called to endure!

So I finally wrote it and I will either sleep like a baby tonight or cry like one,
As I repent and have sorrow in my heart for all the lies I believed.

Knowing what you believe is a powerful thing,
Truth will one day be revealed...

Read tomorrows post if you're interested in what I found out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our Spring Tea Cup Exhange...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

 (Old Country Roses)
From Royal Albert

My Lovely Tea Cup From Our Tea Cup Exchange

I received this lovely cup with many goodies in a pretty round decorated box!

I received it from a lovely blog called

There was a vintage apron tucked inside her box!
A spring in bloom sachet set package called
"Lilacs in bloom."

A roll of vintage lace of pretty pink and beige in color.
(I will use this lace for something special)

A linen cloth with flowers on it and a very pretty blue and white handkerchief.

Also a pretty little bag with small mint green hand soaps!
And also a wee little doily made of lace.

Also, there was an array of different tea bags to choose from!

And the box she sent it in, was decorated very pretty!

Tea For You
Tea for two is always better...

Loved that sweet handkerchief!

This tea cup exchange was really fun for me!
I enjoyed receiving this lovely package in the mail.
Thank You Pam from...

But I also had fun making up my own little gift box and
Mailing it, to now a very new dear friend!
Tonia from...

I hope all you ladies enjoyed the spring teacup exchange, as I know I did!
And Thank You Stephanie for all the hard work it took to put this together!!
Here is where we all will be sharing our gifts and teacups and mugs.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sweet Rose Tea And Health Benefits,,,

This is a lovely sweet caffeine free tea.
 It has many health benefits. It contains the herb called Holy Basil.

Tulsi Sweet Rose

A delicate blend of chamomile, rose petals and the fragrant essence of rose.

Reduces Stress
Supports the Immune System
Builds Stamina
Uplifts Mood
Aids Digestion

I like to add a touch of honey to mine, and drink it to have a refreshing lift.
This time of year I once again enjoy my ritual of tea at three o'clock...

I have found drinking decaffeinated beverages have had an advantage!

I have been experimenting with so many herbal teas,
There are so many on the market that are so good for you!

I love the ritual of making tea;
Braving the water till it has a full steam pouring forth.
Choosing the perfect tea for the time of day or moment.

If it is just me, I just use the cup I have chosen, but if it is a few of us,
I enjoy using one of my teapots!
I also have a little teapot that is just for a two cup sitting.

It is very nice to have a cup of tea in the morning
(Many prefer coffee and I did till I felt the tea to be better suited my tummy)
So when I do like a cup of coffee in an afternoon, I now drink a decaffeinated kind!

~Coffee can cause a low blood sugar reaction and also raise your blood pressure~

I still enjoy the smell of coffee brewing...
So I do not deny myself a nice cup of coffee when I desire one.

But tea has had no undesired effects on me, so I have been drinking it a
A few times a day, but the evening tea had been so relaxing and comforting.

I enjoy reading a book and sipping tea!
Even in the summer I enjoy a cup,
My Grandmother use to say it cooled her by drinking a mint tea.
What is a brand or type of tea you enjoy?

Blessings, Roxy

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Perfect Orange...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Lately I just crave oranges...

It all started when I bought this huge bag of the largest oranges I have ever seen!
There were super expensive;
And I told my grandson, that I was either being ripped off;
Or these oranges were going to be the best oranges in the world.

And I am telling you that those oranges have been the most delicious oranges ever!
I think I have only one orange left...
What will I do?
I will always long and dream about the perfect orange forever.

Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but my point is this...

Once in a  while you just find the perfect orange!

I am learning to realize when I happen to come across a really delicious
Or lovely thing, I give thanks.
Some things in this world come a dime a dozen;

But we all just need the perfect once in a while.

In a way it is a bit like the glass slipper from the Cinderella story;
Everybody wanted to try on that perfect slipper.

But it would only fit one certain lady!
And just a tidbit of reality here;
I am sure Cinderella did not wear her glass slippers every day!
Some things, as wonderful as they seem do not happen every day and all the time!

I am glad that I did find a perfect bag of oranges,
And I was enjoying every last one of them;
And since then I have bought another bag of oranges.
Not even close in taste or sweetness.
No, not everything will be perfect.
But as we all know this life is not perfect!

I just wanted to share a few things this day!

Find the perfect moment in each day!
Just because the glass slipper does not fit doesn't mean you can't
Make a lovely planter out of it! Smile)
Even the hardest days have a lesson to learn in it!
Real friends you can not buy or purchase online...
Listen to those around you who have wisdom.
(You just might learn something)

Oranges are good, but then God made lemons and limes also...

I really love and appreciate you all amazing ladies out there
In blog land and I know you are real people with real lives.
And we all know that the glass slipper is just a story!

