Monday, August 27, 2018

Can You Tell The Differnce Between The Real And The Mass produced...

Fresh Veggies, Living From Glory To glory Blog

Garden Fresh

Can you tell the difference between the real and mass produced?

Sliced Tomatoes, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The real will have a fragrance and a taste that can not be truly imitated!
It will not be perfect in size or shape!

We are living in a time of the mass produced and the knock off variety;
Art Work
Even what is written may bot be authentic!

Be your very own best self!
The way you cook and prepare food is just your taste!
You dress with your own style and flare!
The purse you carry says I got it in the bag!
Your time is the gift you have been given to day!
What you draw or sew or even when taking pictures, tells a story!
Write from your heart, and choose your words with a word picture!

Have you ever bought something thinking it was the real deal?
Buying something you thought was nothing great;
And found out it was priceless?

I Love to iron my clothing, even my T-shirts!
It always makes me feel a calming sense;
like everything is okay...
Ironed T-shirts, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Everything can have an artful dash to it!
I enjoy painting in this season of my life.
Watercolor Painting, Living From Glory To glory Blog...

I was thinking about how hard everything can be!
We can say over and over again
"If Only"

There are no ifs...

And then...

You are the author of your life;
Write the story well!
Give God time and room to work in all things!
Be wise, yet be a gentle spirit as the world has to many hard noses!

If you are in a tough season, do not be so hard on yourself.

I am a happy person, because it is a choice!
We are not to be a social gospel, but rather a heart for home;
And our mission field is our plot of land and home!
"No matter the size"
Be real!

Stop being angry or afraid, it will produce a rotten life...
You can do this, because God's got this!
just hang onto His Hands...

Blessings, Roxy

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Tell Your Drama To The Llama...

Drama Llama, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

"Tell Your Drama To The Llama"
One of my Grandsons saw this saying on a T-shirt a few years back;
Well, let's just say it stuck!!

Sometimes we all need a safe place to vent our frustrations!
And when I say a safe place, may I expound on the wisdom of this.
Some people have not learned the wisdom or biblical reasons;
For not gossiping or repeating things that cause the Holy Spirit to grieve.

Gossip is a fuel that will cause destruction!
Yet, we can take many things to the Lord and He will reveal them!!

We must be stewards of truth and not gossip!

We all know how difficult this can be:
But, if we will stop and think before we speak;
We will eventually stop this error of just
Allowing our tongues free range.
~We must all try harder to not repeat everything we have heard~

When you tell your troubles to someone trustworthy;
They will give you sound feedback, not just what you want to hear!

If you do not have anything nice to say, Do not say anything at all!

Our homes should be a place of peace and contentment!

Strife will cause anxiety and unrest!
If you see a fire burning, do you wait till it is huge or out of control?
You immediately stop adding fuel to it!

When we are in the cross fire of a word war;
We can just say, I want no part of this and leave the room!

Too much Drama is not something I enjoy!

I prefer a Gentle and Quiet atmosphere!

Be Still And Know That I Am God...

Keepers of the home, make this a heart and home rule!

Happiness is learning to control ones emotions and words and thoughts!

Always...Love Roxy

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Growing And Training In Homemaking...

Training Home Makers, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...

Do Little Girls Still Dream Of Being A Homemaker When They Grow Up

My darling little granddaughter just got this for her new house!
She will play with this all day long;
Making meals and having many tea parties!

I am asking myself and you my readers;
Are we still nurturing the love of Homemaking?

Do little girls enjoy the idea of playing house?

Do we talk about how wonderful it is to be able to keep a house up;
And to make a HOME...

I have heard so many women say how much they hate doing housework!

But I do feel that we can foster a truth, that having a home to love,
And care for as being a gift and brings great satisfaction.

Are they learning to have a love for cooking and creating?

Will we lose a generation to the frozen section?
Are they learning to bake from scratch?

When I received this sweet photo of this darling pink kitchen;
My thoughts were this, would we all be more inspired to cook and do laundry,
If we had something as darling as this?

Well, I think not!
Because we must want to fill our hearts and homes with the
The very things that keep our homes running smoothly.
And having our clothing clean and respectable.

Preparing a meal made with love!
Washing dishes with a thankful heart;
Firstly, for the people we have been entrusted to nourish.
And be thankful for the provisions given us.

I am saddened over the lack of the desire to be homemakers.

Even those that work full time can have lovely homes;
Because it is about attitude and heart...
Peace and Love
Will make a meal tasteful,
And make every room shine!

Work with whatever you have been given!
Grow in being the best homemaker you can be!

Encourage yourself...
~Clean and Shine and Fold and Cook with Love~

So Thankful for Those That Love HOME...

From A Grateful Home Maker,
Hugs, Roxy

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Learn How To Do Something Each Day That Makes Tomorrow Special...

Fruits Of Our Labor, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...

Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize

We all know that to be able to enjoy the fruits of one's labor,
We must persevere and to keep watering and tending the soil.

