Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blossom Where You Are Planted In The Country Or City Or Young Or Old...

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I think Wild Flowers Are So Pretty...
They just grow wherever they find a bit of soil and sunshine and rain!

~Blossom Where You Are Planted~

Well, we have all heard that saying I am sure;
But it really can help to think of it in each new season of our lives.

Some days we can feel a bit out of sorts!
Like when a new season starts or ends,
But I always try to take stock and look at the positive. and count my blessings!

I think one of the loveliest women I know are the ones who blossom
and grow in every season of their lives.

We can become tired and worn out at times, but we must revive
our hearts back to life and live...

How many decades have you been graced to walk and live and breathe?

How many times have you looked out into the future and felt overwhelmed?
But when you look back you can see the hand of God molding you!

The reason we can blossom in any season, is because we have been
given the endurance to allow our roots to go deep!

It does not matter where we live;
Every place will have its own struggles
Every season has unique situations.
We have wisdom and grace that comes from each year we live!

I am a country girl at heart;
But I also lived on  the outside of NYC

But what I have learned is this---
You must blossom in every place God sets your feet;
Because sometimes in the beginning your heart might not be there yet!

We have so many that need to see the genuine and real contentment in us!
~We can be a source of hope and encouragement to others~

I think we enjoy blogging because it gives us a safe place to love and guide,
others that have a kindred spirit.

You can blossom even in the darkest days and the dry soil;
When we look for the blossom in another life or blog post of another blogger we get inspired.
Thank you to so many of you with your cooking and crafts and words of wisdom!
We all play a role in each others life.
But it must be for the good to help us adapt and blossom!

We can grow where we are planted and blossom and produce fruit!

Sometimes it requires some true grit,
(Or manure)

Other times it's pure grace...


  1. Oh Friend, what a sweet and refreshing post. These words...

    "We can become tired and worn out at times, but we must revive our hearts back to life and live..."

    They were JUST what I NEEDED! Ah, there are things going on my life that I shall not share, but I have been so burdened...I am worn out, dear one.

    Thank you for sharing and encouraging me. Love you!

  2. Thank you so much. I am encouraged by this today. God bless.
    Mrs. O

  3. Lovely post, I couldn't agree with you more. It's not always easy, but we believe he is sovereign in our lives, we are planted where he wants us to be. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. Wonderful post and so true! Life is so much better when we accept where we are and strive to do our best in the situation.

  5. You are one of the most encouraging, uplifting, truth speaking ladies I know. I am so honored to call you friend!

  6. Oh Roxy! Once again, you have blessed me and encouraged through your words of wisdom. The Lord has been working in my heart to embrace the changes but I have balked at so many turns and twists in the road. He is using your ministry right here on the internet to show me that where I am, I can blossom! Thank you, sweet friend!!! {{hugs}}

  7. What a beautiful picture of those wildflowers.
    I realized lately I've been complaining about my house and wanting to move (downsize). My husband wants to stay, and he has some good reasons. I'm just feeling sorry for myself b/c of some extra housework in a bigger house. Say what? I do need to just bloom here and be grateful. Good words, Roxy. xo Deborah

  8. These words are so true....and encouraging....i'll keep reaching for the sun....

  9. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom! Sometimes I have a hard time seeing the place where I am planted for I'm often looking ahead. It is a true gift to treasure each day for what the Lord has given and where he has placed us.

  10. I am a fairly new reader to your blog and was quite surprised to read that you are outside NYC. That is not the impression your lovely blog gives, and it encourages me. I live in what is now an NYC suburb and long to be a keeper at home. However, I am single and must earn my daily bread.

    This post is particularly touching and is what I need to hear.



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