Okay, who likes Instagram?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meeting Real People From Our Blogs And Real Friendships...

Deborah And Roxy

Meeting a dear blogging friend from,

Some girls just want to have fun...

When you are a blogger, you interact with so many different ladies,
From all over the world.
Some our young some are older and wiser.
Sometimes it is a bit hard to realize that they are real and have different
personalities and qualities.

Some are just in the beginning years of marriage and families.
But they all seem to have the same desire is to love God;
Raise their children and to be a good wife.

So yes, we seem to have that all in common.

So when you are given a chance to get to know a blogger a bit better!
Now, is where it gets fun and interesting.
Years ago we might of had a penpal to write to.

But through blogging we can email and send pictures to them!
We can even exchange addresses and write or send a gift!
You can even exchange phone numbers and have a nice chat!

Deborah and Amy

Also my darling daughter in law got to go with me to meet Deborah!

We all truly had a lovely lunch and great conversation!
Sometimes we can really get a sweet friendship through blogging.

My thoughts were very much matched what Deborah would be like.
She is kind and warm and gracious, and truly loves the Lord.
She is real and sincere and I loved meeting her!
She looked beautiful and her hair was darling!
(Remember her post on going natural)
And she did grace me with a lovely tea cup and a bag of tea.
It was a pretty white and black pattern.

All I can say is this;
Amy and I thought it was a lovely time visiting and sharing our hearts!
We loved meeting you, dear Deborah!!

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, April 8, 2016

Good Manners For Puppies And People...


Ranch Security

I would like to introduce you to our new puppy

Hank is his name, already has the nickname
"Hank the Tank"

He is part basset hound and terrier!
He is very smart and loyal.
He has the sweetest personality you could want to find in a dog.

I have been very busy training him to have good dog manners.
 And the importance
By doing his business outside! 
(We have had only two piddles inside)

This will be the first inside dog we have had in over 18 years.

But this little guy loves being outside with the other dogs!
But the plan is to have him inside in a crate to sleep.
He comes in every couple of hours to take a nap and play with his toys.
Oh, and of course to eat a bowl of chow.
But he has already managed to win our hearts!

Our cat Jasmine is wondering now when does this puppy go back
from where he came from??

Also with all we have to do outside, we are working in flower beds
 and watering the trees!

Spring winds and blowing dirt from the lack of moisture,
is so very upsetting.

Sometimes having wood floors is a real pain as the dirt shows so easy on them.

I had a not very nice comment on the post I did on the
Warnings about the symbols in adult coloring books!
Some people really do not have any wisdom or manners.
Mean comments will make you feel terrible.

We just think we can all do and say anything we want,
Well, it is a lot like training a puppy!
Good manners and doing things with kindness will bring a good reward!

Not, sure why I wanted another puppy,
Sometimes we all just need a buddy or friend!

And of course security for the ranch is a must...
But this little guy has a basset bark and the height of  a low rider
And the width of a tank...

May I leave a little sound advice?
Do what you can!!
Always use good manners!
Do not allow someone else to define you!
But always be open to wisdom and of course sound doctrine.
Work and carry your burden!
Enjoy the little things!
Plant some seeds this Spring
(In the natural and the spiritual)
Stretch yourself from your comfort zone...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Beware Of Some Of The Adult Coloring Books...

Beware Of Some Of The Adult Coloring Books...

So many ladies have been going wild over the new craze of adult coloring books!
In the beginning of this new fad, it was very hard to find these adult books.
Many ladies ordered these online.
Then many stores starting carrying these coloring books!
Some of them had a bend towards New Age!
Also, they were laced with Hinduism symbols.

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I think many times we think these little things do not matter.
But after giving it some thought and reading some negative information on these types,
of coloring books. I now feel that it deserves a warning!

A mandala is that beautiful circle pattern that looks like it would be impossible to draw free hand. 
It is also a “spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe.
 In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.”

I have been given two really lovely coloring books...
The design is sweet and very beautiful!
You can feel very artistic and creative with the colors you choose to use.

Many women have expressed that by coloring it helps them relax!
It can be very soothing and yet interesting enough to use your brain.
So if you are using, these adult coloring books, I do hope they
Are the ones that are pretty and do not contain these things.

I believe engaging in even patterns that carry a motif that is not christian,
is not really very wise in a choice of design.

I realize that many will think this is a bit nit picky, but I have learned
that even in the small things we can make choices that bring glory to God.

The coloring should be fun and safe and not opening oneself to Zen or meditation!
Just because everyone else is using them does not make them safe!

You can color, but purchase ones without all that stuff.
It is rather fun to find a sweet coring book and I loved buying new coloring pencils!

Have you purchased a coloring book?
Have you enjoyed coloring?

I do hope you all have a blessed and creative week!

Blessings, Roxy

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