The peaches this year have been so very delicious!
They are sweet and juicy and down right mouth watering!
To eat one without a napkin in hand is unheard of!

One of my grandsons called them fuzzy apples, (smiles)

It is always a great joy to have a harvest of something good and satisfying.

Are you learning to enjoy?

To close our eyes and enjoy the little things...

We are encouraged to be a sweet smelling aroma!
Stinky rotten fruit, covered with fruit flies is so unappetizing,

that is why we need to enjoy each thing as they come mature and ripe.
Even knowing when it is time to harvest and put back.
Freezing and canning;
so you can enjoy the bounty in the season of lack.

Even just a few small pints or freezer bags can be enjoyed of
the delicious fruits of summer.

I have noticed a bit of fall in the air!
It reminded me that everything marches on...

But the true point of this letter today is this:

Keep your eyes on the prize, do not allow the hustle and roar
Of this world rob you of the sweetness of this day.

Keep calm and carry on!

Do something each day that makes tomorrow special!

Life is but a peach, when you take time to pick it when it's time!
For Everything Has A Season...

Blessings, Roxy

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Being A LightHouse Or A Sloth...

Working and doing the Job we were created to do! Living from Glory To glory Blog...

The Light House

There is just something about a visual that makes me inspires.
I think that is why we never grow tired of watching a baby sleep;
Or see the sun setting...

I look at this house that is right next to the light house;
And I can't help but imagine who lives and makes this place their home.

Are they happy?
Do they appreciate the beautiful view that surrounds them?
Do they give thanks to the Heavenly Father for His provisions?

Every Person has a job to do in every family!
Being mindful and working to keep them all running smooth.
As they say" all hands on deck"

When we are young we never stop to think that all the
Children will one day grow up and leave home.

And when they leave will they be able to run their own home;
one day? Will they be equipped to do all the things that are required?

Being a good parent is a bit like the lighthouse!
You help them to do what they were created to do!
Be the LIGHT

And you teach them to learn to see the dangers lurking below the waters.

When we become lazy and are not diligent in any arena;
We will see the lack!
The house is falling apart, the garden is overgrown!

The children do not know how to take care of their portion!

As a parent, we are to help our children to learn to control and maintain!
We must all learn to control and maintain!!!
Our emotions, and our desires.

But we must also all learn to be diligent;
Hard Working
Completing each task at hand

I remember teaching my children about the "Sloth"
They never wanted to be so slow in anything that they would
Grow moss upon their backs (smiles)
~It was a good word picture for all of us~

Forest said= stupid is as stupid does
Let's not be stupid!
Work while it is yet day!
~All Work Brings Profit~

Do you want you or your children to be the Light House?
Or the Sloth...

But it is our job to help them become all they can become!

The Word Commands us to:
Train our children!
May we also desire to help teach our Grandchildren!

Yet, even in our old age, we need to continue to do what is right;
Within our own homes!!

~May You always look at what you need to do and take joy in it all~

Hugs, Roxy
As always, every day is the journey of Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

May I Not Be Distracted And Stay The Course...

Material for sewing aprons, Living From Glory To glory Blog

May I not be distracted...

I believe if we will but stop for a moment, we would be able to hear!
We would be able to hear the birds singing, the wind blowing.
Your heart beating!

If we do not take the time to rest and to reevaluate our days;
We can become a part of the rushing, pulsating worldly ways.

I can see so many drivers looking at their phone's and looking down.
We are more distracted than ever!

You must ask yourself daily;
"What is my purpose"

And it truly is right there!!

Being mindful of your daily tasks, really being sensitive to others.

Helping your husband with what he is doing.
Sometimes it's just making a phone call for him!
Making sure you have something for him to eat!
Getting his laundry done!

Are you complaining?

Why do we make things seem harder than they are?
Because we are always taking on more than we need to!
Take and do small portions of tasks in your home;
This way they will not become overwhelming.

Ladies, put down your smart phone or turn off your computer!
Stop spending so much time connecting to a world that is not
meant to be your care!

Have you noticed;
They don't call or write you!!

But each day you are given a small sphere of influence!
Be wise and use it!!

Set your hand to things that make your life and relationships;
Healthy and Beautiful...

My Sewing And Craft Room, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I love having a space to sew, paint and to create!
When a women loses herself to a world that does not care.
She will no longer cook, create, and clean her home.

Our time and energy must be well used and managed!

Country Kitchen, Living from Glory To Glory blog...

All things work together for the good to those who love God,
To those who are called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28

Notice here it says; Those that love God...
Those that love God make the best of all he does.

God always has a purposeful plan for us!
Life does not always look ideal to us;
But take heart!
She stretches out her hands to the distaff, And her hand holds the spindle.
Proverbs 31: 19

A Woman's Work Can Be A Pleasure If Viewed As A Blessing

Hope You All Enjoy Whatever Season You Are In...

Blessings, Roxy

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