Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Sturdy Shoes...

Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; and as thy days,
So shall thy strength be.
 Deuteronomy 33:25 KJV

We can be sure that the Lord will provide sturdy shoes for our journey...

I am amazed at the strength the Lord gives us each and every day!

Yet, I am in awe in how we can know that we will have all we need in every journey.

If God sends you, He will provide!

Some terrain in life will be gentle and smooth.
Some will become rocky and steep incline or decline!

Some of these terrain's will be physical, some can be emotional.
Financial or spiritual.

Some days I feel like I am wearing a wimpy pair of

Other days my shoes appear to have no arch support,
Which can really hurt your feet.
I think I must be flat footed!

The other day I wore a pair of ankle boots with a summer dress!
It looked rather interesting, I was prepared to take a hike!
Even though I was sitting through a church service!
But actually my feet were tired and I felt the need for the
extra support.

The Terrain
The sidewalks are uneven and cracked and crumbling!
The dirt roads are dusty and  they have rock's you tumble over!
The highways are filled with vehicles racing at high speeds!
The mud puddles are sloppy!

What's  a girl to do?

it's just best to put on a pair of slippers and just stay home"

My Shoes
I remember having a pair of tap dancing shoes as a little girl
I remember having a pair of white Go-Go boots
I remember having snow boots
 with a little elastic hook and button on the side.
I even had to have a pair of moccasins once.
Wore a pair of wedding shoes!
Each foot covering has its purpose

Now days I own a few pairs of sensible shoes I can just slip on!
Some are kinda cute, some are just sturdy!

Maybe I just need to run barefoot!
Dangers of going barefoot- 
Been stung by a bee,
Stepping on a sticker
Getting a splinter in your foot
Finding a sliver of glass
The pavement is hot or freezing
We need protection for our feet...

I'm always amazed to think that as the Jewish people wandered the desert
Their shoes, never wore out!
Two things were provided for these pilgrims journey,
Shoes and Strength

So as a child of God, may I march boldly on!
He will give us strength for each burden and terrain we encounter!

~My only hope is total reliance on His strength~

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